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The Island of If
Moos Express EP
Wir Artist Bundle - Minilogue
Let Life Dance Thru You - Remixes
Let Life Dance Thru You
Remixed, Pt. 2
Space (Remixes)
Space EP
The Girl from Botany Bay
Certain things
Marcus Henriksson Apr 17, 2019
Fire of water. #inherentlight #purifying #inallofus #power #beyondbelief #love #fire #magick #amatteroftheheart #amatteroftheenviroment #marcushenriksson #meditation #spirit #source #home #studiocosmos #minilogue #sonkite
Marcus Henriksson Apr 09, 2019
Orkznimorph. #ImaginaryBeing #BeingImaginary #YourOwnSource #Harmonizing #MotherNature #FireWaterEarthAir #Balancingwithin #Meditation #Soul #EnviromentalloveIsSoulLove #Activist #Peace #LoveYourSelf #Goodforyou #marcuSHEnriksson
Marcus Henriksson Apr 08, 2019
Selfloving. #Goodforyou #HeartiswhereYOUlive #SoulLoveIsEnviromentalLove #YouareDevineHumanBeing #HumanrightsActivist #SoulrightsActivist #marcuSHEnriksson
Marcus Henriksson Apr 05, 2019
In the center of your chest, there is a shining warm feeling. Heart. THAT place, is YOUR place. Your temple. Abode of your soul. Whenever you feel out of balance, worried or stressed. Put your warm, kind, accepting and loving hand on your heart. Feel that warm and harmonious vibration. Your love. Selflove <3 /Marcus #BasicHumanRights #Activist #Selflove #Soullove #Eviromentallove #GoodForYou #Healing #Wisdom #Balance #Self #Love #Kindness #Home #YouAreBeautiful #Vibration #Peace #MarcusHenriksson #Minilogue #SonKite
Marcus Henriksson Apr 03, 2019
Oxygenating light #spirit #light #life #Self #goodforyou #heartandsoul
Marcus Henriksson Mar 29, 2019
• Cosmic • Soul • Love • Dance •
Marcus Henriksson Mar 27, 2019
“Expressing myself of who I am and what I feel and my inner visions through the music is what I wish to do.” — Marcus Henriksson Read the feature interview:
Marcus Henriksson Mar 25, 2019
<3 💜💙💚💛 Son Kite - Prisma Cover painting by Fredik NOS Holm.
Marcus Henriksson Mar 21, 2019
Coming soon…
Marcus Henriksson Mar 19, 2019
© Bugár Máté
Marcus Henriksson Mar 07, 2019
Roadtrippin to Norway this weekend. 🇳🇴 Celebrating the feminine at Skippergata in Oslo. Andra Vaerlden Family celebrates Women’s Day at Skippergata
Marcus Henriksson Feb 08, 2019
Inner journey, outer journey. It all started when I got health problems in stomach and wrists back in 2005. I was living an unhealthy lifestyle. Every day in the studio, without much exercise and unhealthy diet. I went to the doctors for help. They could not find what was wrong with me. They did many tests and gave me pills to ease the pain. But it did not solve the root problem. I was going from doctor to doctor during a year. Nothing really helped and nobody spoke of the inside and how that worked. When I stopped taking the pills they gave me, the pains was coming back. A friend gave me a tip about an Indian Ayur Veda book. In this book was some meditation and yoga exercises. I changed my diet and started using the meditation and yoga exercises daily. To my happy suprice it helped! After only few days of daily meditation and yogic exercises my health problems started to decrease. The meditation and inner work made me realize a lot about myself and how the mind and psyche worked. The root of all the physical problems was coming from deeper layers of my being. The inside imbalances gives symptoms on the gross physical body. Such as wrist and stomach pains. I also found many connections in the meditation linked to my experiences during my rave years in the begining of the 90’s. I used to dance 10-12 hours non stop during raves. Without any psychoactive substances or alcohol (and I still do dance that long.. if the music is good). This made me connect to a higher state of consciousness and to my true Self. I was not familiar with these terms at that time. I have always felt drawn to mystical experiences during all those years of raving. It felt like I was taking part in some sort of ritual and sacred space. What we called Rave was more than just dance music for me. It was the age old dance ritual that we humans have been taking part in since the dawn of time. Dancing to hypnotic drumming and entering into trance states and working on our inside. A sacred dance ceremony. A place in the modern society and it's structures was not controling. A space where we could let go of our daily lives that was govern by these structures. Rave was that sacret space for me and where i came in contact with my Self. So, when I read the book about meditation and started doing daily yoga exercises I found that place within myself again. The same place I had been experiencing doing my rave dancing. This made me even more interested in exploring meditation and the deeper layers of the psyche. I started going to yoga class every day. And after a few weeks all my physical problems was gone. Feeling more alive an healthy than ever before. Reading lot’s of esoteric books in various traditions and religions. I had a burning passion for meditation and what you could do with it, and how you could change yourself. I tried many different meditation and yoga techniques from various traditions and systems. Testing it all on myself to observe it’s effects. Writing a journal to analyze what was happening and keeping track of the results. It helped me out of my health problems and convinced me there was much more to be discovered in healing and balancing oneself. Compassion and kindness towards oneself and others. The approach to music also changed and it became even more important for me to express the music from my true place. I discovered one particular yoga system that resonated with me. The Tibetan yoga. An ancient yoga system connected to the Bön tradition that was used in Tibet before buddhism. Used by tibetan yogis for thousands of years. I was fascinated by these yogis who lived in caves of the Himalayas. Completely secluded from the rest of the world and the modern society. I found some rare videos online about it (see bellow). I also found two Tibetan teacher who was teaching this system in the west. Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. The secluded life of the tibetan yogis inspired me. I got an idea to build a studio in the middle of the forest and combining these esoteric practices with the expression of music. To create a whole new lifestyle and live more close to nature. In 2008 I realized my dream and bought a house in the forest and build the studio and meditaion/yoga house there. The Minilogue album ”Blomma” was created from that place. In order to express yourself and your heart’s uniqueness, you need to clean youselves from the ego structures. The unconscious. By the use of these esoteric practices that has been used for thousands of years you will be able to do that. To individualize yourself. But it is not an easy journey. And to seclude yourself from the rest of the world is not for everyone. You have to face your unconscious and work hard in order to liberate yourself from it. In that journey you will also meet with the collective unconscious and the human archetypes and the opposites. Masculine and feminine. Both within as without. It is easy to get lost and without a master or someone who has gone the path before you it can be dangerous and take you to places you do not want to go. So you need the right set of tools in order to navigate. I practiced meditation and yoga daily for many years. Sometimes a few hours a day. And sometimes doing my own retreats that was lasting for many days. Meditation from morning to night. The tibetan yogis and teachers was giving me inspiration. I eventually took a meditation and yoga teacher training program. But where was the western yoga and esoteric teachings? I went all the way to the east to find many esoteric tools and gods and goddesses and traditions and systems. I read many books and found many teachers. I practiced it all. I was living it. But the symbols and images I was seeing inside of myself was not described in the eastern systems. Since I was born in Sweden and came into this world through the current collective unconscious structures of a western civilization, I could not truly find any of the eastern esoteric teachings to give me answers to what I had inside. The collective unconscious in the east is different. And it speaks in another symbolic language than what I was brought up in. I came across Carl Gustav Jung and his psychology. The science of the soul. Psyche is latin and meaning soul. He was speaking of the collective unconscious and it's symbols from the western structure. He was a Gnostic, and this lead me back to the esoteric of the west. It is one thing to speak intellectually about these matters. It is another thing to live from these understandings. You have to live by it and test it on your self. Be your own doctor and scientist. Your own Guru. In order to have your own experience. How else will you know what is truth for you? During these past 10 years I have been living this lifestyle. And besides giving much of my attention to the inner work I have also been expressing my journey into music. My vibration from this place and experiences during the last four years put into a double album. • marcuSHEnriksson • It will be released in July. But for now I wish to share this tibetan meditation technique that has been very useful in my esoteric practise. It's a way of starting your meditation practise. There are thousands of different techniques to be used. And they all have different effects on your being. I find this one to be useful. As above, so bellow. So within, so without. We are humans. Man and woman. All born from the same womb. We all have masculine and feminine within ourselves. We all have a heart and soul. So, please dear co-creator, brother and sister. Do not forget this! Love, Marcus Videolink: Tibetan Yoga masters. (3 parts):
Marcus Henriksson Feb 01, 2019
An elaborate discussion with Orb Mag regarding my artistic journey.
Marcus Henriksson Jan 31, 2019
Underground Rave in abandoned warehouse in Stockholm last weekend.. Thank you Trillah Hillah crew <3 Photo: Daniel Bemven
Marcus Henriksson Jan 24, 2019
The alchemist lab.. Conducting the vibrations 😊 Photo by Mira
Marcus Henriksson Jan 17, 2019
The Dome stage at Ozora Festival official must be one of the most beautiful permanent festival buildings ever! And the inside of the dome with all it’s decorations and lights.. wow! It is truly such an amazingly beautiful stage to experience, dance and play at. I love that place!! ❤️ I am very excited and happy to share this 3 h live recording from last summers set at the Dome with you! Enjoy•dance•trance•meditate•love•being•human• ❤️ See you next time.. this summer!! 😊
Marcus Henriksson Jan 15, 2019
Still very proud of this one. ❤️ In 2007 I had a dream of building a studio in the middle of the forest. A dream that would contain; Living close to nature, music, meditation, yoga and esoteric practices. A life lived and expressed through your own experience and creation without too much influence from the modern society. In 2008 I found a house in south Sweden. Not so far away from where I grew up as a child. A small dirt road leading through the deciduous forest and then an opening with a small house that was built a bit more than 120 years ago. That place became my home for the following 10 years. I built a separate house for the studio on my land. This was also to be my meditation and yoga studio. I developed the studio and the way of expressing the music in connection to all that I was learning from the inner work. Shaping the sound and direction of the music. Using these esoteric tools has many health benefits. Something I am deeply interested in.. to make good vibrations. ❤️😊 Many different meditation systems from various ancient traditions; Tibetan yantra yoga; trul khor, chi-gong, the indian yoga systems, advanced pranayama breathing exercises, tantra (love revolution 😊), visualization tequnicues, sound therapy, shamanistic rituals, psychology, hermetic teachings and alchemy. Carl Gustav Jung was a big inspiration in order to understand and how to navigate in the collective unconscious, and how to interpret and write down my dreams during the night. Dreams being the language of the soul. Sometimes I was doing my own meditation retreats. Lasting for days. Waking up at 4 in the morning and put myself on a routine to schedule the meditation sessions. Meditating from morning to night, non stop. Going for daily walk and exploring nature was also part of the routine. So I used these practices daily for years. Thousands of hours of meditation and inner work. From that same place and vibration in the forest was the Minilogue album ”Blomma” created. 🌈❤️ It was released 2013. Minilogue - Everything Is All You've Got 👉 Cover painting by my dear sister Emma Breitholtz. Inspired by tibetan tangpka paintings. And thank you to Henrietta Nordström for coming up with some of those amazing track names on the album. - Marcus -
Marcus Henriksson Jan 09, 2019
Live at the Dome. Coming soon..
Marcus Henriksson Jan 03, 2019
Thank you Budapest <3 What an amazing night it was!.. so happy!! Magica!l✨💜❤️🧡💛💚💙😄🌟 Wish you all a happy new year! #love #yourself #cosmos #human #being See you in #2019🌹💖 - Marcus Photo: Bugár Máté
Marcus Henriksson Dec 26, 2018
Super excited to come back again to the beautiful city of Budapest for a special 4 hours live set. 🇭🇺 Happy to share the stage with Luigi Tozzi! We’ll see each other there!! ❤️ TK pres. Acidmoon w/ Marcus Henriksson & Luigi Tozzi at A38
Marcus Henriksson Dec 20, 2018
Well arrived in Seoul, we see each other tomorrow at Beton Brut : Concrete Bar : Rebus and this Saturday at Contact Tokyoooo ❤️ See you on the dancefloor! 💃🇰🇷🇯🇵🕺
Marcus Henriksson Dec 18, 2018
Happy and excited to announce that I will be back at Ozora Festival official 2019!! And here is a memory from this year at the Dome stage. See you next year ❤️ Video: Magu Sumita
Marcus Henriksson Dec 11, 2018
📷 by Tristan Ribbnäs
Marcus Henriksson Dec 05, 2018
Happy to share the new HomeRecords Home05. Includes an exclusive digital bonus for you, "Förfäder" 💙 Was released on vinyl march 2018. - Marcus -
Marcus Henriksson Dec 03, 2018
"A few years ago in Japan.” Besides the music I have a deep passion for esoteric practices and what lies in the trance and altered states of consciousness. I educated myself in my house in the woods by the help of ancient scriptures and esoteric books in various traditions and religions. I could sometimes meditate for days. With only few occasional food breaks and sleep. Advanced yogic practices was used daily. I also started working as a meditation and yoga teacher some years ago. But now back full time focus on music.. and using the understanding and wisdom to load the music with all the good stuff coming from those introspecting years… for you to listen and enjoy yourself in ❤ ❤ ❤ - Marcus -