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1994: the Afterglow
A Gentleman's Hurricane
Walking On H2O
Waiting for the Tide (+2)
Mindseye Dec 13, 2018
'The Ocean' has been added to this Spotify playlist filled with 'chill shit'. From lo-fi hip-hop to vaporwave, curated by Simon Hirsch. Check it out here:
Mindseye Dec 08, 2018
51.000+ fans from 64 countries streamed over 8.000 hours of Mindseye this year on Spotify! Thanks for all the support!! #2018wrapped #2018ArtistWrapped
Mindseye Dec 03, 2018
Listening to music through YouTube? All of Mindseye's main releases and remixes can now be found in one video playlist:
Mindseye Nov 28, 2018
My track 'Waves' is a few years old already...but it's never too late for some proper visuals! Check the music video below:
Mindseye Nov 14, 2018
Now that's pretty amazing! Works quite well with my music too... :)
Mindseye Nov 03, 2018
A truly historic day...'The Ocean' is my first track ever to reach the magical 100.000 Spotify plays!! * * * * #ElectronicMusic #IndependentMusic #Indie #Electronica #Downtempo #ChillHop #ChillWave #Spotify #NewZealand #TheNetherlands #Ocean #BeTheChange
Mindseye Nov 02, 2018
"The Atomic Age' is one of my earlier and more experimental releases. This collaboration with Mantis Shrimp can now be found on all major streaming services! Find it here on Spotify:
Mindseye Oct 30, 2018
Some years ago I made a track as an ode to city life, by fusing together one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs ('Living for the City') and a classic Wu-Tang Clan track ('The City'). If you haven't heard it yet, check 'The City' out right here:
Mindseye Oct 15, 2018
6.45 this morning... * * * * #mondaymorning
Mindseye Sep 30, 2018
Two of my tracks have been added to this super chill Spotify playlist by Paul Spann, filled with instrumental electronic music to channel your energy and focus on your work and/or studies. Check it out here and give it a listen:
Mindseye Sep 30, 2018
These two albums were both released 20 years ago yesterday. Two true classics that deepened my love for hip-hop and shaped my sound. My life wouldn't have been the same without them!
Mindseye Aug 29, 2018
A pretty awesome playlist to be a part of, dedicated to the great Four Tet!
Mindseye Aug 13, 2018
'Summer Breeze' has landed on the pretty awesome 'Dreamwave' Spotify playlist (created by Phillip Biros) along with a few of my other tracks. Here's the playlist!
Mindseye Aug 03, 2018
If you're on Spotify, make sure to check out the 'This Is: Mindseye' playlist! It features all my official releases of the past few years in one place. Find it here:
Mindseye Jul 16, 2018
'Summer Breeze' has already been added to a number of Spotify playlists. Jackson Calder's 'Instrumental/Electronic Chill' is a great example! Check it out here:
Mindseye Jul 12, 2018
'Summer Breeze' is now available worldwide!
Mindseye Jul 10, 2018
Mindseye Jun 30, 2018
Coming soon.... #SummerBreeze
Mindseye Jun 16, 2018
A number of my tracks are now part of this great Spotify playlist by Alex Dahl from beatiful Norway! It's awesome to get support for my music from all over the world!
Mindseye Jun 10, 2018
Bonobo, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins and Four Tet all performing at the same festival?! Now that's a line-up! If only I was in the same hemisphere!
Mindseye May 03, 2018
Here's my first official release of the year...a chill instrumental track suitable for any season! Check it out on Spotify! #nzmusicmonth
Mindseye Apr 28, 2018
Dolphin: 1 -- Human: 0 * * * * #nature #dolphins #theocean #surfing #bodycheck #wipeout #manvswild
Mindseye Apr 24, 2018
Mindseye Apr 12, 2018
'Stellar' can now be found on the Electronic Underground Spotify playlist by Konstantin Suergers!
Mindseye Apr 09, 2018
This video for 'The Ocean' is made up of ocean-related drone footage shot by users of the FMA ( They used 'The Ocean', which was posted as a free download on FMA, as the soundtrack to their drone footage of coastal locations around the world. I picked out my favorite sequences and created this video as a thank you for the continued support for my music worldwide! Locations are shown in the video.