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Early Summer
Miami Nights 1984 Aug 21, 2019
These look rad
Miami Nights 1984 Jul 05, 2019
Electronic Purification Records
Miami Nights 1984 May 17, 2019
Anyone want Turbulence on vinyl?
Miami Nights 1984 Feb 15, 2017
Miami Nights 1984 Dec 13, 2016
So here we go.. time to warm up your winter with some new music! This will give you the general feel of the new album. I'll be posting more soon, leading up to the main track featuring vocals from one of my favourite bands in the synth scene right now. Hope you enjoy it!
Miami Nights 1984 Feb 11, 2016
I just want everyone to know that I've been silent for a good reason.. I keep getting asked questions about when the new album is coming out, and there have been a lot of reasons for the delay. I've erased almost every idea from the past couple of years and started fresh. I want this album to be something special for all of us but more importantly myself. Believe me when I say I've been going crazy in the studio writing lately and its been a great adventure. This album will feature 90% analogue equipment and the vibe is SLOW & CHILL. I know everyone wants another "Ocean Drive" but I think you'll appreciate the 80-100BPM vibe of this for the summer. I'll be posting some of the tracks in the near future and the release to follow shortly after. Yes I'm also looking into physical releases ;) Thank you for your patience Mike
Miami Nights 1984 Nov 23, 2015
On holy ground with the son of darkness..
Miami Nights 1984 Nov 21, 2015
Join us
Miami Nights 1984 Oct 29, 2015
How about a new track to keep you warm through the fall? Make sure you guys come see me rock out with my friends LE MATOS and Perturbator at Montreal Vice!
Miami Nights 1984 Sep 19, 2015
Follow me on Twitter and periscope for live streams of my set tonight! @MiamiNights1984
Miami Nights 1984 Aug 19, 2015
Excited to announce I'll be playing Rifflandia this year with Chromeo and Neon Indian! Gonna test out some of my new tracks so get your tickets now!
Miami Nights 1984 Jul 25, 2015
Loving the new Gunship trailer featuring my remix...
Miami Nights 1984 Jun 19, 2015
Happy Thursday! Here's a new MN84 remix of GUNSHIP's "Revel in Your Time" Like their FB page here: GUNSHIP - Also they have a kick ass retro game style boxset available here: and you can pre-order the album including my remix here: Gonna post a track from the new album in the near future so stay tuned ;) Much Love MN84
Miami Nights 1984 Apr 29, 2015
Heyas, Im super excited about the new SOVIET album "GHOSTS" that just released on Rosso Corsa Records! Heres a little remix I did of their hit track "Onto Something"
Miami Nights 1984 Feb 02, 2015
Wow, Accelerated reached the #1 spot on Drive Radio's Top10!!
Miami Nights 1984 Jan 29, 2015
Happy Wednesday! How about a taste of the new album? Hope you like it :D
Miami Nights 1984 Nov 19, 2014
Heyas, I'll be posting clips of the new album along with gear I'm currently using to make it on my Instagram. You also get to see pics of my cat! Check it out !!
Miami Nights 1984 Aug 22, 2014
So..... wanna party?
Miami Nights 1984 Jul 01, 2014
Happy Canada day! Here's a new remix I did for my girl Kristine!!! -MN84
Miami Nights 1984 May 28, 2014
New Miami remix for my friends Room8 featuring grammy nominated Electric Youth!!
Miami Nights 1984 Mar 25, 2014
Hope you are all having a fantastic monday! Here's a new jam from MN84!!!
Miami Nights 1984 Dec 05, 2013
Guess who's back???
Miami Nights 1984 Nov 28, 2013
Does anybody know about my other persona called "Actrazer"?? If I see enough support... I'll post a new full Act track ;)
Miami Nights 1984 Nov 13, 2013
Wow!! Im not from the US but thanks Lifelike!!!!