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Michael Jackson Apr 23, 2019
“It's incomprehensible for me how anyone could not see the direct connections between Jackson's impact on pop culture and MTV and WWF's rise to national level prominence and pop culture frenzy in the mid 80's. In my opinion, Jackson clearly paved the way for a larger than life show that wrestling quickly saw and joined during this 1980's visual art revolution. Jackson made mini movies/video's the norm. Please then tell me how "Piledriver" the video is not a direct effect of Jackson's pop culture influence.” – Ernie Lanford Can you think of any part of pop culture where Michael Jackson’s influence cannot be seen or felt?
Michael Jackson Apr 22, 2019
We heard last month the owner of Thy Neighbor Coffee in New Zealand declared “Michael Jackson Monday.” We think that’s a pretty good idea. How about starting #MichaelJacksonMonday online and sharing your favorite song. (And if you’re in Tauranga, stop by) #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Apr 21, 2019
Name That MJ Tune — how many of the songs in this 15 second video can you identify?? If you need help, listen to the This Is Michael Jackson playlist to hear these (and other) MJ songs:
Michael Jackson Apr 20, 2019
Jack Colen could often be found along with Bill Bray, Michael’s longtime head of security, helping with Michael’s security. Unfortunately, Jack passed away on April 8, 2019. He will be missed by all whose lives he touched and we extend our condolences to his family and friends. For more information on the funeral, information can be found here:
Michael Jackson Apr 19, 2019
#FlashbackFriday: Michael graced the stage for the 50th anniversary of “American Bandstand” in this 2002 performance.
Michael Jackson Apr 18, 2019
Check out these ladies as they perform some recently created choreography set to “In The Closet.”: #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Apr 17, 2019
Need a smile today? Watch this young fan dance his best “Smooth Criminal” for his school talent show in March. #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Apr 16, 2019
At a recent karaoke event at the University of Essex, this fan performed to “Smooth Criminal” just after receiving an award from the Vice Chancellor at a fancy reception – what a way to celebrate!...Apparently MJ is constantly being played around the University. #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Apr 15, 2019
Looking for some great places to go “Michaeling”? You can snap a photo with some of Michael’s incredible memorabilia at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, or with one of Michael’s figures at one of the many Madame Tussaud’s around the world. Plan your visit now!
Michael Jackson Apr 12, 2019
In 1993, Michael’s Heal The World Foundation launched Heal L.A. as well as an initiative alongside President Jimmy Carter, to address issues of drug use prevention, medical, and educational services. “When it comes to charity, nobody can touch him,” said William Upton, a communications director for an anti-gang group in South Central L.A. #MJHumanitarian Read more about Michael’s efforts here: #FlashbackFriday or just listen to the song for your own inspiration:
Michael Jackson Apr 11, 2019
Toy Story x Michael Jackson. The Traverse City Figure Skating Club paid tribute to Michael in March in their 2019 show. #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Apr 10, 2019
Remember the time the Jackson 5 sang for a Disneyland special in 1974?
Michael Jackson Apr 09, 2019
Fans in Germany or nearby: Michael Jackson: On The Wall is open now at the Bundeskuntshalle. Plan your visit here:
Michael Jackson Apr 08, 2019
Michael’s music still reigns at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Michael Jackson Apr 05, 2019
President George H.W. Bush honored Michael with the “Artist of the Decade” award on April 5, 1990. The President was recognizing the King of Pop’s humanitarian works in what he called the “points of light concept.” #MJHumanitarian
Michael Jackson Apr 04, 2019
Michael Jackson ONE is a celebration of life, of the human spirit, and of course, the music and art of the one and only Michael Jackson. Visit now, and let us know your favorite parts in the comments below. Directed by Jamie King, the whole show is an homage to a man who gave the world so much.
Michael Jackson Apr 03, 2019
It’s always more fun to dance to Michael with your friends. Nice one.
Michael Jackson Apr 02, 2019
The Kid of Pop ROCKED his March Madness Michael Jackson tribute last month at Notre Dame. Watch his excellent performance here: #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Apr 01, 2019
“I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is a magnificent incredible force to me and to many others.” – Ms. Diana Ross
Michael Jackson Mar 28, 2019
In 1996, The Ark Trust foundation honored Michael with the Genesis Award in recognition of the messages in the short film for “Earth Song,” which drew the world’s attention to the plight of animals worldwide. As we continue to fail to act to curb global warming, more and more species are at the brink of extinction each day. What are you doing to help combat the effects of climate change on the planet and its endangered species worldwide? Earth song video:
Michael Jackson Mar 27, 2019
Today in 1993, Michael gave a speech at the Milken Family Foundation awards honoring the important work that teachers and educators do. Take a moment to thank a teacher who made an impact on you today!
Michael Jackson Mar 26, 2019
Part of Michael’s Heal The World Charity included the Michael Jackson Book Club. The book club was launched in 2001 with a celebratory event in Newark, NJ. Photo: Michael arrives at the launch of his book club. What book most impacted you in your formative years? Answer in the comments and continue Michael’s efforts to encourage childhood literacy.
Michael Jackson Mar 25, 2019
“I think people have always admired Black music since the beginning of time. Today, the market is just accepting the fact that that’s the sound….I love great music. It has no color, no boundaries.” – Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Mar 22, 2019
Michael is for everyone. Watch New Brunswick County High School seniors dance to “Man in the Mirror” at their graduation last year. #MJInspiration
Michael Jackson Mar 21, 2019
The messages of Michael’s music are woven throughout the performance at Michael Jackson ONE. Surround yourself not only with Michael’s messages of love, but his calls to action to end war, work to save the planet, spread truth, and never forget to dream. Tickets: