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So Tonight That I Might See
Seasons of Your Day
Among My Swan
She Hangs Brightly
Mazzy Star Jun 22, 2019
Rest in peace Elliott Roberts. You were an inspiration to all who knew and loved you...♥️
Mazzy Star Jun 07, 2019
Do you wanna hear some earth magic? Mariee Sioux's new record Grief in Exile is out today and it is stunning!!! ♥️♥️😻 It's available on Bandcamp and
Mazzy Star Apr 07, 2019
Hey kittens. Check out the new Lee Field's record... really loving the first track "It Rains Love" 🌧♥️🌈
Mazzy Star Mar 04, 2019
Thank you Mexico for all the love. We will definitely be back for more beauty and inspiration! Te amamos. ❤️💋 Thank you NRMAL for the invitation. Photos by Luz Gallardo
Mazzy Star Mar 01, 2019
Heavens to Betsy! This pie was delicious. Best pie known to humanity ❤ #Presleyspantry
Mazzy Star Mar 01, 2019
Had such a wonderful two nights at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church. Thank you to all the staff who were so hospitable, friendly and helpful. Thank you to the audience, you were all so kind and warm and cuddly. Photos of Mazzy Star by Luz Gallardo Photo of Church by Bo Chung
Mazzy Star Feb 28, 2019
How beautiful is the Cathedral? Second show tonight Holy Rollers.😇 Photo by: Luz Gallardo
Mazzy Star Feb 26, 2019
Look what awaits us on our arrival in LA, from the delicious Presley's Pantry! 😋 💜
Mazzy Star Feb 25, 2019
See you all soon ❤
Mazzy Star Jan 28, 2019
Mazzy Star's cover photo
Mazzy Star Jan 16, 2019
Viva Mexico! 💕 🇲🇽
Mazzy Star Jan 15, 2019
Levitation time! 🌠 Join us at the magically haunting Cathedral Sanctuary. 🎟️ Presale begins this Thursday, 1/17 at 10am with pw = MAZZYCALIFORNIA LA Shows: 02.26 02.27
Mazzy Star Jan 15, 2019
Playing some more music with our beautiful California friends. ❤️ Oakland 🎟️ Presale begins this Thursday, 1/17 at 10am with pw = MAZZYCALIFORNIA Fox-Oakland Theater
Mazzy Star Jan 01, 2019
Wishing you all a very very Happy New Year...!!!🎆🎊🎈 Artist: James. R. Eads
Mazzy Star Dec 12, 2018
Love the whistling and the backing vocals on the track. Who is it? So velvety 🌌
Mazzy Star Dec 03, 2018
Gallery 30 South
Mazzy Star Dec 01, 2018
"Ken Salter’s “The Garden Of Strange Loops” and “Reflecting Pool” is a fantastic mind expanding journey into the underlying haiku of the multiverse and the relevance of 'Emergence'. Come to Pasadena and roll the cosmic dice.” - David Roback, Mazzy Star
Mazzy Star Nov 15, 2018
Mercury Rev and the ladies giving THE LADY (Bobbie Gentry) the recognition she deserves... Vashti Bunyan, Norah Jones, Marissa Nadler, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucinda Williams, Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab, Kaela Sinclair from M83 and Beth Orton.
Mazzy Star Nov 05, 2018
Thank you everybody for being so sweet and kind to us in Long Beach at Tropicalia... We definitely felt the love. Till the next time we say goodbye. Photos by Luz Gallardo
Mazzy Star Nov 03, 2018
For anyone going to Tropicalia we are going on at 7pm. Not too late and not too early! See you then kittens
Mazzy Star Nov 03, 2018
Thank you Ora for coming out and doing the show with us. We were so pleased. Till we meet again... soon I hope ❤️
Mazzy Star Nov 02, 2018
All the little banshees came out to play last night.... couldn’t play 'Into Dust' because they were having too much fun... That’s OK, I love fun and I love banshees...♥️ 🦇 Thank you all for the lovely celebrating....🌠 Photos by Luz Gallardo and Nicole Presley
Mazzy Star Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween, see some of you tomorrow... 🦇 Artwork by Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek
Mazzy Star Oct 21, 2018
Thank you my lovely Nicole ❤️
Mazzy Star Oct 12, 2018
Spent many nights listening to this captivating music. So looking forward to our show together at the Ventura Theater... It will be so nice to hear the lovely Ora Cogan live again...!!!