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Storia, Storia
Storia, Storia
Mayra Andrade and Kolinga at Théâtre Paul Eluard (October 6, 2019)
Venue: Théâtre Paul Eluard (Choisy Le Roi, France) Find tickets
Mayra Andrade with Sarah McCoy at Salle Poirel (October 9, 2019)
Venue: Salle Poirel (Nancy, France) Find tickets
Mayra Andrade at Le Cargo (November 21, 2019)
Venue: Le Cargo (Caen, France) Find tickets
Mayra Andrade at Paul b (November 22, 2019)
Venue: Paul b (Massy, France) Find tickets
Mayra Andrade at Rocher De Palmer (December 13, 2019)
Venue: Rocher De Palmer (Bordeaux, France) Find tickets
Mayra Andrade at Radiant-bellevue (January 23, 2020)
Venue: Radiant-bellevue (CALUIRE ET CUIRE, France) Find tickets
Mayra Andrade at Théâtre Paul Eluard (February 7, 2020)
Venue: Théâtre Paul Eluard (Choisy Le Roi, France) Find tickets
Mayra Andrade Aug 20, 2019
@sou_quarteira x ⚡️
Mayra Andrade Aug 20, 2019
@sou_quarteira X ⚡️
Mayra Andrade Aug 08, 2019
Solidays festival how wonderful you were! Merci Paris, it felt great to be received with such energy. Video is now available on Youtube ❤❤❤ 📹 by Mauvaise Fille
Mayra Andrade Aug 08, 2019
O M A R A 🌺
Mayra Andrade Jul 27, 2019
The video of the EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) show now on Youtube. No words for my London crowd, you guys were truly amazing!❤❤❤ Kojey Radical again, obrigada brother for sharing the stage with me. 🇵🇹 Portugal I see you at the MIMO Festival on July 28th !
Mayra Andrade Jul 17, 2019
As duas noites que passei convosco no Capitólio ficaram gravadas no meu ❤ e agora tb estão no youtube. Lisboa, obrigada sempre!!!
Mayra Andrade Jul 14, 2019
LONDOONNN 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Mayra Andrade Jul 13, 2019
Timeline Photos
Mayra Andrade Jul 10, 2019
Merci à @ouafamameche pour cette belle interview @yard 💚 | | 📸 @alextrescool
Mayra Andrade Jul 09, 2019
Encore merci YARD pour ces jolies photo et cette interview 💚✨
Mayra Andrade Jul 04, 2019
Vhils #mariellepresente
Mayra Andrade Jun 30, 2019
When the team is behind you 😂 (I promise, it’s my last « mango-mermaid » post!) PULL UP (link in bio)
Mayra Andrade Jun 28, 2019
PULL UP (link in bio) 📸@kalougram
Mayra Andrade Jun 28, 2019
PULL UP (link in bio) 📸 by @kalougram
Mayra Andrade Jun 25, 2019
PULL UP (on youtube) 📸 by Fabien Fouchier
Mayra Andrade Jun 25, 2019
PULL UP on youtube 📸 by Fabien Fouchier
Mayra Andrade Jun 24, 2019
« Pull Up » de Mayra Andrade a enfin son clip | nova
Mayra Andrade Jun 23, 2019
Êtes-vous prêts pour le festival @solidays ce soir 19h? ⚡️🔥🔥🔥 📸 by Fabien Fouchier #pullup
Mayra Andrade Jun 20, 2019
PULL UP IS OUT ON YOUTUBE "Pull Up" speaks of freedom. The freedom to be who we are, beyond the judgment of others. We shot this video with no compromise, retaining the artistic and professional integrity of the whole creative team. Thanks to Nadine for introducing me to her longtime friend and director, Hamadou Frédéric Baldé. Hamadou, you are incredibly talented. You embraced and realised this project with passion and commitment, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your perseverance. Fabien and HI FIVE Production team thank you for making this clip possible and finding solutions to the impossible, always with a smile. Thank you very much to my Columbia France / Sony Music France label for your continued trust. I was lucky to count on an incredible artistic, technical and production team for this video, you put your heart and soul into this and it shows, it was a real joy to work with you! ✨🖤✨ |•______________|______________•| Directed by Hamadou Frédéric Baldé Script by Felicien Pinot & Hamadou Frederic Baldé Production: Hi Five DOP: Benjamin Ramalho Make-up / hair: @nadeenmatekyofficiel Make-up (water): @ididthemakeup Stylist Mayra: @oumeih Stylist dancers Dakar: @marchenoirlomeparis Stylist dancers Paris: @maia_._kemp Choreographer: @carmelloanga Dancers Paris: @fe_roz @perebisou @_karimkh Dancers Dakar: @dexterbravoorootz @jsc_flame @salimatadi_op @pepe.walabok @ashleysalla @ayivorpeter @dope_mn56 @kirsner_cortex @radmila.rocha @kvl_kili @bbatg @nelda_hamchillia @jay_creator_ Song by Mayra Andrade & Ben-Hur Fidalgo Arranged by 2B, Momo Wang and Akatché Produced by 2B and Romain Bilharz
Mayra Andrade Jun 19, 2019
PULL UP - 20.06
Mayra Andrade Jun 18, 2019
Mayra Andrade Jun 15, 2019
#blueforsudan #sudanmassacre #sudanuprising #sudanrevolution #standwithsudan #iamthesudanrevolution
Mayra Andrade Jun 15, 2019
#blueforsudan #sudanmassacre #sudanuprising #sudan
Mayra Andrade Jun 12, 2019
Sakifo Festival was 🔥! Summer Tour and festival season are now launched 😎 Catch us where you can in Europe and even US. More details on
Mayra Andrade Jun 12, 2019
Timeline Photos