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A Real Good Kid
i was born in detroit on a very very very very very very very cold day
Tear Drops and Balloons
One Foot Out the Door
At Night, Alone.
At Night, Alone.
31 Minutes to Takeoff
Mike Posner Jun 24, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 71 || MISSOURI 🇺🇸 || 984/2892 MILES WALKED. I crossed into Missouri! Anyone from Missouri reading this!?! Def got a little emotional crossing The Mississippi River here. Prayers for everyone effected by the flood. KEEP GOING
Mike Posner Jun 23, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 70 || ILLINOIS 🇺🇸 || 964/2790 MILES WALKED. It always makes my day when someone brings their baby out to The Walk. Maybe I’m crazy but I feel like she understood me 🏆🤴🦁🌳✨🌼#keepgoing
Mike Posner Jun 22, 2019
Mike Posner Jun 21, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 67 || ILLINOIS 🇺🇸 || 921/2790 MILES WALKED. The kindness I’ve been shown as I’ve walked across this country has completely changed what I thought Americans were. This woman, Mary, allowed us to sleep at the local airport she ran in Ohio. Strangers, who have no idea who Mike Posner is, pull over all day to make sure I don’t need a ride. People offer me food and water and kindness. People pray for me everywhere I go. I’m alone but I’m not alone. #keepgoing who is someone that’s shown you kindness that impacted your life? Tag them in the comments and KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Jun 19, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 66 || ILLINOIS 🇺🇸 || 912/2790 MILES WALKED TODAY I CROSSED THE 900 MILE MARK. Never stop. Keep going. Never stop. Keep going. Never stop. KEEP GOING. WATUP @pt_hikes THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION ✨🙏🏻
Mike Posner Jun 18, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 65 || ILLINOIS 🇺🇸 || 880/2790 MILES WALKED. 6 days a week. No excuses. No snooze button. #keepgoing
Mike Posner Jun 17, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 64 || ILLINOIS 🇺🇸 || 868/2790 MILES WALKED. I filmed this as a reminder to myself when I was still in Ohio. Remember life is now and to enjoy it while while we still can. Most people are already dead. #KEEPGOING
Mike Posner Jun 16, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 63 || ILLINOIS 🇺🇸 || 837/2790 MILES WALKED ILLINOIS!!!!!! Is anyone from Illinois reading this?!?! I made it across Indiana in 8 days!!!!! Small accomplishments related over time create GREATNESS! 🤴🤴🤴 TAG @barackobama and let him know WE ARE HERE! 🙏🏻 tell him he’s invited to walk a day with me across America!!! 😂😂😂
Mike Posner Jun 14, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 61 || INDIANA 🇺🇸 || 799/2790 MILES WALKED. Make the decision. Leave the comment “I’m in” if you’re in. #keepgoing
Mike Posner Jun 13, 2019
I LOVE THIS SONG! What’s a song that helped you through a tough time? 🙏🏻
Mike Posner Jun 13, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 59 || INDIANA 🇺🇸 || 773/2790 MILES WALKED. Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished by complaining. @chadwickmouton #keepgoing 🌼🦁🌳✨🏆🤴
Mike Posner Jun 11, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 58 || INDIANA 🇺🇸 || 751/2790 MILES WALKED. I am who I am because of those who came before me. I represent a genetic lineage as well as a musical lineage. I am grateful to my mother who gave me the perfect mixture of love and fire. I am grateful to my father for my big silly heart. I am grateful to all my musical ancestors that I mentioned in this video. I wouldn’t be able to make the music I make without you. There are so many more not mentioned. I hope I’m doing a good job carrying on these twin lineages and that ive kept the fire burning bright enough. Take a moment to think about who you represent just by living. You can put their name in the comments if you’d like but it’s enough to just carry them in your heart. 🌳🦁🌼✨🏆
Mike Posner Jun 10, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 57 || INDIANA 🇺🇸 || 732/2790 MILES WALKED. So much going on in the world. What I’m learning more than ever on this walk is how important it is to be kind to the people around you. Appreciate the ones who look out for you! 🙌🏼 tag some one who always looks out for you! 🌳🦁🤴🌼✨
Mike Posner Jun 08, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 55 || INDIANA 🇺🇸 || 684/2790 MILES WALKED. I try to take some moments to be grateful each day. I even try to be grateful for the things I don’t want because they help me decipher what it is I do want and help me grow. THANK YOU. Don’t worry about how you think life should be. Be grateful for how it IS. It already IS how it IS so don’t waste time worrying about how it would be if it was different. It IS how it IS! Life isn’t good or bad. It just IS. You decide how to interpret it. KEEP GOING. 🦁✨🌼🌳🤴
Mike Posner Jun 07, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 54 || INDIANA 🇺🇸 || 665/2790 That’s right baby!!! Another state down! A small amount of effort each day ADDS UP. I’m so grateful for all of the love shown to me in OHIO. See you soon. On to Indiana! Is anyone from Indiana reading this? Lmk! Leave a comment? Where should I stop? Where should I ninja show?!?!?!
Mike Posner Jun 06, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA! DAY 53 || OHIO 🇺🇸 || 666/2790 MILES WALKED. The second you actually DO something in your life, people will try their best to tear you down. People will question your integrity. People will question your heart. People will question your authenticity. The hardest thing for people to accept is that you are actually doing what you said you would and are real. Why? Because it reminds them that they are the opposite. It reminds them that they are not reaching their potential. It reminds them they are out of integrity. Don’t worry about what other people think and KEEP GOING. 🦁✨🌳🤴🌼
Mike Posner Jun 05, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 52 || OHIO 🇺🇸 || 644/2790 MILES WALKED. Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram and don’t let Instagram rule your life. Don’t worry about trying to keep up or look a certain way because of what you see on Instagram. Spend time appreciating those around you. Don’t think you need to be like the people you follow on social media. Or have the things they have. Spend time trying to be the best person you can be to those around you and spread positivity. That’s all you need to focus on...peace within. Sometimes we get lost in social media. Follow accounts that inspire your mental growth. Support people that support you. Thank you all for commenting and supporting me, it’s means a lot seeing all of you spend time to interact with me! 🌼🌳🤴🦁✨🏆
Mike Posner Jun 04, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 50 || OHIO 🇺🇸 || 615/2790 MILES WALKED. Never stop. Keep going. Never stop. Keep going.
Mike Posner Jun 03, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 50 || OHIO 🇺🇸 || 603/2790 MILES WALKED. Legs feeling back warmed up. 15 the last three days. Probably 20 miles today. Broke the 600 miles mark!!! Let’s go! Last week I stopped walking at a fence in front of the Old School Gym (dope gym btw). Then I took a week off. Flew to my sisters wedding, flew to detroit, played a benefit show in detroit, got a ride back to the Old School Gym, touched the fence and continued walking. No cheat miles. No step skipped. I’d only be cheating myself. Love to everyone! Let’s go. Integrity integrity integrity. 🌳🦁🤴✨🏆🌼 #keepgoing
Mike Posner Jun 02, 2019
DAY 49 || COLUMBUS, OH 🇺🇸 || 580/2790 MILES WALKED. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT CAME TO THE SURPRISE NINJA SHOW YESTERDAY. Back on the road today. With love and gratitude. Let’s go, MP 🤴🌼🌳🦁🏆✨#keepgoing
Mike Posner Jun 02, 2019
Mike Posner May 31, 2019
DAY 47 || OHIO 🇺🇸 || 549/2790 MILES WALKED. Yesterday was my first day back walking and I saw a rainbow!!! Again!!!!!! Let’s go! 4th rainbow in Ohio !! Thank you to everyone that came to the benefit show in Detroit - leave a comment if you where there. Tell me how it was for you! I talked on the phone with @chadwickmouton and I was kind of whining and complaining. He told me to “shut the fuck up and quit being a bitch and remember I just walked 500 miles and stay hard.” That was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. 🎯 Let’s go. Summer. Bring it on. 🤴✨🌳🦁🌼🚶‍♂️ Lastly, thinking of doing a ninja show in Columbus - any recommendations of quiet parks?
Mike Posner May 30, 2019
Mike Posner May 29, 2019
I’m not walking to show people who I am. I’m walking to find out who I’ll become.
Mike Posner May 29, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. STILL ON BREAK - WALKING RESUMES THURSDAY! Thank you for all the support and love. Im in Detroit where I will play a benefit show tomorrow night and then I’ll go back to Ohio where I paused my walk. Do you remember this one? 🌳🌻🤴🦁🌼🙏🏻