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Bon Voyage
Melody's Echo Chamber
Melody's Echo Chamber Jul 05, 2018
My dearest European friends, I'm delighted to say that my debut album is now back in stock on beautiful neon pink vinyl 💖 There are limited copies but you can get yours here
Melody's Echo Chamber Jun 27, 2018
Thank you Vinyl Me, Please for all the love and kindness for Bon Voyage! There are limited edition copies available here
Melody's Echo Chamber Jun 19, 2018
Bon Voyage is BBC Radio 6 Music Album of the Day today! Tune in to hear songs from it throughout the day here
Melody's Echo Chamber Jun 15, 2018
Dear Friends, Today is a day life forced me to give up waiting for...i'm not sure how i feel except mad gratefulness to a whole bunch of human Angels. 'Bon Voyage' is a little monster i hope will find it's home in some of your hearts and…if not soothe, will resonate somehow positively thank you, Melody
Melody's Echo Chamber Jun 13, 2018
Dear Friends, here is Dr. D. Foothead's Finale of the little Bon Voyage Odyssee, i want to deeply thank him and his fantastic crew for the absolutely unique and beautiful interpretation and expression of my Story. Bon Voyage out Friday!
Melody's Echo Chamber May 16, 2018
Desert Horse video! Directed by Dr. D. Foothead Bon Voyage is coming!! Pre-order here
Melody's Echo Chamber May 15, 2018
Dear Friends, I'm very happy to share a new song from Bon Voyage with you. 'Desert Horse' is special to my heart, I hope you like it More coming very soon. Love, Melody
Melody's Echo Chamber May 11, 2018
Excited to have Breathe In, Breathe Out featured on the #UntitledPlaylist on Apple Music. Listen here
Melody's Echo Chamber Apr 04, 2018
Dear Friends, You can pre order the Deluxe LP on 180g violet-coloured Vinyl, including printed lyrics inners, exclusive 12" color-In poster and bonus Phenakistiscope insert (fabulous artworks by my sweet Silly jane and Drew Tetz) hope you enjoy it Best, Melody
Melody's Echo Chamber Apr 03, 2018
Dear Friends, 'Bon Voyage' is coming out on the 15th of June! You can Pre order it here now: I'm also enchanted to share this video for new single 'Breathe in/Breathe Out', a little animated fable that resonate greatly with the record. Thank you Daniel Foothead and Team for this little Pilgrim and it's Muse story. All my Love, Melody
Melody's Echo Chamber Nov 20, 2017
Dear friends, a million Merci for all the support letters and love Goodness health love and peace of mind to you all 😘 Melody
Melody's Echo Chamber Jun 27, 2017
Dearest Friends, Melody suffered a serious accident earlier this month. We are optimistic, but she needs to be in the hospital for a few more months. Due to these circumstances, Melody’s upcoming Tour has been canceled. But she is hopeful to be able to play shows again soon Thank you for your support - Melody’s Family -
Melody's Echo Chamber May 31, 2017
Mexico City 18th October !!!!
Melody's Echo Chamber May 31, 2017
Also very happy to announce our very first time in South America in November! <3<3<3
Melody's Echo Chamber May 31, 2017
Dear Friends we start our new Tour adventures in the US in October! so happy to be back, hope to see you there! 6 washington DC/7 Philadelphia/ 8 Jersey city/ 9 brooklyn/ 12 San Fransisco/ 13 Joshua Tree/ 15 Miami <3 best Melody
Melody's Echo Chamber Apr 06, 2017
#review# Pitchfork
Melody's Echo Chamber Apr 05, 2017
thanks for the lyrics (and i'm still sad) and elfs but cerfs is also great
Melody's Echo Chamber Apr 04, 2017
Melody's Echo Chamber Apr 04, 2017
Melody’s Echo Chamber Announces New Album, Shares New Single “Cross My Heart”: Listen
Melody's Echo Chamber Apr 04, 2017
Happy Birthday
Melody's Echo Chamber Mar 30, 2017
Merci de tout mon coeur Drew Tetz for your magic touch blessing the new baby
Melody's Echo Chamber Mar 27, 2017
🐪 @maximeleguil @lafabriquestudios
Melody's Echo Chamber Mar 21, 2017
beautiful unofficial video for 2013 demos. shot by Laurie Lassalle Victor Lévy-Lasne x
Melody's Echo Chamber Jul 14, 2016
JO made a song out of my little guitar <3
Melody's Echo Chamber Jul 13, 2016
WE need to make the Internet Fair for the Creators.