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Mice Parade Aug 02, 2018
another year, another Swirlies tour - if you're on the US east coast or in TX, come rock out with us. dates are here -
Mice Parade Dec 16, 2017
8 songs now finished toward a new album, just gratefully waiting on some cool collaborators to complete the rest. Hope to get the band back together in a year or so. Sorry that we have no Instagram, no website or anything. This is our only spot online apart from Bandcamp. It's heartwarming that folks still remember us. Looking forward to a long overdue reunion...
Mice Parade Jun 02, 2017
hey folks on the west coast of the US - i'll be playing drums with Swirlies on a tour in august, come say hi (and bring earplugs)! dates listed at the link below - adam
Mice Parade Mar 21, 2017
Dylan Group Live album released - before Mice Parade, back in the 90s, members Adam and Dylan had a band called Dylan Group. last year Dylan Group did a 20-year reunion tour in Japan, but our lovely (and long since retired) promoters actually lost money due to various visa/immigration issues (no we did not keep any for ourselves of course). these folks wanted to host this reunion out of pure enthusiasm for the music and its history. they are a couple raising a young child, and we felt a bit guilty for straining their finances. so, we gave them this live album to release, and now it's available on all digital outlets! wacky instrumental drum and vibraphone madness, recorded live in Japan. it's less than a fiver on this Bandcamp page, hope you enjoy it!
Mice Parade Nov 22, 2016
thanks to Stereogum for listing an old track as an "essential post rock track." even if it's a jokey home recording from 20 years ago, and i've never been a fan of the term "post rock," i truly appreciate the thought. seems they just republished this from last year -
Mice Parade Jul 06, 2016
we've finally finished the new studio - - will now work toward finishing an album...
Mice Parade Dec 25, 2015
Untitled Album
Mice Parade Oct 23, 2015
hello world. time for an update. Mice Parade managed to record half a new album before Adam had to dismantle his old studio. he's spent the year converting a huge barn in the Hudson Valley into a superb new studio, and will be finishing the album in the coming months. the studio is also open to the public, so if you want to record there get in touch. we look forward to touring once the album is out. (we will also seek a new European booking agent…) meanwhile Adam and Dylan's old band Dylan Group is heading to Japan in March for a few reunion gigs. if you're in Tokyo or Kyoto, come dance and be merry. Adam also toured the US this summer with Swirlies, which was a huge amount of fun. They were involved in a van accident, and while waiting for the tow truck to come, he and Andy Bernick wrote this song. be in touch!
Mice Parade Jul 20, 2015
Mice Parade's cover photo
Mice Parade Jul 20, 2015
Mice Parade
Mice Parade Nov 20, 2014
Mice Parade releases up now on Bandcamp -
Mice Parade Jun 17, 2013
Mice Parade's cover photo
Mice Parade May 22, 2013
On tour now in Japan - US west coast dates to follow:
Mice Parade May 16, 2013
The Japan/west coast US dates start Tuesday May 21st - 21 May - Akaso, Osaka Japan 22 May - Liquid Room, Tokyo Japan 23 May - O-NEST, Tokyo Japan (acoustic covers set) 25 May - The Republik, Honolulu HI 28 May - Casbah, San Diego CA 29 May - The Echo, Los Angeles CA 30 May - The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz CA 31 May - Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco CA 02 Jun - Holocene, Portland OR 03 Jun - Triple Door, Seattle WA
Mice Parade Apr 18, 2013
Check out this great review of 'Candela' over at Drowned in Sound
Mice Parade Mar 27, 2013
Head over to Gold Flake Paint for an exclusive download of an 8 minute live version of "Ground As Cold As Common"
Mice Parade Mar 26, 2013
Three new dates added to the beginning of the May tour - - 21 May - Akaso, Osaka Japan 22 May - Liquid Room, Tokyo Japan 23 May - O-NEST, Tokyo Japan (acoustic covers set)
Mice Parade Mar 26, 2013
West coast US tour coming up - check out the dates and download a Mice Parade podcast here:
Mice Parade Mar 20, 2013
Mary Wing from WFMU radio will be airing Mice Parade's live set on her show tonight at 1am (EST). Stream here: The entire show will be archived at on Thursday. Individual tracks will be available for download at a later point in time.
Mice Parade Jan 29, 2013
'Candela' is out today in the US- check it out:
Mice Parade Jan 25, 2013
Here's an interview for Stereo Subversion - Check it out
Mice Parade Jan 22, 2013
Stream the new record - 'Candela' on WNYC: 'Candela' LP/CD/DIG out Jan 29th in the US.
Mice Parade Dec 05, 2012
Winter tour is happening in the US starting January 30th. Read all about it here - and watch the new video for "This River Has a Tide" on MTV Hive
Mice Parade Nov 15, 2012
See what Magnet has to say about "This River Has a Tide"
Mice Parade Oct 17, 2012
Download "This River Has A Tide" off the upcoming 'Candela' More info about the new record here: