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A Real Good Kid
i was born in detroit on a very very very very very very very cold day
Tear Drops and Balloons
One Foot Out the Door
At Night, Alone.
At Night, Alone.
31 Minutes to Takeoff
Mike Posner Aug 20, 2019
Patience is the name of the recovery game. As much as I’d like to jump directly back out there and rip the 24 mile day, this would almost surely result in injury. I have to slowly ramp back up from 0 miles to five or six before I feel comfortable heading back to Rattlesnake Road where I got bit, to continue the walk. I walked 3.6 miles today!!!!! Let’s goooo! KEEP GOING ✨🦁🌼🌳🤴
Mike Posner Aug 19, 2019
I spend too much time gorging myself on the sympathy and attention of others. This practice is fickle and only leads to disappointment in the future. I noticed there is a part of me that actually wants to stay hurt so I can keep getting attention and keep getting spoiled by everyone. Fuck that. It’s time boss up. It’s time start walking again outside. No more baby time. NOTHING great was ever accomplished by pandering for sympathy and playing the victim. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 18, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 126 || HOME || 1797/2833 MILES WALKED. I’m now able to walk without the walker!!! I still experience pain in my leg, especially when I first stand up. The furthest I’ve walked is to the kitchen or the car or the bathroom. Today I will walk down the street. Small accomplishments repeated over time = Greatness. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 17, 2019
I. Will. Not. Stop. KEEP GOING. 🦁✨🌼🌳🙏🏻
Mike Posner Aug 16, 2019
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Mike Posner Aug 16, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA DAY 123 || HOME || 1797/2833 MILES WALKED. My brother Eli Sweet has been taking care of me since I got out of the hospital. The only tears I’ve cried were those of gratitude when thinking of all the people that helped save me. My physical therapist came yesterday and I’m working on the range of motion of my ankle. When I get that back, my gait will normalize. NOTHING GREAT WAS EVER ACHIEVED ALONE. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 16, 2019
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Mike Posner Aug 15, 2019
Check out my new song Prince Akeem with Wiz Khalifa on AppleMusic Future Hits Playlist! #applemusic
Mike Posner Aug 15, 2019
THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA. DAY 123 || HOME || 1797/2833 MILES WALKED. Even though I’m in recovery mode I’m still on The Walk right now. I’m home in air conditioning and a real bed so I’m trying not to get soft with all these amenities. Shout outs to this rattlesnake that bit me. He only made me that much harder. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 15, 2019
Check out my new song Prince Akeem with Wiz Khalifa on AppleMusic Breaking Pop Playlist! #applemusic #wiz
Mike Posner Aug 14, 2019
Mike Posner Aug 14, 2019
Mike Posner Aug 13, 2019
The only time I cried this whole process was when I thought about all these INCREDIBLE, SELFLESS, PROFESSIONAL people in the hospital, and EMS, and Whitney/Cassie at La Junta, and my ICU family. and my sister, and Alex Banayan and Colin and the list goes on and on if people who helped me keep my foot. I’ve been discharged and I’m going home to rehabilitate now. I’m still using a walker and crutches to ambulate. It’s going to be a good minute before I can take extended walks again but no one ever said this would be easy! I love you guys so much. Thank you for your support in this time. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 12, 2019
It’s gonna take more than a rattlesnake to keep me down! KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 11, 2019
I knew walking across America was going to be dangerous. I knew I could die doing it. I still might. So don’t feel sorry for me. I’m proud I’m in this hospital after chasing my dream and not sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I’m proud of this pain. If you understand this message, do not leave me sympathy comments, just write KEEP GOING. 🌳🌼🦁✨🙏🏻
Mike Posner Aug 10, 2019
From 24 miles per day to using this walker to get to bathroom. I’m on my way back. Gonna rebuild with patience and equanimity. HUGE shout outs to Stephanie, Fergie, Bo, Angie, Eddie, mike, dr black, dr van Birmingham, dr Gordon, dr Shapiro, Natalie, carol, Megan, Jeremy, and my whole family in ICU. Molly and her husband from PT are gonna come help me walk again tomorrow. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 09, 2019
Wiz Khalifa was unavailable for the video shoot. 😂
Mike Posner Aug 08, 2019
Whatup doe!!! Crazy day yesterday! I had just crushed 16 miles and was going for 8 more when I got but by a baby rattlesnake! 🐍 That venom is no joke! I got to the hospital and got the anti-venom in time. Shout outs to G and Mike from the chopper team 🚁 and Bo and Cassie and Whitney (my nurses). I’ll be here a few days and will not be able to walk for several weeks but enjoying the AC and the nice bed, haven’t had those in a while Hahahaha! Can’t wait to get back on The Walk! KEEP GOING!!!!!!
Mike Posner Aug 08, 2019
👋 Colorado! Another state, another song= Prince Akeem ft Wiz Khalifa out now. Keep going. 🦁🌼🌳✨
Mike Posner Aug 06, 2019
Prince Akeem ft Wiz Khalifa out now. Hello Colorado 🙏🏻🌳🌼✨🦁 I spent a few hours this morning reflecting on how grateful I was for everybody that helped me across Kansas. When I first cross the border into Kansas, I was really struggling. My body was shutting down and my mind wasn’t far behind it. So I wanted to go in word and be alone, I had to get in touch with why I was on this walk in the first place. I was here to connect with people, listen to their stories and hopefully help them experience transcendence. The people who showed up to walk with me, spiritually carried me the 400+ miles across the state. So when I cross the border into Colorado, as promised, I will release a new song. This song will be dedicated to everyone who walked with me across Kansas. I’m talking about Chris and his daughter who taught me the state motto, Ad astra, per a Spera: Through hardship, to the stars. I’m talking about Chad. I’m talking about Ryan. I’m talking about Antonio. I’m talking about Kelly. I’m talking about the whole city of Emporia. I’m talking about Jordan and his entire family. I’m talking about Garrett who came from Oklahoma to walk. I’m talking about Tony came from Kansas City to walk. I’m talking about Isaac and summer came from Texas to walk. I’m talking about Nicholas. I’m talking about Justin and Nicholas who came twice. I’m talking about Brandon who came countless days and provided supplies. I’m talking about Angie and Travis who gave us ice. Mason who came on his way from Florida and has more figured out then he realizes. I’m talking about Chris who showed up three or four days in a row at 5 AM to do the silent three hour walking meditation with me and do the shooting stars. I’m talking about my love, one of my best friends in the world flew out to support his brother. I’m talking about Devon and his family. I’m talking about the countless babies and families I met in great Bend. I’m talking about Carlos. I’m talking about Mario. If I didn’t mention your name, don’t underestimate the impact you had on me. Every time someone shows up to walk with me I am instantly energized. THANK YOU. This song is dedicated to you. KEEP GOING
Mike Posner Aug 05, 2019
Before I drop this new song midnight, are any of my Day 1 fans still on here? Leave me a comment if you remember this one!!! Where were u when u saw it? From the dorm room to the board room to The Walk. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 04, 2019
It’s a good day to be free. This is a little snippet of my Colorado border song 😂😂😂. Coming soon. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 04, 2019
Let’s go. 1600+ miles. The further I get, the more I use my past miles to fuel myself. Meaning, now when I’m having a tough mile, I remember that I just walked 1600+ miles, I can do more. I’m a savage. 🌳🤴✨🦁🌼 KEEP GOING
Mike Posner Aug 03, 2019
“We fear discovering that we are more than we think we are. More than our parents/children/teachers think we are. We fear that we actually possess the talent that our still, small voice tells us. That we actually have the guts, the perseverance, the capacity. We fear that we truly can steer our ship, plant our flag, reach our Promised Land. We fear this because, if it’s true, then we become estranged from all we know. We pass through a membrane. We become monsters and monstrous. We know that if we embrace our ideals, we must prove worthy of them. And that scares the hell out of us. What will become of us? We will lose our friends and family, who will no longer recognize us. We will wind up alone, in the cold void of starry space, with nothing and no one to hold on to. Of course this is exactly what happens. But here’s the trick. We wind up in space, but not alone. Instead we are tapped into an unquenchable, undepletable, inexhaustible source of wisdom, consciousness, companionship. Yeah, we lose friends. But we find friends too, in places we never thought to look. And they’re better friends, truer friends. And we’re better and truer to them. Do you believe me?” Excerpt From The War of Art Steven Pressfield & Shawn Coyne When I was launching my music career, I kept this passage ^ printed out and taped to the wall of my little “studio” in the basement. We don’t fear failure as much as we fear success. There’s only one thing to do with fears, run straight at them. KEEP GOING.
Mike Posner Aug 02, 2019
It’s border time 😊. Thus I’ll release a new in the coming days 🙌🏻🔥. I have a new mantra out here on the walk across America. It’s “THIS IS THE BEST PART.” Every time my mind wanders ahead or behind I remind myself that only the present is actually real. The past and future exist only as thoughts. I’m only a novice at being present but I’m practicing. KEEP GOING.