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Missy Higgins Mar 05, 2019
Well the tour is finished. Wow. Great show to finish on at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Saturday night. We were lucky enough to have Dan Sultan open up who blew the whole audience away. I need a little while to recuperate now and concentrate on health and sleep and family as it’s all a bit haywire from the last couple of months and I’m a bit frazzled. Touring with baby is no fricken joke. But I do want to say thank you so much to the band and crew who are like family and especially you guys, the fans, who came to see us live. Im so so so so grateful you keep coming out and being so generous with your time and energy and allowing me to do what I do, I love it so bloody much and will never take it for granted. Speak soon, Missy 😘😘😘😘😘 📸 by Rob Rizza LIVE
Missy Higgins Feb 19, 2019
Hi friends, go and check out this incredible film about my favourite place in the world. These are inspiring stories that we need to listen to! Out this Thursday. Missy x
Missy Higgins Feb 14, 2019
It was such a pleasure to sing with Dan Sultan at my 'Missy & Friends' TV special - and I can't wait to do it all again at our gig together on the Gold Coast on Sat 2 March. There's still a few tickets left, click on the BOOK NOW button below to grab yours! Missy x
Missy Higgins Feb 02, 2019
On the cover of Sunday Life in The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age today with my Luna! She’s so gorgeous that I don’t even mind sharing the spotlight 💗
Missy Higgins Jan 31, 2019
Hi friends, sending you a message from WA where we kicked off the Coming Home Tour with John Butler Trio+ last weekend! Such gorgeous crowds, and so many cute kiddies dancing front of stage! It’s been a truly magical week in Margaret River, especially spending some time with John and Danielle and their beautiful family and community. Yesterday we swam in water holes, sun-baked on rocks, dodged bull ant nests and Christmas spiders, ate homemade spaghetti with salad from the garden and laughed around an un-made fire. This has been good for the soul and so inspiring in so many ways, looking forward. Sammy has been in nudie heaven, running through the bush like a wild man. Then this arvo to top it off John Butler tattooed a beautiful little moon onto my wrist, to represent my daughter, my Luna. My squeezable little love. Now I have an arrow on my foot for my boy Sammy Arrow, and a moon on my wrist for Luna. What’s next I wonder… For now, we’re in Perth from tomorrow for two nights at Kings Park - the first night is sold out but there’s a few tickets left to the Saturday night show! Then we’re off to the east coast, doing a whole bunch of shows at iconic venues including Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and the Sydney Opera House forecourt in Sydney. Only a few tickets left to these shows so get in quick… head to ! Also so happy to hear that ‘The Sound of White’ and ‘On A Clear Night’ debuted at #1 and #2 on the vinyl charts after their release last week! ‘The Sound of White’ even made it to the full ARIA Albums Chart top 20 for the first time since 2007 (!!!). There are only a few copies left of each album, head to to grab them while you can! Love Missy x @ Margaret River, Western Australia
Missy Higgins Jan 17, 2019
Hey everyone, for the first time ever ’The Sound of White’ and ‘On A Clear Night’ are out now on limited edition vinyl! 🎵🎶 Get them via
Missy Higgins Jan 16, 2019
Hey friends, over the years people have always asked me why my first two albums have never been on vinyl… so we finally got our act together and ’The Sound of White’ and ‘On A Clear Night’ will be out on limited edition vinyl this Friday! 🎵🎶 ‘The Sound of White’ is on white vinyl while ‘On A Clear Night’ is on - yep, you guessed it - clear vinyl (which I didn’t even know was a thing!). Available from JB HIFI and Sanity - links will be on my website and socials come Friday. Only 1000 available of each. Missy x
Missy Higgins Jan 15, 2019
Yes to all this! 🌏
Missy Higgins Jan 11, 2019
Roady4Roadies is on in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on Sun 10th March and Adelaide on Sun 24th March, and 100% of ALL profits go to the Support Act 'Roadies' fund for road crew who may have fallen on hard times such as illness and financial hardship. The day starts with a walk, followed by a family fun day that includes a BBQ, games, prizes, competitions, live music and heaps more. This is a cause that is so close to my heart, so please head along - tickets are on sale now via, $30 for walk participants gets you admission, a free t-shirt, lanyard and wristband.
Missy Higgins Nov 30, 2018
Ticket resellers like Viagogo shouldn’t be allowed to deceive and exploit music fans like this so, although I don’t agree with all their policies, I’m really pleased to hear that Federal Labor is committed to putting an end to this ridiculous situation!!!
Missy Higgins Nov 25, 2018
It’s happening! My live show ‘Missy & Friends’ at the Melba Spiegeltent is airing tonight!!! I was joined by some SERIOUSLY stellar artists on stage (Peter Garrett, Kasey Chambers, Gretta Ray, Dan Sultan, Ben Abraham and Ladychoir) and we had a frickin ball. It was an honour to be asked to do this. Hope you enjoy! X FB event: Missy & Friends Live Sun 25 Nov 8:40pm ABC TV viewing party! Watch/listen to it on: 📻Double J 📺 ABC TV + iView 📱The ABC Listen app 🔵📹 Stream live on Facebook + triple j YouTube Outfit by Gorman and earrings by Studio Elke
Missy Higgins Nov 25, 2018
It’s happening! My live show ‘Missy & Friends’ at the Melba Spiegeltent is airing tonight!!! I was joined by some SERIOUSLY stellar artists on stage (Peter Garrett, Kasey Chambers, Gretta Ray, Dan Sultan, Ben Abraham, Ladychoir) and we had a frickin ball. The show is also interspersed with an in-depth interview with the glorious Zan Rowe as well as a Q&A with the audience. It was an honour to be asked to do this. Hope you enjoy! X Watch/listen to it on: 📻Double J 📺 ABC TV + iView 📱The ABC Listen app 🔵📹 Stream live on Facebook + triple j YouTube Outfit by Gorman and earrings by Studio Elke
Missy Higgins Nov 24, 2018
Missy Higgins Nov 22, 2018
Hey gals and guys! Today is a special one (see what I did there?) because I’m releasing into the world my Best Of, ‘The Special Ones’! Listen to it via It really has been quite a crazy ride back through memory lane putting this together, going over old recordings and footage. I’m finding myself feeling even more grateful for everything and everyone out there who has got me to this point. And don’t worry I’m not about to stop, I’m hoping in another 20 years there’ll be a Best Of #2! I still have a whole lot more to say, whether people wanna hear it or not, ha! Also, this Sunday at 8:40pm my show at the Melba Spiegeltent for Ausmusic Month airs on the ABC! I was joined by a superstar lineup of friends: Dan Sultan, Kasey Chambers, Ladychoir, Peter Garrett, Gretta Ray and Ben Abraham and it really was sooooo incredibly special. My mum and husband were in the audience and even got a bit of airtime, much to their surprise! I hope you love watching it, it really was an honour to be a part of. Next up for me is the Coming Home tour with John Butler Trio+ in Jan/Feb next year which is gonna be awesome!!! Tickets selling fast but some are still available at so get in quick! Really looking forward to these shows with John, we go way back and there’s a lot of mutual respect there. I hope to see your lovely faces in the crowd somewhere soon. Thanks as always! Love Missy x
Missy Higgins Nov 22, 2018
Sound checking with Peter Garrett for my show at the Melba Spiegeltent on ABC TV this Sunday night... me and the band were pinching ourselves, such an incredible honour to sing with you Pete!!! Tune in this Sunday eve on ABC at 8:40pm to see the whole set and me sing with so many other incredible artists! Kasey Chambers Dan Sultan Gretta Ray Ben Abraham and Lady Choir!
Missy Higgins Nov 20, 2018
✨ 'Steer' (Live Earth 2007) ✨ Here's a clip of baby-me playing 'Steer' at Live Earth back in 2007! My gosh I can remember being SOOO nervous before this show. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never got over my nerves the whole gig because there was just a sea of people, and it was being broadcast all over the world! That was too much for my little brain to handle. It felt really good to play a show for such a great cause (climate change) though, and it was a real rush that so many people came out to support. Woah, these trips down memory lane are spinning me out. X p.s. some tickets are still available for my tour in Jan/Feb next year, with a new Gold Coast show just added - head to for more info
Missy Higgins Nov 16, 2018
Super honoured to be featured on The J Files yesterday with Gemma Pike! Have a listen if you want to experience a couple of hours of Missy Higgins nostalgia, including lots of me rambling on about my career to date, the ups and downs and what I don’t take for granted… Also I’m not sure who drew the illustration they’ve used but I’m very impressed with the bum-chin detail… x
Missy Higgins Nov 16, 2018
Gold Coast show Sat 2 March on sale now! Get your tickets at
Missy Higgins Nov 15, 2018
Today is Aus Music T-Shirt Day! Here’s a photo of me in a Gotye t-shirt taken by my son lol! Take a pic in your favourite music tee and remember to donate to Support Act at - all proceeds go towards supporting Australian music professionals of all kinds during tough times: singers, songwriters, composers, musicians, roadies, techies, managers, staffers. #ausmusictshirtday
Missy Higgins Nov 15, 2018
✨ 'Everyone's Waiting' (Like A Version 2012) ✨ Ah, back when I was a blondie, I miss those days!! It was really fun going in to do Like A Version a second time round on triple j. My cover was of Gotye's 'Heart's A Mess' and then I played my own song, 'Everyone's Waiting'. I always love going in to the ABC to play piano songs because their grand piano is SOOOOO yummy and rich sounding, it just resonates through your whole body. Hope you like this little clip x
Missy Higgins Nov 12, 2018
✨ 'Where I Stood' (Live on Jimmy Kimmel, 2008) ✨ This was a huge deal for me getting on a US Talk show! At the time my single 'Where I Stood' was going really well over there, better than any other song of mine had before. It started with Grey's Anatomy putting it in one of their episodes and then other TV shows followed like One Tree Hill, Smallville and a few others. Then Jimmy Kimmel Live! called, which I was so excited about. I remember meeting Sarah Silverman (his then partner) backstage and she was so sweet and supportive of us. 'Where I Stood' ended up going Gold in the US which I'm so proud of. I still love going back there and touring whenever I get the chance.
Missy Higgins Nov 09, 2018
Hi friends! Today I’m releasing the very first recorded version of ‘All For Believing’ that’s on my album ‘The Special Ones’ coming out on Nov 23. I was in high school, and being known as a singer/songwriter I was chosen to be the guinea pig for a Roland Music equipment salesman visiting the school. The company apparently liked the song so much that they approached me to ask if they could record the song to be the official ‘demo’ on some their equipment. I was stoked! It was the first time anyone had showed interest in my songs and I felt honoured. This recording is the version my sister, a year or two later, would send in to triple j Unearthed… and winning that changed everything. There’s also a video that was made during the recording session in a hotel room - I am so young in this I can’t believe it was so long ago, ah - I must have been 15! Anyway I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I do! Missy xx Pre-order 'The Special Ones' via
Missy Higgins Nov 08, 2018
Queenslanders! Very happy to announce I’m doing a one-off headline show with Dan Sultan on Sat 2 Mar at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre ☀️⛱ Fan pre-sale starts Wed 14 Nov at 2:00pm local time (access this by signing up to my newsletter at, password will be sent out 24 hours before the pre-sale begins), and general public on sale is from Fri 16 Nov at 11:00am local time via my website. Missy xx
Missy Higgins Nov 08, 2018
I am so young in this I can’t believe it was so long ago, ah - I must have been 15! The track is out tomorrow but here's a sneak peek thanks to✨ Missy xx
Missy Higgins Nov 07, 2018
Well this is a bit of a pinch-myself kind of read. I feel so honoured to think that I may have inspired some young singer-songwriters along the way. My heart is filled. Thanks ladies xxx