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Uncanny Valley
Systematic Remix EP
Midnight Juggernauts Dec 16, 2016
Our favourite astronaut Thomas Pesquet listening to us while in the International Space Station :) We'll be waving to you from earth on your next orbit!
Midnight Juggernauts Aug 17, 2016
Greetings ! Dan from the band has a new fun project M1nd gam3rs he's been working on with Sebastien Tellier and #johnkirby -> they're doing their 1st ever show in Sydney in October -> tickets go on sale today and will probably sell out so if you feeling it, check out below ^_^ 👼🏻
Midnight Juggernauts Jul 21, 2016
Hello! Our friends at ACMI are staging RETROLYMPIAD this Saturday Night, an old-school pop-up arcade gaming playground based around retro sporting games. We'll be there DJing as well, while hogging "California Games". This Saturday night at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, in Melbourne. Yep! #ACMI
Midnight Juggernauts Feb 08, 2016
On our way to Goat Island for Siberia Records x Laneway Festival Island Takeover 3.0. Tonight! Will sell out. Some final tix now online. Secret laneway guests, a few surprises. Shall be fun :) See you there! #SydneyHarbour #Yasssssss!
Midnight Juggernauts Jan 11, 2016
While we're all posting on this great man, one of our all time favourite videos of his...
Midnight Juggernauts Dec 30, 2015
We created the soundtrack for Melbourne's largest NYE Fireworks display ever, which will be blasting off tonight. 17 firing sites across the city and it's all choreographed to our soundtrack! Check it out! Otherwise if in Sydney we'll be DJing on Shark Island in the Harbour so swim by for Harbour time NYE vibes. Some final tix left. Or maybe see you at the Siberia/Young Turks beach party later. Enjoy your NYE!!!
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 14, 2015
Our Hearts go out to people of Paris and anyone involved with the current events over there. We fell in love with the city very quickly, inspiring us to move there. Loved whenever we got to play at the Bataclan too. This pic is from one of our Bataclan shows on a previous trip. So sad that so many innocent good people could be swept into something like this. I know social media can be pretty shallow surrounding tragic events, but still, just wanted to express that all our thoughts, love and respect remains with our French Bretheren xo
Midnight Juggernauts Oct 06, 2015
Heya! We'll emerge from our caves to ring in the new year on Shark Island on Sydney Harbour this NYE. Will be DJing along with friends and guests. Will be magic! You should come! Tix are limited from the good people at NSW National Parks!
Midnight Juggernauts Aug 13, 2015
So according to the New York Times our furball video for Systematic is currently screening at the Museum of the Moving Image. Always knew that thing was high art... #MoMI
Midnight Juggernauts Jan 22, 2015
Getting our MJX products ready off the production line #Future #ProductDevelopment #MJX #ABetterForever
Midnight Juggernauts Jan 20, 2015
Midnight Juggernauts have now officially become a new hybrid vitality company called MJX. We now deal in progressive consumer goods, fusion pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, technology and entertainment. This is the future.
Midnight Juggernauts Jan 20, 2015
Midnight Juggernauts have now officially become a new hybrid vitality company called MJX. We now deal in progressive consumer goods, fusion pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, technology and entertainment. This is the future.
Midnight Juggernauts Dec 31, 2014
Tonight was fun... Happy New Year! xoxo
Midnight Juggernauts Dec 30, 2014
Saying goodbye to my colleagues at the science lab. Playing NYE at Beyond The Valley in Philip Island tomorrow eve. Enjoy the rest of 2014...
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 30, 2014
Playing music last night. Perth was fun
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 28, 2014
Melbourne Music Week show on the weekend was fun. Off to Perth tomorrow for CoLAB Festival...
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 26, 2014
More Music from our Aerials EP, all proceeds go to ABF. A little write up on Noisey...
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 24, 2014
we're gonna drop into triple j from 4pm today to have a chat with Lindsay Triple J McDougall about quantum mechanics, or other subjects
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 23, 2014
's cover photo
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 21, 2014
Quick jam before our Festivus show tomorrow for Melbourne Music Week, with Kirin DJ Callinan, Pelvis, Fascinator, Gloss!
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 21, 2014
A friends kid (baby goat) chilling in my backyard. Gonna take her for a walk. Would dogs try to eat her or would only humans do that?
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 20, 2014
quick radio interview. glad Dan made it down #TripleR #MMW
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 19, 2014
Spotted a poster! Will look good on my fridge. Birthday Festivus this Saturday! #MelbourneMusicWeek
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 18, 2014
Just getting our 10th Anniversary Festivus show for Melbourne Music Week ready for saturday. #OnTheRoad
Midnight Juggernauts Nov 14, 2014
For our 10 Year Anniversary we've decided to support a charity that's close to our heart, the "Aboriginal Benefits Foundation" specifically for healthcare. Almost 1 third of Aboriginal people are dead before the age of 45. 100% of proceeds to the cause. You can purchase, for any amount, a brand new EP in our series of AERIALS EP's. Find out more + donate: Here's a video we put together in an ode to Google Earth, an Aerial visit to some of our favourite locations. An end to crowd-sourced 3D modelling as Google moves to auto-generated 3D mesh buildings through photogrammetry technologies. A technological last rites before the new dawn..