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Marcus Henriksson Dec 11, 2018
📷 by Tristan Ribbnäs
Marcus Henriksson Dec 05, 2018
Happy to share the new HomeRecords Home05. Includes an exclusive digital bonus for you, "Förfäder" 💙 Was released on vinyl march 2018. - Marcus -
Marcus Henriksson Dec 03, 2018
"A few years ago in Japan.” Besides the music I have a deep passion for esoteric practices and what lies in the trance and altered states of consciousness. I educated myself in my house in the woods by the help of ancient scriptures and esoteric books in various traditions and religions. I could sometimes meditate for days. With only few occasional food breaks and sleep. Advanced yogic practices was used daily. I also started working as a meditation and yoga teacher some years ago. But now back full time focus on music.. and using the understanding and wisdom to load the music with all the good stuff coming from those introspecting years… for you to listen and enjoy yourself in ❤ ❤ ❤ - Marcus -
Marcus Henriksson Nov 29, 2018
Autumn vibes. 🍂 📷 by Tristan Ribbnäs
Marcus Henriksson Nov 20, 2018
November 25, Hatch Laneway Fiesta in Melbourne. 🇦🇺 See you on the dancefloor! ❤️
Marcus Henriksson Nov 16, 2018
Memories from the B2B session with DJ Josko at The Dome, Ozora Festival official 2018. Love&Magick ❤️ ✨ - Marcus -
Marcus Henriksson Nov 14, 2018
Strawberry Fields 2018 *10th Anniversary* I have the honor to play on the stage "The Beach" to close the festival. 🇦🇺 This Sunday from 5.30pm to the end. 💃🕺❤️
Marcus Henriksson Nov 12, 2018
For those on Instagram, I invite you to follow me to discover new things. ❤️
Marcus Henriksson Oct 26, 2018
Autumn vibes. new exclusive djmix 🍁 I wish for the joy, love and light that was put into this musical autumn piece to come to life while the beautiful and amazing YOU will listen and dance to it! May it bring lot's of.. joy.. love.. & light.. into your home 🎶🎼🌞 🧡❤️💛💚💙💜🙏 Marcus Photo by Tristan Ribbnäs.
Marcus Henriksson Oct 26, 2018
Autumn vibes.. Photo by Tristan Ribbnäs
Marcus Henriksson Oct 11, 2018
Some moments from Abu Dhabi and Poland weekend. Thank you Transgresje Festival, Poland. Thank you SoundOpia, Abu Dhabi. Poland photo by Tomasz Wlaźlak
Marcus Henriksson Oct 03, 2018
• Lisbon 🇵🇹 tomorroW • LXM OPEN AIR #04 Victor Ruiz, Marcus Henriksson LIVE (Minilogue)
Marcus Henriksson Sep 28, 2018
This saturday in Poland. 💃 🎶🇵🇱☯️🌷☮️🕺 • Transgresje Festiwal, Torun • Festiwal Transgresje 2018: Spokój
Marcus Henriksson Sep 25, 2018
Traveling east..🌅 27th of September. Abu Dhabi. SoundOpia. ☮️❤️☯️ SoundOpia Season Opening (Breath of Love)
Marcus Henriksson Sep 06, 2018
In California to play this weekend. Happy to share stage with DJ NOBU (OFFICIAL). I remember buying his first mixcd in Japan 10 years ago. Great stuff! ☮️Peace❤️Soul🌎Spirit☯️ Marcus Henriksson (Minilogue) + DJ Nobu _ Incognito x DIRTY EPIC
Marcus Henriksson Aug 31, 2018
A few moments from my visit at the Great Wall of China 💃🏻☯️☮️🕺 Had a great time playing up on the wall!! Never done that before.. 😊!! Thank you Yingyang music festival! Video Eby Lau.
Marcus Henriksson Aug 23, 2018
Goooood vibes <3 at Lost Theory Festival. I wanna dance some more!! :) Photo/video Magu Sumita.
Marcus Henriksson Aug 18, 2018
Wohooo.. <3 at Lost Theory Festival. Photo/Video Magu Sumita.
Marcus Henriksson Aug 16, 2018
Dance floor moment at Fusion Lab stage <3. Lost Theory Festival. Video/photo Magu Sumita.
Marcus Henriksson Aug 15, 2018
At Lost Theory Festival in Spain. Really enjoyed playing both my sets.. had so much fun and lovely crowd ❤️.. and what a beautiful location in west of Spain, Sotoserrano🌴🌵🌷💚 Amazing festival, great production and crew, beautiful decor/stage designs, details.. wow.. amazing work Lost Theory crew! Thank youuu 🙏❤️ Photos by AL-KIMIYA photography Fernando Miranda Perez
Marcus Henriksson Aug 13, 2018
Dome in my heart <3 Ozora Festival official Photo/video Magu Sumita.
Marcus Henriksson Aug 10, 2018
Dome dance moment <3 Ozora Festival official. Photo/video by Magu Sumita
Marcus Henriksson Aug 08, 2018
Thank you Ozora Festival official for yet another amazing tribal soul gathering! Huge amount of love to the Ozora crew, stage managers, backstage crews, backstage cafe crew, visual crews; Wegha Andras for your amazing work, love and trust. Peter, Krisz, Fanni, Weronika, Réka, Goknur for being the best ever artist management crew. Giorgio Gatti, Peter, Regan, Ali, Jonas, Gino, Adrian, Giuseppe, Marco for being there with full power and support as stage managers, wow! Aural Eye crew. Daniel, Arpi and Ozora valley. System 7, Dj Josko and Zvezda Beta, Vataff Project, Francesco Cianella, Agostino Maria Ticino, Kalumet Zoltan, Brando Lupi, Adrian, Klara, Gimesi Szaba.. It was truly so much fun to share stage with you guys! And to all of you beautiful dancing beings/Ozorians🙏❤️ See you in synchronicity ✨💜❤️💙💚💛✨ Photos by Magu Sumita. Videos coming soon..
Marcus Henriksson Jul 30, 2018
Jamsession at ARTibarn, Ozora Festival official will take place on the 4th of August with my dear good friends and fellow musicians Zoli, Agostino Ticino, Francesco Cianella, Brando Lupi, Victor Marinov, Adrian Newgent & Gimesi Szab. See you! 💃🕺 PS. Last year, the jam session lasted 6 hours. 😉
Marcus Henriksson Jul 24, 2018
I am very excited to see you at the Ozora Festival official. I have the honor to participate in 4 performances, live and in collaboration with System 7 and Dj Josko & Beta. See you there! ☮️ ❤️