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The Forest Mourners
Aeon Odyssey
Silhouettes of Stars
Shards of Silver Fade
Funerals From the Astral Sphere
Midnight Odyssey Jul 02, 2019
New album from Aeon Winds is out soon. Featuring vocals from myself.
Midnight Odyssey May 31, 2019
Check out the new music from my good friends at Aeon Winds!
Midnight Odyssey Apr 25, 2019
*UPDATE* - Coloured Version is now SOLD OUT from Amor Fati Productions. Arcane Altar will be receiving copies in the U.S. and I, Voidhanger Records will have their copies soon. Thank you all for the overwhelming support!
Midnight Odyssey Apr 25, 2019
You’ve been waiting for it. Here it is!
Midnight Odyssey Apr 09, 2019
Thank you to everyone for the great feedback for the new track, and thank you to those who have downloaded it, the fact that the music is out there is the main thing! You’ve given me the encouragement to get my arse into gear and finish this! Yes there will be an LP version, no this isn’t the album artwork, no that’s not my finger on the top left, no this won’t be a double album, but yes the albums will still be long. Thank you for the support!
Midnight Odyssey Apr 06, 2019
Dis Pater presents a sample of the new Midnight Odyssey album, called Biolume. This album will be the first in a trilogy of albums exploring the themes of banishment and exile, of fallen gods and resentment, of sacrifice and despair. A representation of things that have been taken from us, and the desire to return to a previous embodiment or form. This is the unmastered version of the first track titled Hidden in Tartarus. Biolume will release later this year on I, Voidhanger Records.
Midnight Odyssey Mar 08, 2019
Midnight Odyssey Dec 27, 2018
Looking for Semblance limited CD is out now through I, Voidhanger Records.
Midnight Odyssey Dec 23, 2018
New Ep from my good friends at Aeon Winds!
Midnight Odyssey Nov 30, 2018
I'll hopefully have a bit more to share on Death Comes Crawling in the coming weeks, but 2019 is set to be a big year for Midnight Odyssey. I've just finished some songs for a special release that should hopefully see the light of day next year, along with a song that will feature on the previously announced and utterly massive Tarot project that I, Voidhanger Records is working on. I'm also working hard to get the new Midnight Odyssey album out by the end of next year. There will be a lot of news to share with everyone in the new year. Thanks again for your support! Dis.
Midnight Odyssey Nov 30, 2018
Don’t normally share reviews but I appreciate a metal review site reviewing a non metal album!
Midnight Odyssey Nov 08, 2018
In December, Looking for Semblance is receiving a limited CD press. Please see below for details.
Midnight Odyssey Sep 29, 2018
Midnight Odyssey Sep 29, 2018
Please follow @dis_pater_official on Instagram for official news, general thoughts and other tidbits.
Midnight Odyssey Aug 30, 2018
A nice piece from Bandcamp about cosmic black metal:
Midnight Odyssey Jul 18, 2018
Just a quick statement of support to Lightfox/Atmospheric Black Metal Album Channels. Both myself and I, Voidhanger Records gave full permission for the uploads of Midnight Odyssey releases. It contributed to promoting my projects and definitely had the purpose of raising awareness of my music. It’s a shame to lose a video of Funerals with over 100K views and one of Shards getting up there too. It definitely contributed to higher sales for the label which in turn allows me to release more music. It gave me exposure in a way I didn’t think was possible, particularly when I was starting out. The detractors might say people might not buy the music? They probably never would anyway. But they can listen to it for free? Great! Then maybe they might tell their friends about it? You will see Midnight Odyssey albums in full on the new channel.
Midnight Odyssey Jul 14, 2018
Please see the links to I, Voidhanger Records Bandcamp page here where you can purchase digitally or physically many releases by Dis Pater. Funerals from the Astral Sphere and Shards of Silver Fade have been hard to come by for some people, so hopefully this makes it all easier.
Midnight Odyssey Jul 14, 2018
Dissvarth - Between the Light and the Moon - 2016 I, Voidhanger Records
Midnight Odyssey Jul 14, 2018
Discography of Dis Pater's Creations
Midnight Odyssey Apr 01, 2018
Coming later this year:
Midnight Odyssey Feb 22, 2018
A great write up of a great label! I, Voidhanger Records, thank you!
Midnight Odyssey Sep 18, 2017
I'd like to announce a project I've been working on in my spare time, called Death Comes Crawling. I have always wanted to create something inspired by the synth pop, new wave and dark wave bands of the 80s, but never really had the focus to put something together. The New Order cover on Aeon Odyssey from 2012 was a bit of an experiment in this interest. Now I've finally made an album, titled 'Looking For Semblance', featuring 8 songs. There is no metal here whatsoever, so those looking for that will find no luck. Think more along the lines of A-ha, Depeche Mode, New Order, Clan of Xymox, OMD and Wolfsheim as some examples. It is very far removed from anything that I've done before, but still shares the dark atmosphere of my other projects. Looking For Semblance is available as a digital only album on Bandcamp now!
Midnight Odyssey May 21, 2017
Midnight Odyssey May 20, 2017
Now Available:
Midnight Odyssey May 20, 2017
To those who missed out, here is your chance to grab it!