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Mission Creep Apr 03, 2019
Mission Creep have “road tested”, a few drummers, but are still looking for the right funkster to bang those bongos, any funky drummers wanting an audition, drop us a line 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶
Mission Creep Feb 25, 2019
Greetings ladies and gents Dave our drummer is no longer able to commit to playing with us, so If anyone knows of a drummer who might like to join the band let us know xxx
Mission Creep Feb 24, 2019
Great night in the flying circus a usual, just a fantastic pub always warm and welcoming. Thank you to everyone coming to see and making the journey from all over really means a lot. 😘x
Mission Creep Dec 01, 2018
Cracking night at the flying circus in Newark..what a great music venue, warm atmosphere a real treat for us - love playing there xxxx
Mission Creep Oct 13, 2018
West street got a little funky tonight.....
Mission Creep Oct 12, 2018
West Street Live Funk at 22:00.......
Mission Creep Sep 21, 2018
Playing West Street Live tonight! See you there x
Mission Creep Sep 15, 2018
A little gift for Tony at the flying circus for all his support over this last couple of years 👍🏻 Hope anyone visiting will give it a try...
Mission Creep Sep 15, 2018
Now the Leslie 2101 (on the bottom) twice the weight, three times the sound..(four times the price!!)
Mission Creep Sep 15, 2018
‘Motion sound’ pro 3 - rotary speaker (Leslie rip off) sounds fine high end, which to be fare is its only job the bass sound a routed to the PA or Bass amp-white speaker spinning on slow...
Mission Creep Sep 15, 2018
My work mug...!! I’m such a brand whore🤪
Mission Creep Sep 15, 2018
Cracking night at West St Live in Sheffield thanks to all those turning out-Talking to a lovely chap who said Manchester has a great live music scene going on at the Mo..if any one has been out somewhere decent let us know be nice to have a road trip& gig!!
Mission Creep Aug 27, 2018
Mission Creep Aug 25, 2018
Mission Creep Aug 02, 2018
Some Machine gun style funk.....
Mission Creep Jul 31, 2018
Mission Creep Jul 27, 2018
Mission Creep Jul 24, 2018
Mission Creep now with the Funk on YouTube 😁
Mission Creep Jul 16, 2018
Mission Creep playing at Tramlines fringe event this Saturday at the Church House in Sheffield 😁
Mission Creep Jul 15, 2018
A great double header yesterday, starting at the Harvey Arms festival in the afternoon and then off to Scaftonbury, both cracking events on a barmy Saturday afternoon, we hope to be there again next year 👍🏻 Big thanks to everyone for putting on these great events.
Mission Creep Jul 07, 2018
Epic night at the flying circus, even managed to get Tony on stage to sing on with us! Cracking atmosphere 👍🏻
Mission Creep Apr 08, 2018
London calling?? A gig in the big smoke might be nice, a sleazy jazz club maybe, let me know if anyone knows of such a place!! X
Mission Creep Apr 03, 2018
Huge thank you to everyone at last nights gig in Newark on Trent-and everyone at the flying circus. Lots of gigs coming up, Ma Anthony, (the titanium tushy kicker) has told me to get my arse in to gear and sort out the gigs listing on FB. So for all those in need of something a little different from their live music check out our event page for updates to our shows. 🎫
Mission Creep Jan 05, 2018
11th &12th of May 2018
Mission Creep Dec 13, 2017
Last Gig of the year for us, it's been hectic but marvellous. The black market in Warsop...bloody great venue..can't wait. Thanks boys for making this year possible, thanks for every knowing glance, every shared (& missed) beat, for every time the hair on my arms stood on end, thanks for every post-gig hug, every warm welcome and every musical conversation in between. Thanks for submerging me in a vat of funk and making me feel like the joker emerging from acid on the other side; forever changed. Pale, insane & happy xxx K.