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Search Party
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RDGLDGRN, ¡Mayday!, and Little Stranger at The Foundry (February 21, 2019)
Venue: The Foundry (Philadelphia, PA, US) Find tickets
¡Mayday! Dec 17, 2018
Nothing beats the LIVE experience. Next Sunday catch us Blackbird Ordinary rocking the ill Miami Christmas party and catch us in 2019 in a city near you. #Mayday #MaydayLive #StrangeMusic #MonsterMusic (📸: Juice954)
¡Mayday! Dec 16, 2018
Gonna be rocking the Christmas party at Blackbird Ordinary next Sunday December 23rd. Come get saucy with us. #Mayday
¡Mayday! Dec 15, 2018
When you see NonMS hit the stage, you know the show has officially started. (📹: Jordan Tayylor)
¡Mayday! Dec 14, 2018
Shout out to Monster Music for having us at the Monster Energy compound to perform a pop up set during #ArtBasel. Let’s do it again next year! #MonsterMusic (📸: Chad Martel)
¡Mayday! Dec 12, 2018
Philly in February!
¡Mayday! Dec 11, 2018
NYC kicks off our Winter Games Tour in February!
¡Mayday! Dec 11, 2018
‪Guess what hoodie is BACK IN STOCK??? After countless requests, we got our good friends at Strange Music to restock the #ShortcutsAndDeadEnds zip up hoodie. They will sell out again. You’ve been warned.‬
¡Mayday! Dec 08, 2018
Your boys are popping up at the Monster compound tonight to take @ArtBasel #SouthOf5th. 7pm at the Monster Compound at Basel House. #MonsterMusic #ArtBasel #Miami
¡Mayday! Dec 06, 2018
Thanks to everyone out there listening to our music on Spotify. Hit up and get some really dope personalized streaming stats for the year! Here’s to breaking a million fans in 2019! Who’s coming with us? #Mayday #SpotifyWrapped #SpotifyWrapped2018
¡Mayday! Nov 29, 2018
Favorite SOUTH OF 5TH visual so far? -Next To Go- -Lifetimes- -Shelter- -Run Up- -New Blessings-
¡Mayday! Nov 28, 2018
#NewBlessings is the most recent joint from #SouthOf5th to get the visual treatment. Hit the link to watch the video. Then head to your favorite streaming service and add the song to your playlists. #Mayday (Cover art by AO Logics)
¡Mayday! Nov 27, 2018
We’re in BALTIMORE Friday February 22nd rocking the #FrozenHarborMusicFestival with the homies RDGLDGRN & Little Stranger. Gonna be fun opening up for the one and only Red & Meth again! #Mayday
¡Mayday! Nov 26, 2018
ARTISTS!!! Any artists looking for a ¡MAYDAY! feature or production can get half off our normal fee by locking in with a deposit today! Email [email protected] and use the subject “Mayday Discount Feature”. Let’s do some work!!!
¡Mayday! Nov 24, 2018
All our merch at Strange Music is 50% off during the #Strangegiving sale. Get you some!
¡Mayday! Nov 23, 2018
We loaded up our shop with the gear we brought back from the #SouthOf5thTour and since it’s #BlackFriday we’re giving you 50% off your entire order with the code MAYDAYMAYDAY. Hit the link to shop with the discount pre loaded. #Mayday
¡Mayday! Nov 21, 2018
That’s a wrap on the #SouthOf5thTour!!! Much love to 1Ton for keeping us alive, rocking the spot, and being the beacon of positivity. D.U.Ivan, & Phil Mauro for rocking the show every night with us. Jace for keeping the show running smooth, Norman on the Merchandise, & Frank lighting up the place for us. Most importantly thanks to everyone who came out to support us and this new album. Until next time... #Mayday #SouthOf5th
¡Mayday! Nov 20, 2018
‪On our way home! The Final VLOG from the #SouthOf5thTour is up! Check out week 8’s travels at #SouthOf5thTour‬
¡Mayday! Nov 19, 2018
#NewBlessings video now playing. #SouthOf5th
¡Mayday! Nov 19, 2018
The green room for tonight’s show was on a converted school bus so that’s where we had our last backstage meet and greet of the #SouthOf5thTour! Thanks for the love Charleston! Great way to close it out!
¡Mayday! Nov 18, 2018
‪Backstage Meet and Greet vibes last night at our best show in ATL to date. Thanks for coming out and sharing our second to last show with us! Tonight we close out the run in Charleston at the Pour House! Doors at 8pm. Music at 9pm! #SouthOf5thTour ‬
¡Mayday! Nov 17, 2018
2 shows left!!! ATL tonight at Vinyl in Center Stage & Charleston tomorrow at The Pour House. Come out and celebrate the end of the run with us! VIP packages with the savings on merch only available for a few more hours. #SouthOf5thTour.
¡Mayday! Nov 17, 2018
Backstage meet and greet vibes in Virginia Beach, VA. Tonight we’re in ATLANTA at Vinyl. Doors at 7pm. Music at 8pm. See you tonight! #SouthOf5thTour
¡Mayday! Nov 16, 2018
Make room. For #NewBlessings. Video now playing. #SouthOf5th #StrangeMusic #MonsterMusic
¡Mayday! Nov 16, 2018
#NewBlessings. 2pm Eastern. #SouthOf5th
¡Mayday! Nov 16, 2018
#NewBlessings. Tomorrow. 2pm est. #SouthOf5th