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Storm EP
Howl (Bonus Tracks)
Brother (EP)
Golden Leaves Festival Golden Leaves Festival 2019
Venue: Jagdschloss Kranichstein (Darmstadt, Germany) Find tickets
Reeperbahn Festival Reeperbahn Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Mighty Oak Sound Aug 18, 2019
Upcoming Mighty Oak Soundsystem events! Special guests SomahJoe Rooney and Crucial Roots joining our monthly Edinburgh sessions, and a couple one-off events on the way too including Roots Dome at the Psychedelic Forest Carnival and our first trip to Inverness
Mighty Oak Sound Jul 11, 2019
Little road trip for Mighty Oak soundsystem this weekend - Saturday we reach Reading Dub Club, and Sunday to Oxford for Reggae On Tap meets Mighty Oak Sound pt.2
Mighty Oak Sound Jun 21, 2019
Big thanks to REcompose photography for these beauties! What a great night of real roots reggae, and thanks to Steve Downbeat for coming with such positivity, a beautiful soundsystem and top tunes.
Mighty Oak Sound Jun 10, 2019
This Friday our good friend and collaborator Nem will be doing custom covers for the last copies of Purest Force (Mighty Oak) streamed live on Scotch Bonnet!
Mighty Oak Sound Jun 01, 2019
The First edition of the Dub Organiser Scotland's reggae and dubwise events calendar.
Mighty Oak Sound May 14, 2019
Very happy to be playing outdoors in the heart of Edinburgh, on Messenger Sound System this Saturday at Wee Dub Presents Reggae In The City 2! Last year was fantastic. 2pm-10 outdoors then 10pm-3am indoors!
Mighty Oak Sound Apr 29, 2019
Shout out to soundsystems/promoters in England and Wales! We'll be taking our soundsystem to Reading Dub Club on Saturday 13th of July, and are looking for other potential sessions on the Friday or Sunday. Could potentially bring the full system (6 scoops). Message us if you're interested!
Mighty Oak Sound Apr 28, 2019
Well, the Signs repress is almost dun and I need to get a new tune out there! This is what i'm working on, with a melodica part from Chazbo. Still struggling to get the phaser just right! But it'll be ready soon. It also has a flute cut from Tom Spirals in the works. Jofis
Mighty Oak Sound Apr 25, 2019
Mighty Oak Sound big session in June!
Mighty Oak Sound Apr 19, 2019
Loading up the van for tonight's session 🙏
Mighty Oak Sound Apr 13, 2019
Mighty Oak Sound
Mighty Oak Sound Mar 10, 2019
Mighty Oak Sound Mar 10, 2019
Mighty Oak Sound's cover photo
Mighty Oak Sound Mar 09, 2019
All pre-orders are sent! Now for sale on our Mighty Oak Records discogs page. Copies going quick!
Mighty Oak Sound Mar 06, 2019
They've arrived!! At last! Labels look crisp, tunes sound crisp, phew. Thank you all for your patience! Ramon Judah - Signs/Dub on side A, Makating Horns - Warning Signs/version on side B. 12", cat. no. MOAK07. I've listed it on Discogs but not listed any for sale just yet. **Note to people who pre-ordered: ** Firstly thank you again! Please be patient while i get them all sent over the next couple of days, there's quite a lot! I needed to get some batches to distributors first to settle my debt with my funder, so they might arrive in some shops before yours arrive with you, but you have guaranteed your copy/copies, and i think they might sell out quite quickly :)
Mighty Oak Sound Feb 24, 2019
5 days until Edinburgh's reggae takeover! 3 days of soundsystems starting Friday. Check Some tunes from Jofis here
Mighty Oak Sound Feb 19, 2019
Message from Jofis: Apologies once again for the delay on this one. I'm in regular contact with the pressing company and am confident they will arrive with me within a week
Mighty Oak Sound Feb 19, 2019
Just a few days until we take the sound to Stirling, Scotland
Mighty Oak Sound Feb 11, 2019
Our rig last Saturday 🔊 With new calligraphies on our new kicks. They say 'Love' in Arabic. Gratitude for all who came and made it a really special one.
Mighty Oak Sound Feb 11, 2019
Mighty Oak meets Hometown Promotion, Glasgow 2019
Mighty Oak Sound Feb 08, 2019
Set up in glasgow, 2 sounds in the dance, doors open at 11
Mighty Oak Sound Jan 10, 2019
Steadfast Sylvatica
Mighty Oak Sound Jan 08, 2019
Message from Jofis re. MOAK07 12" vinyl: Sorry to announce, I have just discovered that the shipping of the Signs/Warning Signs repress will take 4 to 5 weeks. They were shipped yesterday, so we're looking at early to mid February. My sincere apologies. Some detail: I feel a bit misled by the company (Mobineko), as I have used them 3 times before and always chosen regular shipping which has been fast; but they have changed regular to 'economy' and not announced this clearly on their website. It seems pressing vinyl is a minefield these days and every company has pros and cons. On the plus side, assuming the records are as good quality as the test-presses, they will be worth waiting for.
Mighty Oak Sound Dec 09, 2018
Update: Current estimate is early January. Sorry for the delay, but it seems pressing plants are taking longer!
Mighty Oak Sound Nov 30, 2018
Lineup announced for Wee Dub 2019 in Edinburgh, very pleased to be involved again!