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Miss May I Aug 06, 2019
Thank you to The Word Alive, Afterlife, Thousand Below, our crew, the venues, and to everyone that came out to rock on the 2019 Monument Tour!
Miss May I Jul 31, 2019
Only 4 shows left with The Word Alive, Afterlife, & Thousand Below! 7/31 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex 8/1 - Las Vegas, NV @ Vinyl Las Vegas 8/2 - Pomona, CA @ The Glass House Pomona 8/3 - Mesa, AZ @ Club Red Mesa 📸 : Nicole Stephens
Miss May I Jul 27, 2019
Thank you Tampa! 📸 : Ana Massard Photography
Miss May I Jul 24, 2019
Our friends at Sheet Happens Publishing are offering 20% off their entire store including the Complete Shadows Inside Guitar Transcription.
Miss May I Jul 23, 2019
Thanks to everyone who has picked up a VIP package and showed up early to hang with us and The Word Alive. 10 more shows to go!
Miss May I Jul 20, 2019
NYC tonight. The Gramercy Theatre Tix:
Miss May I Jul 17, 2019
See you this weekend New York! Saturday July 20th | The Gramercy Theatre with The Word Alive, Afterlife, &, Thousand Below. tickets:
Miss May I Jul 15, 2019
Epic start to the Monument Tour with The Word Alive, Afterlife, & Thousand Below. 📸 : Rosario Isabel Gutierrez
Miss May I Jul 13, 2019
Sheet Happens, Shred On.
Miss May I Jul 13, 2019
Hey Detroit, you got those pieces of paper to get into the show yet?
Miss May I Jul 12, 2019
The Monument Tour with The Word Alive, Afterlife, & Thousand Below is in effect, here are your weekend plans! 7/12 - Colombus, OH @ Skully's Music-Diner tickets: 7/13 - Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre (Funhouse) tickets: 7/14 - Detroit, MI @ Saint Andrew's Hall (The Shelter) tickets: 📸 : Rosario Isabel Gutierrez
Miss May I Jul 03, 2019
Alright you guys, tour is just right around the corner. The Word Alive + Thousand Below + Afterlife. Tickets & VIP: Drop the City you are seeing us in below in the comments.
Miss May I Jun 25, 2019
Thank you to Alternative Press for the chat! The Monument tour is getting closer!
Miss May I Jun 21, 2019
Stay Metal this Summer.
Miss May I Jun 03, 2019
Which song from our album MONUMENT are you looking forward to hearing live the most? Tour dates and tickets:
Miss May I May 16, 2019
Happy Birthday to the best drummer we've ever had!
Miss May I May 10, 2019
Miss May I May 08, 2019
VIP Tickets & Monument Vinyl packages on sale now!
Miss May I May 07, 2019
Miss May I May 07, 2019
Performing "Monument" in its entirety this summer with our friends in The Word Alive performing "Deceiver". Special guests: Thousand Below & Afterlife VIP tickets on sale now: GA tickets on sale Friday.
Miss May I May 06, 2019
Miss May I
Miss May I May 05, 2019
May the 4th be with you.
Miss May I May 03, 2019
Miss May I Mar 08, 2019
Thanks to August Burns Red, Fit For A King, Crystal Lake and everyone who came to a show, for making The Dangerous Tour one of the best tours ever! 📷 : Ray Duker
Miss May I Mar 02, 2019
One last show on The Dangerous Tour, let's go Poughkeepsie! 📷 : Ray Duker