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1922 (Original Music from the Netflix Film)
The Place Beyond the Pines (Music from the Motion Picture)
Laborintus II
Transylvania (feat. Jane Sheldon & Mike Patton)
The Solitude of Prime Numbers
Nathaniel Merriweather Presents...Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By (feat. Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles, Kid Koala & Dan the Automator)
Mondo Cane
Crank: High Voltage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
"A Perfect Place" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 12 (feat. Mike Patton)
Pranzo Oltranzista
Adult Themes for Voice
Mike Patton Aug 24, 2019
Coming soon!
Mike Patton Aug 20, 2019
3rd Los Angeles show. Tickets on sale 10am PST today! We thought we were playing 3 shows, but 7 it is. That's all folks.
Mike Patton Aug 15, 2019
Ok, here you go. We were able to add second shows. Hope this helps with tickets. This all we got though, no more cities, no more shows. Trevor, Trey, Dave, Scott and I are looking forward to these shows. Going back to where it started musically. LA: SF: NYC:
Mike Patton Aug 14, 2019
Happy 50th Trey!
Mike Patton Aug 14, 2019
No idea how the artist presale for Mr Bungle is working or how many tickets will be available thru them but the Mr Bungle Twitter ( @MrBungle) and Instagram (mrbungleofficial) accounts will be posting some code. Good luck! Sorry about the damn scalpers. REMEMBER the venues only sell 25% of the tickets or so on presale. More will be sold thru Friday! Also, to slow the scalpers down there is a 2 ticket limit and each credit card can only be used once.
Mike Patton Aug 13, 2019
This. Sorry folks, these cities only. Oh, yeah, ticket links: LA - SF - NYC -
Mike Patton Aug 10, 2019
She's baaaaaaaack!
Mike Patton Aug 06, 2019
One of my all time favorite records gets the reissue treatment this month.
Mike Patton Jul 07, 2019
Rest in peace Joao Gilberto
Mike Patton Jul 06, 2019
Living in North America, ran out of TV shows to binge, looking for something to do? Go see Spotlights! A fantastic live band hitting the road to support their most recent, ace release.
Mike Patton Jul 03, 2019
Tickets are sold out for the Mondo Cane show in Milano but tickets are still available in Prato. See you in Italy!
Mike Patton Jun 28, 2019
More from the upcoming record.
Mike Patton Jun 11, 2019
Rest in peace Bushwick Bill.
Mike Patton May 17, 2019
Very happy to introduce you to a new record I have been working on.
Mike Patton May 13, 2019
Some good people looking for help. MP ---------------------------------------------------- VINYL SERIES TO HELP OFFSET THE LOSS FROM THE PLEDGE DISASTER Hi everyone. The Book Beriah 11-cd box set was a labor of love, three years in the making, and we put a huge amount of Tzadik funding into making it happen. Sadly our distribution platform PLEDGE MUSIC ripped us (and hundreds of other artists) off and we will NOT be paid a single penny from their sales. To help offset this HUGE loss for us we have initiated a limited edition vinyl series. Please help us by purchasing the collection – and spread the word to your friends! You can put your preorder in now at this address: Thanks to you all for your continued support! — John Zorn JZ VINYL COLLECTION—A new limited edition vinyl series of select releases out of the Zorn catalog! Personally chosen by Zorn for release on vinyl, the LPs are beautifully made and packaged in the original artwork. A limited number of copies of each release, signed by John Zorn, will be made available for sale. Collectable and rare, purchase them all before they disappear! MASADA—THE BEST OF SANHEDRIN John Zorn: Sax / Dave Douglas: Trumpet / Greg Cohen: Bass / Joey Baron: Drums NOVE CANTICI PER FRANCESCO D’ASSISI Julian Lage: Guitar / Bill Frisell: Guitar / Gyan Riley: Guitar THE LAST JUDGMENT Mike Patton: Voice / John Medeski: Organ / Trevor Dunn: Bass / Joey Baron: Drums ALHAMBRA LOVE SONGS Rob Burger: Piano / Greg Cohen: Bass / Ben Perowsky: Drums
Mike Patton May 09, 2019
Ok, Milan is sold out, but tickets are still available for the Prato show! Going to be a great evening, join us. I'm very excited to announce 2 Mondo Cane shows in Italy. Will be 2 very special nights. (ok, its great that you all are asking for Mondo Cane to visit your city, but the way this works is we only go where we receive offers that work. If we had it our way Mondo Cane would play everywhere, but it is a difficult band to stage and we don't always get to make those decisions.)
Mike Patton Apr 26, 2019
Did I mention this was a big day at Ipecac?
Mike Patton Apr 26, 2019
What a day at Ipecac HQ !
Mike Patton Apr 01, 2019
Mike Patton Mar 07, 2019
In the studio with some top notch talent. Smokey Hormel, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Husky Hoskulds & THE James Gadson. Great stuff.
Mike Patton Mar 03, 2019
My talented friend, Anthony Pateras, has a very cool box set coming out. Order it now!
Mike Patton Feb 15, 2019
The 20th anniversary of Ipecac Recordings is going to be a great one. First up, another fantastic release from Spotlights. Check out the first single and do that preorder thing.Get on the bandwagon if you have not already:
Mike Patton Sep 07, 2018
Ipecac Recordings
Mike Patton Aug 20, 2018
The Sounds of 1922: How Mike Patton Adapts to the Role of Film Composer from Den of Geek US