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Illegal Street Racing
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Lush Artifact (feat. Dubmood)

MisfitChris Jan 23, 2019
Finally finished this.
MisfitChris Apr 19, 2018
MisfitChris Oct 20, 2017
New tunes!
MisfitChris Sep 01, 2017
If you are into Future Cute, check this ish out that my good friends made. So lit.
MisfitChris Jun 15, 2017
New tunes!
MisfitChris May 24, 2017
Made this Zelda vid to one of my Zelda songs.
MisfitChris May 19, 2017
I quietly posted this in the morning! But I was too tired to talk about it. This is what I've been working on! This is more soundtrack in nature, but sometimes the beats go hard!
MisfitChris May 03, 2017
Working my butt off on new material for everyone! Fresh stuff to bump in your cars this spring! A new Bandcamp album is on track quite soon, which is crazy because I just released a bunch of tunes. But the stuff I'm working on now is freshly exported. I'm juggling multiple genres right now. Hopefully I have the stamina to keep the energy! I think I will. Put a link to my latest Bandcamp release just in case you were interested in that while I work. Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather! Be safe out there, have fun! : ]
MisfitChris Apr 17, 2017
Just wanted to let everyone that I'm low-key offering mixing and mastering services. For pretty cheap as I'm trying it out. I've been producing with Ableton since I was 17...I'm 29 now. So you'd be in pretty good hands. I'd focus on obv... sound quality but also if you were interested I'd consult with you and help you with the direction of your song. Anyways, if you are interested shoot me a message, email etc. Stay rad homies.
MisfitChris Apr 12, 2017
NEW release! 3 old favorites that never made it to Bandcamp (remastered to the best of my ability) 5 new songs! Some of them you might have heard on my Youtube channel or in various projects, but never released. Thanks for the support as always. Keep being rad.
MisfitChris Apr 12, 2017
Putting out an album tomorrow with a mix of old favorites never released on my bandcamp and new material! Here's the track list (in no particular order). Also old songs have new remasters that match my current production style (I tried my best) Skullcat Tropico Mud Cat The Howling Scattered Showers Capcom Crush Slimed Anime+ Desert
MisfitChris Apr 01, 2017
Hey! I'm still alive! Here's some new Future Cute jams : ] Enjoy
MisfitChris Nov 26, 2016
Part 2 of making video game music with meeeeee :D
MisfitChris Nov 25, 2016
I am overwhelmed by the positive energy and good vibes you all have been sending me <3. I am so glad you enjoy the new music. Thank you so much for keeping me company on this never ending musical journey.
MisfitChris Nov 19, 2016
New album out! Romantic Breeze! I love all of you, you have made Future Cute a reality. An extremely 90's, anime reality. All support greatly appreciated. If you can't afford to buy the album, remember you can always hit me up directly and get it for free. My Bandcamp pricing is mostly just a platform for donations, so yeah. You know how it be <3
MisfitChris Nov 19, 2016
I WILL BE DROPPING AN ALBUM TOMORROW! This will be the title and the first track on the album!
MisfitChris Nov 17, 2016
IT DONE!! Hope u enjoy it. LOL I forgot to post the track.
MisfitChris Nov 04, 2016
Making video game music with CHRIS! Me! I'll be rolling out the other parts soon. I also have to work on a Soundcloud song, expect that in the next 2 weeks or so.
MisfitChris Nov 02, 2016
Hey friends. New stuff soon, I promise.
MisfitChris Oct 17, 2016
Here is my first educational video! This was such a fun thing to do. I hope it helps you!
MisfitChris Oct 09, 2016
Made this last night for my Youtube channel!
MisfitChris Oct 09, 2016
Making some more of these for you guys
MisfitChris Sep 25, 2016
Done with my monthly track! This one is a bit more retro.
MisfitChris Aug 07, 2016
MisfitChris Aug 06, 2016
N E W weird JAMS