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MC Frontalot Dec 09, 2018
just logged into 'spotify for artists' for the first time. Curious to see how much this number goes up if everyone who's able plays something by me on spotify RIGHT NOW
MC Frontalot Dec 01, 2018
Hey folks! Remember how my new album Net Split comes out December 4th? Well, PSYCHE!! I'm pushing it to March 8th, just to be cruel. And to add a vinyl release. Also you can hear the whole thing right nowww at and I hope you do. Pre-order a physical CD, if that's your thing. It too comes with a full download which you can enjoy shortly after you order. Did you ALREADY pre-order a physical copy, expecting it in early December? Fear not, those ones ship next week as planned. But keep them off of eBay, that's a CD that now won't be out for three months! Thanks everyone.
MC Frontalot Dec 01, 2018
Tonight in Belfast! Last show of the tour. See us at The Empire or see yourself forever seeped in regret.
MC Frontalot Nov 26, 2018
Playing a uni show tonight at Maynooth. It is prom--themed!
MC Frontalot Nov 25, 2018
MC Frontalot Nov 25, 2018
MC Frontalot Nov 25, 2018
The new tour bus has a pretty great upstairs lounge.
MC Frontalot Nov 24, 2018
Oi, Wrexham! Please buy 4.8 CDs from me tonight so I can justify having nabbed this for the tour bus.
MC Frontalot Nov 23, 2018
Don't trample each other over these bargains, but my new album NET SPLIT is now available for iTunes pre-order at a staggering 000% off! That's THREE DIGITS of savings!!
MC Frontalot Nov 22, 2018
Perranporth tonight, with Wheatus! Much music for you, Cornwall.
MC Frontalot Nov 21, 2018
LONDON! Fan meetup tonight in Shepherd's Bush. Stop by Sindercombe Social where I'll be loitering from 7PM-9PM. I've got a few copies of the new CD and some USB Box Sets. Bring a card game and/or anything you'd like me to sign.
MC Frontalot Nov 21, 2018
An open question re: this evening in London
MC Frontalot Nov 21, 2018
#VerboseBritishSigns "FIRE LANE - KEEP CLEAR"
MC Frontalot Nov 19, 2018
Wheatus sound check, Norwich
MC Frontalot Nov 19, 2018
I love British signage.
MC Frontalot Nov 17, 2018
Here we go! @wheatusofficial in Bristol. Scunthorpe tomorrow, where I get to open the show.
MC Frontalot Nov 17, 2018
This week with Wheatus, UK shows in Scunthorpe, Perranporth, and Wrexham! To my ignorant yank ears, these sound like made-up nonsense places. But they are real and I will rap in each of them soon!
MC Frontalot Nov 14, 2018
Back at Turtle Tone mastering lab in Manhattan, finalizing the new album!
MC Frontalot Nov 10, 2018
At the @schafferthedarklord birthday celebration
MC Frontalot Nov 01, 2018
I'm opening for @Wheatus on 9 shows this month! The Hand Over Your Loved Ones anniversary tour, UK & Ireland: ... This stencil has been applied to the new cases and the gear is heading to JFK. Adventureeeeeeee! @wheatusofficial
MC Frontalot Oct 28, 2018
Remember To Vote Worms, gift from @hrlori
MC Frontalot Oct 27, 2018
Back in Brooklyn.
MC Frontalot Oct 27, 2018
My shows in UK & Ireland are coming up quickly! 9 dates with Wheatus (see li'l green crosses in the poster below). Tix at
MC Frontalot Oct 23, 2018
Tonight! Our final stop on the Mt Nerdcore Tour, as we hit Oklahoma City. You still have time to see it go down before the world explodes.
MC Frontalot Oct 23, 2018
Tour angel Raheem #MtNerdcoreTour