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Violent Rains
Live & Destroy
Minuit Machine with SUIR at Bunker, Straße E (May 17, 2019)
Venue: Bunker, Straße E (Dresden, Germany) Find tickets
Minuit Machine Jan 29, 2019
Design by Atelier Belle Lurette
Minuit Machine Jan 29, 2019
It's official! Our brand new LP will be released in May 2019 🔥on Synth Religion! We're also thrilled to announce we'll be touring again in May/June and August/September/October 2019! 🙌We'll announce our confirmed gigs very soon. xx
Minuit Machine Dec 06, 2018
After the amazing Paris show of @thekvb & M!R!M (@jack.milwaukee) with our friend @marbleslave 🖤 #shoegaze #coldwave #badaboum #paris #thekvb #m!r!m #minuitmachine #marbleslave #synthgang #synthreligion
Minuit Machine Oct 27, 2018
Box and the Twins + Minuit Machine = 🖤🖤🖤 #coffeetime #aftershow #paris #boxandthetwins #minuitmachine
Minuit Machine Oct 26, 2018
While we're composing some new songs, you can enjoy this beautiful remix of "Honey" by Victor Yves 🖤 (@victoryvespakpour on instagram)
Minuit Machine Aug 30, 2018
🤜🏻🤛🏻 #minuitmachine #parisbynight #chill
Minuit Machine Jul 26, 2018
It’s happening guys! 🙌 Stay tuned. #minuitmachine #backontrack #newsongs #inprogress
Minuit Machine Apr 23, 2018
Just talking...
Minuit Machine Dec 06, 2016
The very last copies!
Minuit Machine Nov 14, 2016
We just received the last 20 copies of the VIOLENT RAINS limited purple edition :) After that we will be definitively out to stock! They are available on
Minuit Machine Nov 01, 2016
The very limited purple edition of "Violent Rains" is now online!! To get your copy ->
Minuit Machine Oct 31, 2016
Don't miss your chance to get your copy of Violent Rains in a very limited purple edition! Sales will start tomorrow at 6pm CET on
Minuit Machine Oct 28, 2016
We wanted to thank you for your support since we started the band and even after it ended. Many of you asked for a reedition, here it comes! One year after we released Violent Rains, we are pleased to announce you that a very limited "purple" edition will be online from next Tuesday 💜. #MinuitMachinelovesyou #MMforever
Minuit Machine Oct 04, 2016
A few records, t-shirts and tote bags are back in stock! This is certainly your last chance to get some MM souvenirs...
Minuit Machine Apr 12, 2016
We are deeply sad to announce that Minuit Machine has come to an end as we have decided to take different paths. You can't imagine how grateful we are for the love and support you gave us those last few years. Unforgettable memories, intense emotions… We are proud of the journey we've accomplished and we're hoping our music will live on as long as possible. Our albums will still be available on the digital platforms and on Bandcamp together with all our merch left. Much Love <3 Hélène & Amandine
Minuit Machine Jan 25, 2016
Hey! We just wanted to thank you for your support! "Violent Rains" is almost sold out!!! For those of you who missed it, there are still 13 vinyls left, so grab your chance while you still can :).
Minuit Machine Dec 17, 2015
Listen to our interview for Pog Ma Hone- Radio Béton (in French)! Merci Philippe !
Minuit Machine Dec 08, 2015
- Memories of St. Petersburg -
Minuit Machine Dec 03, 2015
So, we won't be touring in Europe in 2016 BUT the good news is you can still purchase our LP "Violent Rains" on vinyl/CD along with the Violent Rains merch => T-Shirts for men, women (and dogs!) & bags. Only a few items left!
Minuit Machine Dec 02, 2015
We would like to thank again each and everyone of you who organized or came to our shows. This tour was a blast! Time for a huge announcement now. Hélène will be moving to Montréal, QC next Spring! But it's not the end of Minuit Machine! We have some great expectations for 2016 that include a new release and an American tour for the end of the year. So, to our fans from the other side of the Atlantic, we are coming!! (Thanks a lot to Nikita Netrebko for the video!)
Minuit Machine Nov 30, 2015
A huge thanks to all the people who made this last week end a fantastic way to finish the tour! Special thanks to our fabulous friends Box and the twins, Xarah Dion, Dennis from Reptile Music, Bernd and Tom! Love Love Love <3
Minuit Machine Nov 25, 2015
As promised, the Violent Rains merch is now available online!!
Minuit Machine Nov 21, 2015
We're now in the club in Moscow, we can't wait to play for you tonight!! Yesterday in Kiev was absolutely fantastic, we can't thank you enough for all the love you gave to us!
Minuit Machine Nov 19, 2015
Just arrived in beautiful Warsaw where we'll be playing tonight! First gig since the 13th of November and all of our thoughts go to Paris. Love.
Minuit Machine Nov 14, 2015
We wanted to let you know that we are safe and our relatives too. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for your kind words and your support in this terrible tragedy. It happened right out there, in our neighborhoods, in some places that we walk by almost everyday. We are shocked and feel sick. We are sorry but we have to cancel our show tonight in Bordeaux. Of course, we don't really feel like taking the train but first of all, we can't leave our city now and party in another place! We are sure that you'll understand our decision. Thanks again, we love you ❤️ - Nous espérons que tout le monde est en sécurité. Une énorme pensée à tous ceux qui ont été touchés de près ou de loin par cette tragédie 💙 -