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Mike Waters Apr 05, 2019
Haven’t pulled this guy out much lately but tomorrow night I’m supporting my mates Winterbourne at Northcote Social Club also feat. the legend Robert Muinos It’s gonna be a good time, I’m on at 9. Tickets here if there's even any left:
Mike Waters Feb 12, 2019
The NSW Government is actively trying to use regulation to destroy music festivals by making them impossibly expensive, and financially impossibly-high-risk. Please read this to understand how the changes being made effectively destroy an industry that employs tens of thousands of people in NSW: PLEASE sign this petition: #dontkilllivemusic More info here
Mike Waters Oct 23, 2018
I’m playing live!! Catch me at Ocean Sounds Festival on Saturday the 19th January with Dan Sultan Pierce Brothers Jen Cloher Oh Pep! Maddy May Steve Cousins Imogen Price and local wines, cheese and food vans. Tickets on-sale 9am this Friday #oceansoundsfestival
Mike Waters Oct 19, 2018
I wrote this song a very long time ago. I also recorded this song a very long time ago. Then I didn’t like it because it didn’t feel finished, but I didn’t really have the money, contacts or skills to finish it the way I imagined (I still don’t). Then I found out that what I love most about music is collaborative songwriting so I started focusing on that, and to be honest I kinda forgot about this track. But then a lot of people started asking me where I’d gone and why I hadn’t released new music in a while, so I decided that its time to put it out. I finished the production myself to the best of my abilities and now its out (today in Aus, Friday everywhere else) I hope you like it but if you don’t that’s cool too.
Mike Waters Oct 17, 2018
This Friday a song I wrote a very long time ago is finally going to see the light of day ☀️
Mike Waters Oct 16, 2018
I’m sorry it’s been so long since I dropped new music. This Friday though, I promise
Mike Waters Sep 17, 2018
Mike Waters
Mike Waters Jul 24, 2018
So it's been a while since I dropped new music...
Mike Waters May 17, 2018
Mitch James
Mike Waters Feb 09, 2018
it me!! Track 1 on Don Diablo’s new album FUTURE. Back To Us (feat. Mike Waters)
Mike Waters Feb 07, 2018
Something cool happening tomorrow...
Mike Waters Jan 26, 2018
For those of my followers not in Australia, today is “Australia Day”, a public holiday set aside for Australians to celebrate the country for what it is today. Except that the day was originally selected in the 1800s for a different reason. It falls on the anniversary of the landing of the first fleet of European settlers, and marks the beginning of European history in Australia. This is a relatively recent history that includes many wonderful things that we know and love about Australia today, but it sadly also includes genocide, oppression and discrimination towards indigenous Australians. This pattern of European settlement is not exclusive to Australia; it’s something that’s happened in countless countries, countless times in western history, but it matters to us, because we’re Australian. For many indigenous Australians today, they still face the reality that this European system has not provided them, their relatives or their ancestors the same positive outcomes that it provided to the European settlers and their descendants. This is still the status quo of Australian life. Understandably, a large number of our population think this day should be moved to a day that’s more culturally sensitive, so that it can mean for all Australians what it currently means to just some: a celebration of this beautiful land, and the culture, cultural diversity and progress it breeds. For what it’s worth, I agree with this standpoint. Those that think that it shouldn’t be changed because “it’s just a fucking date mate” are indirectly telling Australia’s first people that their concerns are unimportant. The change of date has absolutely zero negative effect on any Australian, but to many people it would bring positivity and a sense of inclusion in the celebration of their own country. To me, that’s what Australia is all about. Just #changethedate to May 8 mate.
Mike Waters Jan 17, 2018
I co-wrote this tune last year with some legends and it's out today! check it:
Mike Waters Dec 07, 2017
I’m stoked to announce i’m hitting the hill again in March for their 10 year anniversary show!! Tickets on sale now, get em fast because this is the best festival in the world and it will sell out soon. The Hills Are Alive Festival’s 10 Year Anniversary!
Mike Waters Nov 04, 2017
Just under a week til I kick off on tour supporting Kyle Lionhart on his Victoria shows! Can't wait to hit the stage again. Come say hi if you're in Geelong, Torquay or next weekend in the big smoke x
Mike Waters Sep 17, 2017
thanks to AirBnb Experience for having me in Sydney tonight! i made it to my flight on time and i got a whole row to myself. everything's coming up milhouse 💯
Mike Waters Sep 16, 2017
if you're in Sydney I'm playing a show tomorrow (Sunday) at kings cross hotel (link below) and if you're not but you've got friends in Sydney, @ them here so they find out about it too x
Mike Waters Sep 03, 2017
Happy fathers day to all the dads out there! Especially my dad, and all the great dads among my friends and family x
Mike Waters Aug 16, 2017
Mike Waters
Mike Waters Aug 08, 2017
Mike Waters Aug 04, 2017
Just discovered that I'm going to be supporting the magnificently talented Kyle Lionhart for the VIC leg of his upcoming tour. Very excited, great start to the weekend! 🏋️‍♂️
Mike Waters Jul 18, 2017
Mike Waters
Mike Waters Jul 05, 2017
My heroes 👊
Mike Waters Jun 29, 2017
already over a week since the tour finished up with Lewis Watson and Winterbourne and I'm still just sittin here thinking about how great it was. you won't find a better bunch of people to tour the country with. ✌🏻️
Mike Waters Jun 25, 2017
Bit of the story behind my collab with Max Frost "Drowning" among other things in this chat with Baked Goods