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Large Dub
2 the World
Move! (Remastered)
Well Well Well (Heart Over Mind Over Matter)
Mellow Mood at Le Clapier (April 18, 2019) (CANCELLED)
Venue: Le Clapier (Saint-Étienne, France) Find tickets
Patrice with Sinsemilia, Alpha Blondy, Tiken Jah Fakoly, and 3 more… at Parc des Expositions, Lann-Sévelin (April 20, 2019)
Venue: Parc des Expositions, Lann-Sévelin (Lanester, France) Find tickets
Festival Insolent Festival Insolent 2019
Venue: Parc Des Expositions (Lorient, France) Find tickets
Mellow Mood at New Morning (April 24, 2019)
Venue: New Morning (Paris, France) Find tickets
Rock'n Solex Rock'n Solex 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Rennes, France) Find tickets
Mellow Mood at La Moba (April 27, 2019)
Venue: La Moba (Bagnols Sur Ceze, France) Find tickets
Mellow Mood Feb 21, 2019
Thank you London, it was pure niceness! 🔥🔥🔥
Mellow Mood Feb 20, 2019
London massive we are ready to welcome you tonight at The Jazz Cafe - Camden! Jeramiah Ferrari will open for us, we’ll hit the stage 21:15!
Mellow Mood Feb 19, 2019
Mellow Mood Feb 16, 2019
😊😑 #latempestadub #mellowmood #brothers #pordenone #italianstyle🇮🇹 #work #italianband #twins #madting 📷by @ilmarza
Mellow Mood Feb 13, 2019
Mellow Mood Feb 12, 2019
Drum and bass. Engine and foundation.
Mellow Mood Feb 06, 2019
Happy birthday Mr. Marley 🎂
Mellow Mood Jan 31, 2019
Atentos MÉXICO!!! 🇲🇽 Estamos muy contentos de anunciar nuestro regreso... nos vemos en Distrito Zion Fest!!! 👊
Mellow Mood Jan 30, 2019
Thank you for voting LARGE 5th best album of 2018 on reggaeville and 3rd best new roots on! Don't forget Large is available on vinyl, CD and digital! Distribution is international so you can pop to your local record store and get your copy... Worldwide! Or visit our website for more discography and merchandising as well!
Mellow Mood Jan 27, 2019
🇫🇷 Merci à tous ceux qui ont votés ! Très honorés d’être dans le top 3 avec Protoje and Alborosie Official Page🥉 yuh Large ! A très vite en Avril ! 20.04 Festival Insolent Lorient 24.04 New Morning (Officiel) Paris 26.04 Rock'n Solex Rennes 27.04 La Moba Bagnols-sur-Cèze 28.04 Le Molotov Marseille.
Mellow Mood Jan 16, 2019
Two twins and a brother. 📸 by @terifrau (2008) & Cardigos (2018) #tenyearchallenge #mellowmood #large #latempestadub #largetour
Mellow Mood Jan 15, 2019
LONDON see you on February 20th at The Jazz Cafe ! #mellowmood #london #large #largetour #largealbum #uk #thejazzcafe #jazzcafe #reggae #reggaemusic
Mellow Mood Jan 15, 2019
“So man a go ball up my fist and ramp with the beast from dusk till dawn Alchemical practice pon top of the list like a Jeet Kune Do don 'Caw the darker the berry the sweeter the juice The hotter the battle me step in like Bruce And now them vex them turn we loose” Video by IL Marza 🔈Paolo Baldini DubFiles Thanks to Carlo Pastore Radio2 Musica
Mellow Mood Jan 06, 2019
We are tonight live on Radio2 for Carlo Pastore’s #babylonradio2. We will play a handful of songs from our latest album Large + a very nice surprise. Tune in at 11PM (CET)! 📷 by IL Marza
Mellow Mood Dec 21, 2018
France get ready for some fire! 🇫🇷 More shows to be announced! Events and ticket links in bio. 18/04 Saint-Étienne - Le Clapier 20/04 Lorient - Festival Insolent 24/04 Paris - New Morning (Officiel) 26/04 Rennes - Rock'n Solex 27/04 Bagnols-sur-Cèze - La Moba 28/04 Marseille - Le Molotov #mellowmood #largetour #latempestadub
Mellow Mood Dec 18, 2018
Amici ci vediamo sabato 22 The Cage domenica 23 Capitol Pordenone e mercoledì 26 Latteria Molloy ! #mellowmood #large #largetour #music #reggaemusic
Mellow Mood Dec 13, 2018
Amici ci vediamo questo weekend! Venerdì 14 Hiroshima Mon Amour e sabato 15 Cso Pedro 🔥🔥🔥 🥂by @ilmarza
Mellow Mood Dec 11, 2018
London we are coming back! Get ready to dance and fight vampires with us at The Jazz Cafe on February 20th. Only show in the UK 🇬🇧 for 2019. Tickets on sale now! This artwork was designed by the super talented Roberto Colin. A limited run of these jaw-dropping posters will be on sale at our merch stand on the day of the show!
Mellow Mood Dec 08, 2018
CAMPUS INDUSTRY MUSIC ci vediamo tra poco!
Mellow Mood Dec 03, 2018
Ci vediamo giovedì 6 a I Candelai a Palermo e sabato 8 a CAMPUS INDUSTRY MUSIC a Parma! Pic by IL Marza #mellowmood #large #largetour #reggaemusic #parlermo #parma #largealbum #largedub #largedubalbum #italy #italia #tour #music
Mellow Mood Dec 02, 2018
Fog ☁️
Mellow Mood Dec 01, 2018
Mellow Mood Dec 01, 2018
Mellow Mood Nov 30, 2018
Large Dub is out NOW! 12 dub gems handcrafted by your echo specialist Paolo Baldini DubFiles, courtesy of our favorite label La Tempesta Dub Comment with emojis which is your favorite tune! Tracklist: 1. Call Back The Love #3 💙 2. Tuff Rocky Dub ⛰ 3. Ms. Mary Dub 👹 4. Dub Of A War ⚔️ 5. Large Dub 💵 6. Dub To No One 🙅‍♂️ 7. It Can Dub ✌🏻 8. Another Dub 🆕 9. Dub Daddy 🧔 10. Dub Up A Sound 🔊 11. Dub Waata 🌊 12. Place Called Dub 🏡 #mellowmood #largedub #paolobaldinidubfiles #latempestadub #music #vinyl #merch #release #releaseday
Mellow Mood Nov 30, 2018
Large Dub is out now! Big up Paolo Baldini DubFiles everytime! 🔥