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Meat Puppets Dec 07, 2018
RIP Pete Shelly! Here's a better version of our Buzzcocks cover. Bostrom still sings, but it's live and more rockin'.
Meat Puppets Dec 07, 2018
RIP Pete Shelly! Bostrom took a chance on a pricey import of "Different Kitchen" back in 1978, and he was not disappointed! He even made us learn one of his favorites tracks. This is from our "punk rock cover band" period, when Bostrom handled the vocals. Endure and enjoy!
Meat Puppets Nov 29, 2018
File this one away in your box of conspiracy theories...
Meat Puppets Nov 28, 2018
We hate to belabor the point, but we had a GREAT TIME this last weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make this our most fun, most successful Black Friday Weekend ever! We even got a great board tape! For those of you who didn't make it, let the "please come to my town" comments begin!
Meat Puppets Nov 26, 2018
We had a great time at the Crescent Ballroom last weekend, and the Frito Bandito was there at the ready with his little camera!
Meat Puppets Nov 23, 2018
Still a few more hours to kill before the show. Here's something to read that might help the time by more quickly.
Meat Puppets Nov 20, 2018
Don't let holiday Muzak get you down! Visit our online store this Wednesday for the perfect remedy!
Meat Puppets Nov 20, 2018
Monday I've got Friday on my mind!
Meat Puppets Nov 19, 2018
25 years on, this story remains ink-worthy. Enjoy, as our Brothers Meat share their recollections!
Meat Puppets Nov 16, 2018
Meat Puppets Nov 15, 2018
NEW at Bostworld: The Meat Puppets add space jams to their set, circa 1990, and nearly thirty years later, Bostrom collects them into an hour-long collage!
Meat Puppets Oct 29, 2018
We've wanted to post this for a while, but happily, Kirreu beat us to it. Good thing: our copy is pretty beat up!
Meat Puppets Oct 13, 2018
A couple of our boys manage to comport themselves with dignity in their mercifully-short contributions to this story. Thanks to Allison Stewart ( for the great article!
Meat Puppets Oct 11, 2018
Thanks again to Francois Rudaz and Swa Media Productions for capturing the band's debut with the new lineup! And thanks especially to the fans who attended! As you can see from this twenty five minute noodle-fest, we're keeping it real loose here, breaking it down, exploring the new creative space we've created. This is an exciting time for the five of us -- the sky's the limit on what we can do! Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to evolve! This band ain't no oldies act -- we got some new tricks up our sleeve!
Meat Puppets Oct 10, 2018
Our buddy Greg Prato is out with a new book! 100 Greatest Rock Bassists! A spoiler you may have figured out, Cris makes the list! Check out the excerpt below and check the book out! Why give children candy on Halloween when you can hand them literature! ‘I’ve always dug the interplay between you and Curt - especially on tunes like “Maiden’s Milk” and “Six Gallon Pie.” “Maiden’s Milk,” that one specifically - that intro part - that’s a written part. Curt wrote that. I’m basically doing the same line as him at the very beginning - the thing in three. Most of what that is about is my ever-so-slight grasp of the instrument, where it’s like, “Well…I can actually pull that off.” That’s a fairly quick line, and it needs to be played cleanly. I can pull that off. And that’s picked, and it’s only nominally precise - you see people who take the bass to such extreme places with their technique. But that spoke to my ability back then - to be able to at least pull off a line like that. And then we get to the other part, that’s just octaves, and then the little lines - the little walk-downs - those little “sort of funk, but not really” walk-downs to the next note and up to the next note. A really good example of that interplay that you’re talking about is “Swimming Ground.” Back then, Curt would have a new thing, he’d play it, and I’d play along, and then it would be like, “Well, show me what you’re really doing.” I remember when he showed me, “Oh, Me,” I was faking it up to a point. It was like, “Show me what you’re really doing.”’
Meat Puppets Oct 05, 2018
You were warned! Here is more video from last summer's Milwaukee concert! Thanks to Francois Rudaz Swa Media Productions for shooting and sharing the video!
Meat Puppets Oct 03, 2018
History tells us that "No Joke!", the last album featuring the original trio, was released on this date back in nineteen hundred and ninety five. I wonder if those three guys will ever get around to releasing another record??
Meat Puppets Oct 01, 2018
We were lucky enough to have Francois Rudaz of Swa Media Productions on hand to document our Summerfest show last June, our first show with the new lineup. The quality is great and Francois was cool enough to share it with us. We'll be posting more of this in the next week or so, so be sure to check back!
Meat Puppets Oct 01, 2018
Cris superfans will be eager to check out this new track produced by Cris and Jeremy Parker at Premier Studios!
Meat Puppets Sep 23, 2018
Every Show Joe
Meat Puppets Sep 21, 2018
Meat Puppets Sep 17, 2018
Finally, Bostrom shares some more stuff from his vault. Long overdue!
Meat Puppets Sep 11, 2018
We love to get video from the audience! We can never quite tell from the stage just how well our jams are jelling! Post 'em to your Facebook page and tag us, and it will show up in our "Community" section!
Meat Puppets Sep 11, 2018
As you can see below, the humidity didn't slow us down much!
Meat Puppets Aug 29, 2018
Go Cris!