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Live & Destroy
Violent Rains
Kalabalik på Tyrolen Kalabalik på Tyrolen 2019
Venue: Tyrolen I Blädinge (Alvesta, Sweden) Find tickets
Nocturnal Culture Night Festival Nocturnal Culture Night Festival 2019
Venue: Kulturpark Deutzen (Deutzen, Germany) Find tickets
Minuit Machine with Fragrance at Tsunami Club (September 12, 2019)
Venue: Tsunami Club (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Young and Cold Festival 7 Young and Cold Festival 7 2019
Venue: Fabrik Unique / Ballonfabrik (Augsburg, Germany) Find tickets
Minuit Machine and Fragrance at Grillx (September 14, 2019)
Venue: Grillx (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Minuit Machine with Fragrance at Razzmatazz 3 (October 3, 2019)
Venue: Razzmatazz 3 (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Minuit Machine Jul 30, 2019
We can’t wait to play at this awesome festival!!! We’re so excited to share the stage with such amazing bands 🔥🔥🔥 @klubb_kalabalik . . . . #minuitmachine #infrarouge #synthreligion #tour2019 #lifeontour #synthwave #synthpop #darkwave
Minuit Machine Jul 23, 2019
Today our music video for “DRGS” is 3 months old 🔥🔥🔥. In case you’ve missed, you can still watch in on YouTube - Link in bio 🖤 . . . . #minuitmachine #infrarouge #drgs #musicvideo #synthwave #darkwave #electromusic #girlsband
Minuit Machine Jul 16, 2019
Blue memory from our gig in Brooklyn, NYC last June. We can’t wait to be back on tour in August w/ @klubb_kalabalik ⚡️ . . . 📸 @sosoinpariss . . #minuitmachine #eurotour #touring #synthreligion #synthpop #coldwave #techno #newwave #girlsband
Minuit Machine Jul 15, 2019
Minuit Machine's cover photo
Minuit Machine Jun 27, 2019
15400 kms, 6 planes, 1 train, 1 bus, 5 cities in just 7 days, it’s been a hell of a journey! We’ll keep so many precious memories of our first tour overseas mostly thanks to all the wonderful people we’ve met. Special thanks to the promoters for organizing the gigs and making us feel at home @renugatherings @aftermathxproductions @ben_archive @darkenergympls @barbicastelvi from @siviyex Dave from @techniques_berlin and @sovannak187 🥀 And to @millikenchamber @silent_em @wingtipschicago @1800feelion @allhallowsleave @la_curandera_and_the_ritual @gold_zebra @voidrepublic for their great performance ✨ We’re also very grateful to the people who came to our shows and showed us some love. We’ll be back for sure 🖤 . . 📸 @lazyastronomer 🎆 by @cassie_raptor . . #minuitmachine #lifeontour #reuniontour #infrarouge #darkwave #synthwave #synthpop #techno #electro #girlsband #picoftheday #musicband
Minuit Machine Jun 22, 2019
Yesterday night in Toronto at @bambistoronto was one of our best dates so far! Thanks so much @barbicastelvi for organizing it and to Dave (@techniques_berlin ) for being of such a sweetheart 🖤 We’re on our way to Montréal for our last gig before going back to Paris ⚡️ Venez nous voir ! . . 📹 @imnotmysterious 🎆 visuals by @cassie_raptor
Minuit Machine Jun 20, 2019
So glad we got to hang out and play with these cool kids in Chicago @1800feelion @wingtipschicago 🤘Thanks a lot @aftermathxproductions for organizing this gig ✨ Tonight we’re playing in Minneapolis at @loringdinkytown we can’t wait 🔥 . . . #minuitmachine #amandinestioui #hante #darkwave #synthwave #lifeontour #minneapolis #girlsband
Minuit Machine Jun 19, 2019
Yesterday night at @bkbazaar in Brooklyn was fucking amazing 💥 Special thanks to @renugatherings for organizing this night and to @millikenchamber and @silent_em for their killer gigs ⚡️ Come and see us tonight in Chicago at @theburlingtonbar w/ @wingtipschicago and @1800feelion 🔥 . . 📸 by @sosoinpariss . . #minuitmachine #touring #lifeontour #infrarouge #darkwave #girlsband #picoftheday
Minuit Machine Jun 18, 2019
Currently in Brooklyn, enjoying the view before playing tonight at @bkbazaar w/ @silent_em + @millikenchamber 🇺🇸🔥 . . . #minuitmachine #lifeontour #newyork #darkwave #gurls #touring #travelpic
Minuit Machine Jun 15, 2019
Jeudi c’était la folie au @supersonicclub et c’est grâce à vous tous, merci 🖤Et merci à @marbleslave et @hordmusic, ce fut un plaisir de partager ce moment avec vous 💥 Next gig ⇾ June 18 in Brooklyn, NYC at @bkbazaar 🇺🇸 . . 📸 @stephane_burlot . . #minuitmachine #marbleslave #hørd #synthreligion #lifeontour #darkwave #synthwave #synthpop #gurls #picoftheday
Minuit Machine Jun 12, 2019
Donc on joue demain à Paris au @supersonicclub mais ce soir on chill tranquille au @safariboat et on kiffe les live de @the_soft_moon et @oktober_lieber 🖤 . . . #nightlife #paris #minuitmachine #lifeontour #synthreligion #thesoftmoon #synthwave #darkwave
Minuit Machine May 27, 2019
Check out our updated tour dates 🔥🔥🔥We’re really excited to continue this Reunion Tour and to play in North America for the first time! We still have 3 dates available: ► September 6 ► October 5 ► October 12 Write us if you wanna book us in your city!
Minuit Machine May 24, 2019
Tomorrow we’ll be playing in Münster w/ @bragolin and Fix & Fertig. Come and see us 🌑 . . . Pic taken by @silverman_pix during our show in Dresden . . #minuitmachine #reuniontour #lifeontour #infrarouge #darkwave #synthreligion
Minuit Machine May 23, 2019
« Thanks to Amandine‘s voice and lyrics the result of the whole record appears as an absolute bluster on modern society, habits, passions, craze, and furore. Thanks to Hélène‘s music and production, the arrangements and the great studio work we are familiar with by her, the sonic vision of Infrarouge is not only imposing, but it is also a grand masterpiece with stunning riffs and bridges and refrains. All “dusty” and polished these 10 tracks are enough for the listener to applaud one of the best releases in the year ». Thank you WhiteLight/WhiteHeat for this brilliantly written review 💯
Minuit Machine May 22, 2019
We finally received all the « infrarouge » CDs and vinyles so from now on, it’s packing time. Please be patient, we have many orders to handle so it might take a little longer than expected to receive your package 📦 . . . #synthreligion #minuitmachine #bandcamp
Minuit Machine May 19, 2019
We’re playing tonight at Suicide Circus Berlin w/ Marble Slave for the « RITUALS » party organized by [aufnahme + wiedergabe] 🦇 Don’t miss it! . . . #minuitmachine #touring #lifeontour #undergroundberlin #suicidecircus #darkwave
Minuit Machine May 19, 2019
We had a blast on Friday playing our reunion show at Bunker in Dresden. It is SO GOOD to be back on stage! Thanks Marco for making it possible and for your kindness 🖤 This gig was mostly amazing because we got to share it with Marble Slave who played live for the first time 🔥 Tonight, BERLIN
Minuit Machine May 18, 2019
We’re very sorry to inform you that the show in Warsaw with Die Selektion got cancelled due to Luca’s injury. We wish him a speed recovery. Show in Berlin with Marble Slave is still on tomorrow! We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Xx
Minuit Machine May 17, 2019
To follow us backstage, follow us on Instagram: @minuitmachine We’re sharing our tour adventures on a regular basis along with all the hot news 🔥 . . 📸 by @carolbonarde . #minuitmachine #synthreligion #infrarouge #newalbum #ontour #lifeontour #backstage #darkwave #synthwave #gurls #touring #instapic #picoftheday #musicianslife
Minuit Machine May 14, 2019
Minuit Machine's cover photo
Minuit Machine May 13, 2019
We are extremely happy and proud to tell you that our third album "INFRAROUGE" is officially out! 🔥🔥🔥 It's been a hell of a year for us and this album is the most beautiful conclusion we could have hoped for. Each song has a special meaning for us, and is a part of us. Composing an album is like a rollercoaster, we come through so many emotions and the only thing that matters is to share these emotions with you all 🖤 A new adventure has just begun 🌙
Minuit Machine May 10, 2019
"Infrarouge" will be out in 3 days, and we really wanted to thank you for your support ever since the pre-orders started 🙏 Vinyls are almost sold out! To show you how much we appreciate all the love you've been showing us, we decided to release a second track called "Prey/Hunter" on our Bandcamp. It's our personal favorite and we couldn't wait any longer to share it with you all 🖤
Minuit Machine May 09, 2019
Hélène (@hante__ ) is finally back from her US tour, just in time to get ready for the release of « Infrarouge » 🙌 Only 4 days left! We’re beyond excited 🔥 In case you’ve missed it, you can watch the music video for the first single « DRGS » on YouTube (link in bio)🔝 . . . . #minuitmachine #newalbum #infrarouge #drgs #synthwave #darkwave #synthpop #musicvideo #picoftheday #girlsband #instamusic
Minuit Machine Apr 30, 2019
The first single of "Infrarouge" called "DRGS" was released 1 week ago and you already showed us so much love 💯 Thank you for your support! Only 13 days left before the release of Infrarouge! Pre-orders are available here:
Minuit Machine Apr 24, 2019
Pre-orders for "Infrarouge" started yesterday and so many of you already bought their copy! THANK YOU 🖤 If you missed the chance to get a copy of our previous LP "Violent Rains", you can now purchase the Marbled Purple edition vinyl (limited edition of 250)! CDs will be available very soon.