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The Trials of Van Occupanther (10th Anniversary Edition)
Late Night Tales: Midlake
The Courage of Others (Deluxe)
The Trials of Van Occupanther
Balloon Maker
Bamnan and Silvercork
MIDLAKE BAND Dec 10, 2018
Midlaker Eric Pulido aka E.B. The Younger has a new single/video out now for the tune ‘Used To Be’ and is headed across the pond next year for tour dates with John Grant as well as headlining shows! Visit his page or website at for more info 🤘🏻 . . . Photos By : Rambo Elliott Layout By : Rob Gungor
MIDLAKE BAND Dec 04, 2018
Hey Yall! We're delighted to introduce you all to E.B. The Younger, the enigmatic new alias of our bandmate and brother Eric Pulido! His glorious debut solo album To Each His Own comes out in March 2019 via our home Bella Union buuuuut.... Watch the video for lead single "Used To Be" NOW starring actor Jason Lee as Coach Dick! Pre-order To Each His Own here:
MIDLAKE BAND Nov 02, 2018
Paul Alexander’s solo debut as Two Medicine is out today via the great Bella Union! You can order at or
MIDLAKE BAND Oct 12, 2018
We are very excited for our dear friend John Grant, his new album ‘Love is Magic’ is out today! Co-produced by our own Paul Alexander who will be touring with John as Two Medicine beginning 29 Oct! Check out John’s new record:
MIDLAKE BAND Sep 10, 2018
‪Our label head & friend Simon Raymonde speaks w/ Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music about Lost Horizons, Cocteau Twins, Ivor Raymonde, Bella Union and yes, us boys! Listen to the whole interview at link with Midlake talk starting at 2:32 ❤️
MIDLAKE BAND Aug 20, 2018
Announcing a new project from our bassist Paul Alexander called Two Medicine. The debut album 'Astropsychosis' will be released 2nd November by Bella Union, and you can pre-order at You can also check out the track ‘Gold’ at Photo by Artlab3000
MIDLAKE BAND Aug 16, 2018
Much love to Simon Raymonde and the Bella Union fam for having our backs since 2003...whether it’s our odd albums titles, lengthy album cycles, needed hiatus, solo/side projects, etc they’ve always supported us and we appreciate that more than words could express! ❤️ (Pictured L-R: Paul, Eric N, Tim, Eric P, McKenzie, Simon at Bella Union offices Twickenham circa ‘04)
MIDLAKE BAND Jul 06, 2018
What’s your fave Midlake LP to date and why!?
MIDLAKE BAND Jun 14, 2018
Just us dudes rocking ‘The Old & The Young’ at BBC 6 Music Fest! 🤘🏻Miss y’all! ❤️ #Repost @joeymcclellan with @get_repost ・・・ Throwing it back to @bbc6music music fest 2014. Made some great memories on this tour with my @midlakeband brothers. E.B. The Younger McKenzie Smith Jesse Chandler @ericnichelson #midlake #bbc6music
MIDLAKE BAND Jun 08, 2018
Our debut LP ‘Bamnan and Slivercork’ released 14 years ago today on Bella Union records. Thank you to Simon Raymonde and all the amazing fans who have been there from day 1. We love you and haven’t left the building just yet ❤️
MIDLAKE BAND Mar 25, 2018
TBS - One of our faves...Were you there!? #endoftheroadfestival
MIDLAKE BAND Mar 02, 2018
Our brother Tim Smith will be performing for the first time since 2012 for a very special one-off concert with Lost Horizons !!! The concert will be held on September 14 at the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Hall on London’s South Bank. Performers will include Marissa Nadler, Ghostpoet, Liela Moss, Bethany Cannon, Hazel Wilde, Hilang Child, Cameron Neal and an amazing cast list of vocalists from the Ojalá album from which Tim contributed the song “She Led Me Away”. Tickets are now avail, link below...
MIDLAKE BAND Dec 23, 2017
Midlake (2006) vs Little Big Town (2017)
MIDLAKE BAND Nov 30, 2017
Our baby ‘Van Occupanther’ went silver in the UK! Thank you to all those who have welcomed this album into their homes and hearts over the years. We are continually humbled by the love that has been poured out to us and how ‘VO’ directly inspired that. We are so very grateful and do not take it for granted. A special thank you and much love to Simon Raymonde and the Bella Union family - we share this achievement with you!
MIDLAKE BAND Oct 24, 2017
Cool to see ‘Roscoe’ on @dangermousejukebox playlist on Spotify ❤️
MIDLAKE BAND Oct 04, 2017
Members of Midlake with Fran of Travis, Jason of Grandaddy, John Grant, Alejandro of Shakey Graves, and Chris Stills rocking as BNQT - with White Denim and Motorcade opening! All in celebration of the 13th Anniversary of our long time Dallas, TX friends at Granada Theater🤘🏻Will be a fun one filled with BNQT vol. 1 tracks, catalogue songs, and special cover tunes - Check it! Ticket Link -
MIDLAKE BAND Sep 20, 2017
The house where we lived, rehearsed and recorded (Bamnan & Slivercork, Van Occupanther) is for sale in Denton, TX and could be yours! Won't you be our neighbor!? Link in below... 🏡
MIDLAKE BAND Aug 23, 2017
Lost Horizons, the new musical project of Cocteau Twins/Bella Union's Simon Raymonde and Dif Juz drummer Richie Thomas, are pleased to share their new track "She Led Me Away", which features vocals from our very own TIM SMITH! Simon Raymonde details the track + what it was like to work with Tim again, given Midlake's long history with Bella Union… "This track started as an improvised bass, drums and piano tune and thanks to Will Stratton ended up as an acoustic guitar track. That was partly to do with Tim's vocals, because when i realized that he really WAS going to sing on it, I wanted to be sure the music didn't get in the way too much. After all, a "Tim Smith" vocal in any shape or form these days is as rare as a sighting of the Siberian dusky thrush. It's no secret that his perfectionism has meant that his recorded output has slowed to a snail's pace, to be honest, even slower than that, so I didn't have massively high hopes when I sent him the song and asked if he'd like to sing on it. All the more wonderful that he wrote and recorded the vocals within just a couple of weeks! I can't say he didn't have doubts about his performance, that prefaced the arrival of each demo track but I responded so enthusiastically, this seemed to have done the trick. It's brilliant to have Tim Smith back making music and what I will add, is that the progress on his own HARP record is significant, after a recent trip to my home town of Brighton, and hopefully we can enjoy even more of those sad, melancholy tones before too long."​ Listen to "She Led Me Away" here: Lost Horizon's debut album Ojaláwill be released 3rd November via Bella Union and is available to pre-order here: Midlake's entire catalogue is also available now at
MIDLAKE BAND Jul 17, 2017
We're excited to share that our very own Jesse Chandler will be heading out on tour with Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star, R.E.M.) and Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper of Mercury Rev as Tears of Silver! Tickets are on sale now so check out the US tour schedule for dates near you. They are also releasing an EP, one track from which is available at Brooklyn Vegan. Check it!
MIDLAKE BAND Jul 11, 2017
Many congrats to our good friend ( Bella Union head Cocteau Twins bassist) Simon Raymonde on the announce of his new project Lost Horizons! The album titled Ojalá is out Nov 3 and the first track (The Places We’ve Been) is available now featuring the vocals of Karen Peris from Innocence Mission. Check it out here... The 15 song album features other guests including our very own Tim Smith, Marissa Nadler, Sharon Van Etten, and many more. Can't wait to have it on the turntable! Cheers mate!!! 🍻
MIDLAKE BAND Jun 02, 2017
Our long time friend and cohort Jason Lee has just launched his personal website showcasing his photography and film work! Included in the films he's shot/produced are some of our favorite Midlake pieces we've ever had done and are thankful to have them alive and well here on his page. Check them out and please peruse all of the amazing film photography work Jason has showcased here:
MIDLAKE BAND May 04, 2017
For many years, the band Grandaddy has meant so much to us. They have lost one of their own, bassist Kevin Garcia, and we mourn the huge loss with our brothers. He leaves behind his wife and two children which is further heartbreaking. These times are never easy and if you can, please consider helping the family at the link below. RIP Kevin, and thank you for all you've given us and so many ❤️
MIDLAKE BAND Apr 28, 2017
OUT NOW, 'Volume 1' by BNQT (pronounced Banquet) featuring members of Midlake alongside Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Fran Healy of Travis & Jason Lytle of Grandaddy! Listen/buy here - enjoy!
MIDLAKE BAND Apr 26, 2017
Paste Magazine gives 'Van Occupanther' #45 on 'The 100 Best Indie Folk Albums' list! You be the judge if they got it right!? Link below...
MIDLAKE BAND Apr 19, 2017
Record Store Day is upon us! To celebrate, our first album 'Bamnan and Slivercork' is FINALLY on vinyl...and yellow vinyl at that with pull out poster. Check your local shop to see if available and many thanks to Bella Union Records and all those out there that have been with us since the beginning! ❤️