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MC Lars Jun 17, 2019
An interview with Neil Olstad (one half of the legendary Twin Cities children’s band Koo Koo Kanga Roo)! I caught up with Neil while we were both on tour in the UK to talk basketball, theme parks and music. We discuss about the similarities between a curated day at Disneyland and coming to see a Koo show, and tips and tricks on how touring bands can help rescue bad concerts (which never happens to Koo or me). We also talk about the podcast medium and Neil’s two shows, both on Minneapolis’s professional basketball teams ("Lynx Dynasty" and "Wolvescast"). A great interview with a brilliant dude. Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: Spotify Podcasts: Stitcher Radio:
MC Lars Jun 17, 2019
Happy Father’s Day, MC Bob Nielsen! I’m lucky to be your son.
MC Lars Jun 16, 2019
Today I was wondering... was Occupy Wall Street a success, or no? I can’t believe it was already eight years ago.
MC Lars Jun 15, 2019
Amazing day at Marvel with Mega Ran! Thanks for the awesome tour and for inviting us to freestyle on your podcast!
MC Lars Jun 14, 2019
Just posted a new music video with Mega Ran! "Ozymandias"!
MC Lars Jun 13, 2019
Come see MC Frontalot, Wordburglar and me in Philly Sat!
MC Lars Jun 13, 2019
‪Thank you KMB for your amazing review of my new album with Mega Ran!
MC Lars Jun 13, 2019
Thank you to Splice for their great review of our show last Saturday with Big D and the Kids Table!
MC Lars Jun 11, 2019
The “Dewey Decibel” fan art award goes to Lydia Keller! This should be the cover of volume two.
MC Lars Jun 11, 2019
Curious why we chose the books that we did for our new album? In this article, Mega Ran and I explain the inspiration behind each track on "the Dewey Decibel System".
MC Lars Jun 10, 2019
RIP Bushwick Bill. I am grateful I got to see you perform at SXSW a few years ago. "Chucky" will forever be a classic, as will the entire Geto Boys discography. 🙏
MC Lars Jun 10, 2019
Back in high school, my friend Chris Gates and I had a radio show on KSPB. These days, he's a successful pop culture journalist who has published his own comic book and written articles from everyone from Playboy to Mashable. This week on the MC Lars Podcast, we talk about the years he spent writing for MAD Magazine, our shared excitement for Super Mario Maker 2, awkward middle school memories, and our first band together (Horris). We also talk about the day I decided to call myself Lars! Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: Spotify Podcasts: Stitcher Radio:
MC Lars Jun 09, 2019
‪Thanks again to my original band mates Jon Longley, Rob Piccininni Jr. and Mike Russo. Last night’s show with Big D was amazing. “We’ve still got it, Eddie.”‬
MC Lars Jun 07, 2019
Thanks Schaffer the Darklord!! He’s on our “Watchmen” song.
MC Lars Jun 07, 2019
... and for fans of CDs, you can pick up a physical copy of our new album here!
MC Lars Jun 07, 2019
... it's finally here. "The Dewey Decibel" system, with Mega Ran! Available everywhere!
MC Lars Jun 06, 2019
New music video! A few months ago, Mega Ran and I shot a music video in a library. This is what we came up with. "Just read everyday."
MC Lars Jun 05, 2019
Last week, Mega Ran and I spoke to our favorite Juggalo news site about our upcoming album. Shout out to Chad for the awesome interview!
MC Lars Jun 05, 2019
It’s true. This dude and I have a new album coming out Friday.
MC Lars Jun 04, 2019
My album with Mega Ran drops Friday! Thanks to the Geek News Network for spreading the word!!
MC Lars Jun 03, 2019
This week on the podcast, I sit down with my bassist Rob Piccininni Jr., who now plays regularly in Red Hymns. We talk about the 2006 "Graduate" UK tours, the awkward time we opened for NAS and the current state of New Jersey post-hardcore. Mad CPs, y'all! Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: Spotify Podcasts: Stitcher Radio:
MC Lars Jun 02, 2019
We filmed the new "Walden" music video at Walden Pond, right at Thoreau's former cabin site. Very proud of this new music video with Mega Ran, directed by DJ 2Thirteen!
MC Lars May 29, 2019
Just dropped a Thoreau rap with Mega Ran! Check out the video here.
MC Lars May 29, 2019
Very excited to announce that I'll be playing the Vans Warped Tour this year in Atlantic City with my full band, the weekend of June 28th / 29th!
MC Lars May 27, 2019
Part two of my two-part series on The Dead Milkmen! Rodney Anonymous (Rodney Linderman) and I connected when he e-mailed me after I gave him a shout out in a 2011 interview. Since then, we became good friends, performing together and recording a verison of "Mr. Raven" for the "the Edgar All Poe EP". We talk about tour stories, the loss of his friend Dave Blood, his favorite gothic and industrial bands and his solo and side projects. Not only is Rodney a fantastic storyteller, he is energetic and hilarious. A very cool second episode to conclude my Dead Milkmen series. Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: Spotify Podcasts: Stitcher Radio: