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Message to Bears Jul 19, 2019
Hello there, I'm very nervous and excited because today my new album "Constants" is officially released digitally everywhere. I really hope it brings some calm in this crazy world. Thank you so much for your support leading up to this release, it means so very much. Have a beautiful weekend, Jerome x
Message to Bears Jul 18, 2019
'Constants' is out TOMORROW 😮 Kind words below from Everything Is Noise 🙏
Message to Bears Jul 05, 2019
Thank you Sonofmarketing - Unknown Music Pleasures for premiering the video for new track "Small Light". 🙌 Directed and shot by Seth Fuller on 16mm film. Hope you enjoy!
Message to Bears Jun 21, 2019
"With gentle acoustic guitars and shimmeringly vibrant electronics all underpinned by swelling strings that bring warmth and texture. “All We Said” is the perfect start to a summer haze. As the album blooms around this track so effortlessly this is a perfect introduction to what is to come and if it can stick the landing – dare we say it a great first step toward album of year territory." Thank you Everything Is Noise 🙏
Message to Bears Jun 19, 2019
I'm delighted to share with you the very first track from my forthcoming album 'Constants', courtesy of the lovely Echoes And Dust. Listen to 'All We said' below x The album is available to preorder from
Message to Bears Jun 04, 2019
Constants. 19.06.2019 Pre-save on Spotify -
Message to Bears Jun 03, 2019
Hello friends, It is with great pleasure that I can now finally announce my new album "Constants" will be released July 19th. Available to pre-order now via Bandcamp on both CD and vinyl, I'm really excited to share this one with you all. Thank you for all your continued support. x Spotify Pre-save -
Message to Bears Jun 01, 2019
Good morning. New album announcement very soon.
Message to Bears May 30, 2019
New HIN EP 'Warmer Weather' now available! X
Message to Bears May 06, 2019
I’ve known Slugabed for many years now, so very hyped to feature on his new single ‘500MILES2GO’ out now on Activia Benz. Give this mighty sonic wizard a listen! x
Message to Bears Mar 15, 2019
My new project HIN's first single is out now! Really happy to share this one. Check out 'The Lower Heat' on Spotify below x
Message to Bears Mar 02, 2019
I’m very happy to share a new music project under the name HIN. We have a single called ‘The Lower Heat’ out soon followed by an EP. If you’d like to stay updated with this new project please follow the page! More news shortly. X
Message to Bears Jan 20, 2019
Message to Bears
Message to Bears Dec 20, 2018
My remix of Swan Levitt's track 'Younger' is out! Available in all the normal places x
Message to Bears Dec 17, 2018
New music out TOMORROW! Reworking the brilliant Swan Levitt’s track ‘Younger’. Excited to share.
Message to Bears Nov 10, 2018
Chill spot. #op1andchill #op1teenageengineering #op1 #outdoors
Message to Bears Sep 25, 2018
Walks to inspire the new album.
Message to Bears Sep 14, 2018
Incredible new single and video from the main man, Will Samson
Message to Bears Jul 19, 2018
Had to check out the boog.
Message to Bears Jun 27, 2018
New project and 5 track EP mixed and ready for mastering. More info sooooooon 🔥🙏
Message to Bears May 16, 2018
I very much enjoy seeing talented people dancing to my music.
Message to Bears May 06, 2018
Message to Bears Mar 18, 2018
New remix for your Sunday, I was asked to rework Illuminine's beautiful track 'Wander, Rise'. Out on Dauw now, listen to the result below:
Message to Bears Feb 11, 2018
Message to Bears Jan 27, 2018
Something for your Saturday afternoon.. I produced Richard Walters' new single 'You're Like a Song', you can check out the stunning official video for this track here: hope you enjoy x