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Still Life On Fire (Deluxe)
Still Life On Fire
Mise en Scene Aug 14, 2019
Thinking about what’s to come...☁️☁️☁️☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️ #staytuned 📷 @sterlinglarose
Mise en Scene Aug 10, 2019
🌟fearless leader / band mom 👍🏼@wonsweetday is celebrating her ✨🎈birthday🎈✨today!!!🌟 I’ve never met anyone more creative, caring, compassionate, and brave. You’re a rare and special 💎 gem💎. ❤️love you!!
Mise en Scene Aug 08, 2019
☀️Stoked to be playing @harvestsunmusicfest☀️ aug 17, 8pm! ✌🏼✌🏼rippin some 🌟NEW🌟 jams for ya all!
Mise en Scene Jul 31, 2019
Mise en Scene Jul 28, 2019
🌟Wowza! What a BEAUTY🌟 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 💗@little_wonder💗 You are such an incredible drummer, artist, partner in crime and band mate. @miseensceneband is nothing without you! How amazing is it to spend your big day in the studio recording our next record!!??!! #loveyou
Mise en Scene Jul 26, 2019
🎸❤️Hi! @miseensceneband here✌🏼today we’ll be taking over the ⭐️Harvest Sun⭐️ Instagram account. Join us in the studio (here in Toronto) as we make our next record, and for a special shopping trip to collect our festival essentials❤️🎸
Mise en Scene Jul 25, 2019
Still riding dirty with @annaruddick and her #bassbuffet 🤟Rock n Roll Forever🤟 #dreamteam
Mise en Scene Jul 25, 2019
☀️Summer in the studio☀️
Mise en Scene Jul 25, 2019
☀️We are doing a @harvestsunmusicfest instagram takeover on Friday☀️ be sure to tune in 😎🥰
Mise en Scene Jul 22, 2019
🤩Jodi🤩 is tracking 🥁drums🥁 today, wish her luck!#shedoesntneedluck #drummergirl #rocknroll #grunge #catlover
Mise en Scene Jul 18, 2019
We totally plan to be in a 🤟band🤟when we are 90-still wearing 💦blue eyeshadow💦 and 💋red lips💋 #faceapp #canadianmusic #rocknroll
Mise en Scene Jul 17, 2019
✌🏼Guitar club wassup✌🏼
Mise en Scene Jul 14, 2019
🌟super busy working on new music + stuff🌟can’t wait for everyone to hear!!! We beachin’ hard in this one. #wesanderson #makingavideo #diy @ California
Mise en Scene Jul 06, 2019
🌻We are sooooo excited to show you what we have been working on🌻 Our 📀new record 📀is coming! Stay tuned😋✌️😋 📸 @sterlinglarose
Mise en Scene Jul 02, 2019
✌️Happy Canada Day✌️We are so proud to be Canadians! Playing with @wpgsymphony was a dream come true for us! Good luck today @eagleandhawkrocks!! 🙌Great shots @peggrammer and @bnbstudios 🙌 @ The Forks
Mise en Scene Jun 25, 2019
📣🌸Festival Announcement🌸📣we are so pleased to be attending this year’s @breakoutwest in beautiful #whitehorse with awesome @manitobamusic artists @madeleineroger @rayannahmusic and @silencekitband - 🤩THEY ARE ALL HUGE STARS🤩 #girlpower ✌️
Mise en Scene Jun 25, 2019
Get Ready Whitehorse! So so so excited to be apart of this year’s BreakOut West festival ✌️
Mise en Scene Jun 22, 2019
❤️✨happy birthday @mariah_corey✨❤️ playing music with u is the best.
Mise en Scene Jun 15, 2019
Mise en Scene Jun 14, 2019
❤️✨W-W-W.nevergetoverYOU✨❤️ who remembers Prozak??!?!!
Mise en Scene Jun 07, 2019
I do what I want, you should too.
Mise en Scene Jun 05, 2019
Kool-aid and drums 4 life✌🏼
Mise en Scene May 28, 2019
🌼🌟Princeton memories🌟🌼 @sterlinglarose 📷
Mise en Scene May 25, 2019
Mise en Scene May 24, 2019
🌟⭐️How’s this for a throwback Friday?👏🏻recording hand claps for our first EP with Ron Obvious👏🏻⭐️🌟