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Perfect Body
Mermaidens Feb 07, 2019
Tonight we're playing at Parrotdog Bar with Church of Goya and Earth to Zena 🍺🌿💋 Free entry so get down early xx Set times 8:30 - 9pm Earth to Zena 9:15 - 9:45pm Church of Goya 10pm - 10:45pm Mermaidens Event - Parrotdog Presents: Newtown Festival Beer Launch Photo by Kristine Zipfel from Coastella
Mermaidens Feb 07, 2019
You heard it! Girls Rock Camp is coming to Welly this July ✨Campers and mentors keep an eye out for applications opening in March 🎸🥁
Mermaidens Jan 29, 2019
Such a good feeling to be playing to a room of young women, trans & non-binary people at Girls Rock Camp Aotearoa this week 🌱 Thanks for having us and look out for GRC coming to Wellington in July! 🧡
Mermaidens Jan 19, 2019
Hello! Gussie here 😀 I was lucky enough to feature on this track off the debut album from The Spectre Collective, along with heaps of other sick musicians. If you're in Welly tonight come along to their release party at San Fran, I'll be playing this song with them 🧡 The Spectre Collective - 'Cosmosis' Album Release Show
Mermaidens Jan 17, 2019
Hello Wellington 🧡 it's been a while! We are playing a free show at Parrotdog in a few weeks, see you there x Parrotdog Presents: Newtown Festival Beer Launch
Mermaidens Jan 10, 2019
Mermaidens Dec 18, 2018
We are playing Newtown Festival! 😘 no big but... we'll be playing on the same stage as Bic Runga 🙀
Mermaidens Dec 12, 2018
Calling all film photographers in Welly & Auckland 📷 🌟 Holla at us or tag your filmy friends 🌞🌈this shot by the amazing @madam_evangeline
Mermaidens Dec 10, 2018
Photo by Evangeline Davis
Mermaidens Dec 06, 2018
Getting the band back together 🤙😍#watchout 🔥🔥🔥
Mermaidens Nov 06, 2018
Our beloved Blue Barn is closing 😢over the past three years or so blue barn has been our spot for creative breakthroughs and breakdowns, a place to get lost in synthland, to record a whole song only to scrap it and start again, a place for endless cups of tea, greasy pizza and a bit of music in between 🤘we have recorded 3 albums with James Goldsmith at the barn, he’s an incredible engineer and great friend 😚This is us outside the barn in between takes of our next record, which will hopefully be out next year 😎if you’re quick you might be able to squeeze in a booking before it closes! Hit up @blue_barn_recording_studio ⚡️⚡️⚡️photo by @ezrasimons
Mermaidens Aug 14, 2018
Our fave Ra Pomare looking goood in his Mermaidens long sleeve! Not really sure what he's on about but he's killin it. These shirts are still available from our bandcamp btw :D The Ra Pomare Show
Mermaidens Aug 13, 2018
wholesome fun captured by Ezra Simons
Mermaidens Jul 20, 2018
Our amazing guitarist is going to Europe with her other band Earth Tongue and they need your help!! Gussie and Ezra are super hard working and have already booked themselves a whole tour through Europe, but they really need a little bit of money so they can do things like eat and sleep inside sometimes! Please help if you think music from NZ needs to be shared xoxo mermdogs
Mermaidens Jul 12, 2018
🤘Throwback to baby Merms in 2012! It's 6 years to the day since we released our first music 😮 and yesterday we finished the tracking for our third album! 🧜‍♀️🍾🤘
Mermaidens Jun 21, 2018
The goosebumps print is back! Sizes S, L, XL and 2XL available from our bandcamp. These ran out quick last time so don't dilly dally. The white print is available too x
Mermaidens Jun 16, 2018
$20 door sales tonight hunnies! Get down early so you don't miss out. Things will run on time tonight :) 8PM DOORS 9:00 - 9:30 Linen 9:45 - 10:30 Mere Women 10:45 - 11:30 Mermaidens 11:45 - 12:30 Stasher
Mermaidens Jun 16, 2018
This guy is one of only 10 records we have left, after that the first pressing is aaaaall gone 😝 Get your hands on one at San Fran tonight, $40 cash only plz. We’ll also have some t-shirts for sale. Cheers @flyingnun
Mermaidens Jun 15, 2018
Mermaidens live on <3
Mermaidens Jun 13, 2018
Pssst... This Saturday's show is the last chance you'll have to see us this year. We are hibernating for the winter in the studio and various places around the world. Don't worry though! We'll be back with a new record in summer <3 ALSO UM THERE'S LESS THAN 20 PRE-SALES LEFT!! We'll add a few more once they're gone but they will be $1 more because we're big ole capitalists 😜 TICKETS HERE Cute throwback to 2014... photo by Tamara Jones Photography
Mermaidens Jun 13, 2018
Mere Women asked us the harding hitting questions (e.g. fave Welly eats) and we hit them back with ours...
Mermaidens May 08, 2018
SATURDAY JUNE 16TH, 2018 at San Fran Wellington. Tickets from UTR -
Mermaidens May 02, 2018
Memmmorieeeeeees... We are itching to see you lovely listeners again. Keep an ear out for a special announcement tomorrow💧Photo by Ezra Simons
Mermaidens May 01, 2018
Some insightful words on our video for 'Fade' from Happy Mag 🏊‍♀️ Have a watch if you missed it 🐳🐬💧
Mermaidens Apr 18, 2018
Hello world! Our video for 'Fade' is out now, premiering via The Wireless NZ <3 Big love going to our directors Julian Vares and Ezra Simons and NZ On Air Music for making this beautiful thing possible. Watch the full video here: