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Wall of Flowers
Contemplating the Engine Room' Live in Long Beach '98 - Five Man Opera
Ring Spiel Tour '95 (Live)
Canto Secondo (feat. Mike Watt, Stefano Pilia & Andrea Belfi)
Anywhere (feat. Mike Watt)
La busta gialla (feat. Andrea Belfi, Stefano Pilia & Mike Watt)
The Secondman's Middle Stand
Contemplating the Engine Room
Ball-Hog or Tugboat?
mike watt Apr 13, 2019
happy record store day 2019! ocampo, ocampo + watt celebrate w/their seven inch vinyl debut thank you org music! #rsd19 #RecordStoreDay @RecordStoreDay @rsd19
mike watt Apr 11, 2019
the fourth unknown instructors album is OUT NOW! this time j is on guitar w/me and georgie working the rhythm section, dan the man again w/the spiel more info here:
mike watt Apr 08, 2019
"wall of flowers album release tour" diary here: the words-eye view!
mike watt Apr 07, 2019
mike watt Apr 07, 2019
‪1988... still heavy times w/watt... brother e# helped me big time w/this - georgie on board too, kickin like kato!
mike watt Apr 06, 2019
d boon: BALLS OUT!
mike watt Apr 06, 2019
trippy how maybe no one noticed d boon charging hard missing here two strings... you can see prolly broke 'b' string up against my starboard forearm. d boon: hardcharger! love him!
mike watt Apr 01, 2019
good people, it's d boon's bday, give him a thought! on bass, watt -
mike watt Apr 01, 2019
mike watt Mar 04, 2019
"mister watt will comb the news!" thank you alyson camus for this shot you took last night, this is where I am at sixtyone years old, I keep pushing...
mike watt Feb 12, 2019
brother steve w/banyan, crimony! perk blowin it up, nels blowin it up... oh my god!
mike watt Feb 12, 2019
ed vedder tearing it up, dave grohl kickin up much dust! beautiful brothers, those were intense gigs - helped watt grow!
mike watt Jan 30, 2019
brother tzvi brought beautiful piece regarding guitarman ron asheton am so glad - he did great job and I'm most grateful - I love ronnie so much...
mike watt Jan 17, 2019
good people, I love LOVE germs bass lines... she was most kind w/me always... crimony, we lost sister lorna, crimony, a terrible blow... you can't imagine the impact germs had on minutemen...
mike watt Dec 18, 2018
big respect to bassbrother joe osborn
mike watt Nov 23, 2018
out TODAY is tone scientists debut "nuts" and "tiny pyramids" seven inch vinyl! #vinyl #recordstoreday2018 #recordstoreday #rsdblackfriday2018 #rsdblackfriday #blackfriday #rsd
mike watt Oct 04, 2018
for all you southpaws: reverend guitars now has a left-handed wattplower just for you!
mike watt Aug 14, 2018
thanks for the shot from last saturday in hermos, michael artega - just down the block thirtyeight years ago the minutemen recorded their first record "paranoid time" for sst!
mike watt Jul 08, 2018
"no sequence to follow, no fear of tomorrow" - the pop group
mike watt May 31, 2018
Desolation Center
mike watt Apr 21, 2018
happy record store day! us in sock-tight celebrate w/our "second wind" three song seven inch vinyl w/raymond work on the gatefold #recordstoreday #recordstoreday2018
mike watt Apr 19, 2018
mike watt Apr 13, 2018
Reverend Guitars definitely struck a chord w/me + the wattplower, HUGE thanks again to the good people there from a most grateful watt!
mike watt Apr 10, 2018
just sent matt + graham the wav files from bob lee's + my spiel for the studio version of this tune: hoping to get the debut fitted album done this spring!
mike watt Apr 07, 2018
two weeks from today is round II for sock-tight w/release of "second wind" for #recordstoreday2018 here’s sock-tight drummerman dirk showing folks the gatefold sleeve w/raymond’s art!