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Michael Jackson Jun 19, 2019
Today is #Juneteenth in the United States, a day that marks the end of slavery in the south and recognizes education and achievement in the African American community. Furthering access to education and encouraging achievement were life-long passions of Michael’s. “In every person, there is a secret song in their heart. It says ‘I am free, I am one.’” - Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson Jun 18, 2019
Dancing to Michael Jackson certainly makes the workday go faster! #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Jun 17, 2019
Check out this JAM improv from Elena in Russia. #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Jun 16, 2019
Today is the 24th anniversary of the release of HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1…happy birthday! Listen here on Spotify:
Michael Jackson Jun 14, 2019
Eric brought the magic of Michael to his high school talent show earlier this month. #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Jun 12, 2019
The campaign to #HonorMJ is live. How have you decided to make a difference in the life of others – are you volunteering your time at a homeless shelter? Show us a selfie of you at the shelter. Or donating items to a food pantry? Show us the food being donating. Or….. To participate, all you have to do is share an image that shows us how you are giving back to your local or global community on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #HonorMJ and your post will be added to the mosaic. Let’s keep Michael’s humanitarian legacy growing!
Michael Jackson Jun 11, 2019
Congratulations to these two newlyweds who know how to get the party started.
Michael Jackson Jun 10, 2019
Remembering Ray Charles, September 30, 1930 – June 10, 2004. “He was a true legend…an American Treasure. His music is timeless; his contributions to the music industry…unequaled; and his influence, unparalleled.” – Michael Jackson on Ray Charles
Michael Jackson Jun 07, 2019
Dancer Sumit Tonk Sam puts his own moves to Michael’s incomparable “Liberian Girl.” #MJInspires
Michael Jackson Jun 06, 2019
“I think MJ is hugely responsible for where I stand today in my life and career.” – Bollywood Star Tiger Shroff. #MJInspires Photo: Tiger Shroff pays homage to Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Jun 05, 2019
Jean Claude Van Damme shared some of his moves to “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” on Canal+
Michael Jackson Jun 04, 2019
As the 10th anniversary of Michael’s passing nears, it seems appropriate to focus on Michael’s messages of philanthropy and humanitarian efforts and everyone in the worldwide fan community can #HonorMJ through individual acts of kindness and selflessness. Check out the Spotlight Story here for more details.
Michael Jackson Jun 03, 2019
Yvng Homie is Moonwalking his way across Kentucky. Watch his moves here, and upload your own videos performing Michael’s iconic move using #moonwalkingtheworld #MJInspires
Michael Jackson May 31, 2019
#FBF: Michael Jackson’s “A Place With No Name” x the cast of #MJONE. See Michael Jackson ONE in person:
Michael Jackson May 30, 2019
“One is that people are fascinated by him. He was such an extraordinary figure, what he achieved, what he accomplished, the barriers he overturned – getting his music videos played on MTV as a black musician, to give one example. He was just extraordinary, he was a genius.” – Dr. Nicholas Cullinan, curator, On The Wall. Catch the exhibition in Germany until July 14.
Michael Jackson May 29, 2019
Where do you perfect your moves? #MJInspires
Michael Jackson May 28, 2019
Many of you have asked where to get the latest MJ apparel. There are hundreds of licensees around the world, and is always a good place to start. Peek into Forever21 these days and you might find an exclusive there too! (Thanks to the eagle-eyed fan who snapped this pic!)
Michael Jackson May 27, 2019
“It’s about people looking at their lives and taking any seconds of their well-being and making something of yourself — creating a legacy so you can look back and look at what you have done. I always wanted that, that’s why I like working very hard.” – Michael Jackson on the HIStory album. Listen here:
Michael Jackson May 24, 2019
Blood on the Dance Floor reached #1 in the UK this week in 1997, capping a 17 week run on the charts. Listen here:
Michael Jackson May 23, 2019
Who’s Bad? #MJInspires
Michael Jackson May 22, 2019
Professional ballroom dancers are Michael Jackson fans too – check out this tango to #MJ. #MJInspires
Michael Jackson May 21, 2019
“I’m a great fan of art. I love Michelangelo. If I had the chance to talk to him or read about him, I would want to know about what inspired him to become who he is – the anatomy of his craftsmanship. Not about who he went out with last night, or why he decided to sit out in the sun so long…” – Michael Jackson in 1993 Michael spent some down-time in Italy in May 1988 while traveling the world on the BAD tour. He visited the Sistine Chapel in Rome and St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City, and also visited Michelangelo’s statue of David in Florence.
Michael Jackson May 20, 2019
Practice makes perfect. In the garage, or anywhere else, it all counts.
Michael Jackson May 17, 2019
<3 Bailey Holmes’ tribute song to Michael captures it all. #MJInspires
Michael Jackson May 16, 2019
The D.H.S. AV Club delivered on their lip-sync medley tribute to the King of Pop.