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Mirah Nov 19, 2018
If you missed it, you can listen to our WXPN #IndieRockHitParade session and see behind the scenes photos right here!
Mirah Nov 16, 2018
Tune into WXPN #IndieRockHitParade at 11pm EST tonight to hear us perform some songs from “Understanding” live! Happy Friday 💕
Mirah Nov 13, 2018
Love this piece from The Music Mermaid!
Mirah Oct 23, 2018
Thanks MAGNET Magazine for this thoughtful write-up of my Philly show with showstopper Sammus !! The incredible Tomberlin joins the tour tonight in Asheville at The Mothlight.
Mirah Oct 18, 2018
Thank you, PopMatters, for this thoughtful review! The final leg of the Understanding tour kicks off in Brooklyn this Saturday.
Mirah Oct 13, 2018
Playing tonight in Philly with the amazing Sammus ❤️ don’t miss this one! Johnny Brenda's WXPN
Mirah Oct 11, 2018
That’s right, this proud queer mama to be is playing this awesome show in Providence tonight at AS220! With Rachel Blumberg and The Huntress and the Holder of Hands. A night not to miss, on a day to celebrate our beautiful selves and our resistance to all the pukey things happening out there.... ... #mirahunderstanding #rocknrollpregnancy #mirahtour #comingoutday2018
Mirah Oct 09, 2018
Understanding Tour continues...Boston tonight with Glambat! See you at First Church of Somerville, keep your hearts open, and make sure you’re registered to vote so we can turn this thing around in November!
Mirah Oct 04, 2018
Sign up for my campaign today!! If you sign up in the next 3 days, you’ll get the complete Understanding demos sessions, and a never before heard mp3 this month! And check out how cute these onesies are. On sale at all my upcoming shows! ... ... ... #mirahdripcampaign #mirahunderstanding #mirahtour #rocknrollpregnancy
Mirah Oct 04, 2018
Looking forward to playing the Colony in Woodstock next Friday, Oct 12! The incredible Tubafresh will be kicking things off and we'll be playing songs from the new record <3 see you soon.
Mirah Oct 03, 2018
"Mirah’s sixth album is imbued with that kind of artistic freshness and a sort of subtle urgency that is easily mistakable as a debut album." Thanks for the review, For Folk's Sake!
Mirah Oct 02, 2018
Have you seen the new video for Lake/Ocean? HighClouds
Mirah Oct 02, 2018
Did a little interview with Boston Hassle! Looking forward to playing in Boston with Glambat on Tue, Oct 9. Tickets:
Mirah Oct 01, 2018
my campaign is live now - subscribe for as low as $1/mth for some fun stuff! All new subscribers will receive the full demos to my new album, Understanding, recorded at the Headlands Center for the Arts 🌿
Mirah Sep 27, 2018
East Coast tour is right around the corner - tickets at ✨ Tue, Oct 9 - First Church Somerville - Boston, MA Wed, Oct 10 - The Apohadion Theater - Portland, ME Thu, Oct 11 - AS220 - Providence, RI Fri, Oct 12 - Colony Woodstock NY - Woodstock, NY Sat, Oct 13 - Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA Sat, Oct 20 - The Park Church Co-op - Brooklyn, NY Sun, Oct 21 - Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe - Washington, DC Mon, Oct 22 - The Pinhook - Durham, NC Tue, Oct 23 - The Mothlight - Asheville, NC Wed, Oct 24 - The Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA Fri, Oct 26 - Lincoln Hall + Schubas - Chicago, IL Sat, Oct 27 - Colectivo Coffee - Milwaukee, WI Sun, Oct 28 - The Blind Pig A2 - Ann Arbor, MI Mon, Oct 29 - Monarch Tavern - Toronto, Canada Tue, Oct 30 - Casa del Popolo - Montreal, Canada photo: Greg Papazian
Mirah Sep 16, 2018
Yesterday we stopped by Headlands Center for the Arts to say hello and drop off some records. This very building is where I recorded most of the demos for my new Understanding LP. Here I am standing in front of what was my studio when I was an artist in residence there. It’s a big 1940’s military gymnasium with a two lane manual-set bowling alley in the basement. It was a magical month for me, and so many good songs and recordings came out of it. These demos can be yours when you sign up for my campaign! Supporting me on is one of the ways you can help me keep making music and sharing it with you as I make this exciting life-changing transition into being a mom. Due date December 9th! Click here to learn more and watch a cute video of me explaining it. So much gratitude to Headlands Center for the Arts for supporting me and being the nesting grounds for Understanding! And to all of you for listening. ... ... ... #headlandscenterforthearts #mirah #mirahunderstanding #mirahdripcampaign #touringwhilereallypregnant
Mirah Sep 15, 2018
Los Angeles... we're playing for you tomorrow night at The Echo! Celebrate my birthday eve with me! My dear friend Lonesome Leash joins us. See you soon! Tickets:
Mirah Sep 13, 2018
Watch my journey across the Alaska Inside Passage in the new video for Lake/Ocean! full vid: premiere:
Mirah Sep 12, 2018
Excited to announce that my friends tubafresh, Tomberlin, & Sammus will be joining me on some East Coast dates! Tue, Oct 9 - First Church Somerville - Boston, MA Wed, Oct 10 - The Apohadion Theater - Portland, ME Thu, Oct 11 - AS220 - Providence, RI Fri, Oct 12 - Colony Woodstock NY - Woodstock, NY* Sat, Oct 13 - Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA+ Sat, Oct 20 - The Park Church Co-op - Brooklyn, NY* Sun, Oct 21 - Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe - Washington, DC* Mon, Oct 22 - The Pinhook - Durham, NC Tue, Oct 23 - The Mothlight - Asheville, NC^ Wed, Oct 24 - The Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA^ Fri, Oct 26 - Schuba's Tavern - Chicago, IL^ Sat, Oct 27 - Colectivo Coffee - Milwaukee, WI^ Sun, Oct 28 - The Blind Pig A2 - Ann Arbor, MI^ Mon, Oct 29 - Monarch Tavern - Toronto, Canada^ Tue, Oct 30 - Casa del Popolo - Montreal, Canada^ *w/ tubafresh +w/ Sammus ^w/ Tomberlin Tickets at
Mirah Sep 12, 2018
Consequence of Sound premiered the new video for "Lake/Ocean" and spoke with me about my fear of water and more. Check it out -
Mirah Sep 10, 2018
Memories, dreams, and an accidental comment about how I feel when I use social media 😂 thanks, Olympia! Portland at Mississippi Studios tonight.
Mirah Sep 09, 2018
In case you missed the news, I just launched a new campaign! There are several perks - one being for just $1 a month you can ask me whatever you'd like and I'll answer with a video message at the end of each month! Maybe you have questions about where I was when I wrote or recorded a particular song, what the significance is of one of my album covers, what music I listened to in 1982 or maybe you want to know how many different colors I’ve dyed my hair in my life. Either way, looking forward to hearing from you! Sign up:
Mirah Sep 08, 2018
"Understanding" is included amongst 8 albums NPR Music thinks you should hear now. Thanks, Robin!
Mirah Sep 07, 2018
Well folks, here it is. Record release day for your new favorite album, Understanding. I really poured my heart into this one, and I am a big-hearted person so that means this album is absolutely chock full of love. Love for you, love for me, love for the world and love for my family, as it changes in both sad and wondrous ways. You can listen & purchase the record, in your preferred formats, here: In honor of the giant life change of becoming a parent, and just generally getting older, I am commencing a new way of sharing my self and my music with you. Announcing... my campaign! is Kickstarter's new platform which allows you to support artists in a consistent way, a form of patronage that comes with perks for you. Plus, anyone who signs up during the founding period will receive demo versions of "Understanding". Click the link below to learn more <3
Mirah Sep 05, 2018
On the cusp of the release of my new record, Understanding, I want to share two very important changes that I’m going through right now. My dad, my beloved papa, Jay Zeitlyn, left his body on August 24th. Our whole family was with him, surrounding him with exquisite love as he passed over into the next realm. My papa is who I have to thank for infusing my life with music, from the day I was born. He took me to see every kind of concert imaginable. And he supported me at each step of my less than conventional music career, coming to every show within a 200 mile radius, sometimes traveling across the country to see me. He would clip and photocopy every article, and distributed my records among his friends. Jay shared his love of music with our whole family, along with a depth of kindness, sensitivity, inquisitiveness, and silliness rarely found. I am grieving the loss of my dad, and will be forever. But there is new life too. I am six months pregnant. My partner and I will soon experience the love that parents have for their children. As daughter to my wonderful dad, I know this love is a deep as it gets. It hurts that he won’t be able to know our baby, and that I won’t be able to share with him my understanding of the experience of parenting. But our little family will be filled with music and love— filled with his spirit, and this helps me feel close to him. Understanding comes out this Friday. I poured my heart into making this record, and I think you’ll hear that. When my dad died, I almost cancelled the tour. But Jay loved music, and so do I. And I think he would have wanted me to get out there and sing for you, big belly and all.