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The Midnight Machine, Act One
The Electric Mist
Beats from the Crypt: Early Works
Standing On the Shoulders of Giants
Metaform Jul 07, 2019
Thinking of you
Metaform Feb 11, 2019
Metaform Apr 19, 2018
Damn, this happened 10 years ago already. Although I suppose sample based instrumental music ages a little differently. What are MY favorite tracks off this record you ask? Oh probably Brick and Mortar, PCH, and Barbie Doll. How about you?
Metaform Mar 20, 2018
Thanks for the love fam. The pilot light still burns.
Metaform Dec 09, 2017
Timeline Photos
Metaform Oct 09, 2017
Timeline Photos
Metaform Sep 18, 2017
Metaform Sep 16, 2017
Taking the high road contesting my first parking violation in Los Angeles.
Metaform Mar 16, 2017
Still standing, standing still.
Metaform Jan 01, 2017
Happy 2017 from California.
Metaform Nov 09, 2016
Metaform Sep 29, 2016
Timeline Photos
Metaform Aug 31, 2016
Timeline Photos
Metaform Aug 17, 2016
Timeline Photos
Metaform Jul 08, 2016
Eye for an eye? Or does that make the whole world blind?
Metaform Jun 26, 2016
Who's got the last word?
Metaform Jun 26, 2016
The sequence.
Metaform Jun 23, 2016
Unprecedented sit-in by house democrats to get a vote on gun control happening right now, historical. It blows my mind that such extreme measures are required to get a common sense law passed.
Metaform Apr 25, 2016
Still here, doin it to it. Putting these kids in car seats.
Metaform Feb 27, 2016
Happy Friday Metaheads! If you love Sabbath and Soul like I do then checkout this joint by Charles Bradley.
Metaform Feb 13, 2016
In the waiting womb, the next phase of life begins. My daughter will be here shortly, wish us luck.
Metaform Jan 01, 2016
Happy New Year Metaheads, let's make it a good one.
Metaform Jan 01, 2016
My thirst is finally quenched, you were everything I could have hoped for and more, thank you.
Metaform Dec 10, 2015
Sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years.
Metaform Nov 15, 2015
Run like the wind...