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Fair Youth
Not for Want of Trying
Not for Want of Trying + 4
I Was Here for a Moment, Then I Was Gone
Sing the Word Hope In Four Part Harmony
Maybeshewill Jun 08, 2019
Today our second record, Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony turns ten years old. It's a record that we didn't come back to much in the later years of Maybeshewill, but it's one that is steeped in so many memories of community and endless tours with bands who have gone on to be life long friends. Co-Conspirators, one of the few songs that stayed in our shows, was named in reference to the tight knit scene of Leicester bands we grew up in, and it feels something of a bitter sweet coincidence that Her name is Calla, with whom we released a split 12" at the time, and who were the last of that generation of bands still standing, came to an end mere days ago. It could be dispiriting that ten years on the monologue from the album's title track - a collage of other peoples writing on politics and society in general - still feels relevant, but this was always intended to be a largely optimistic record. "These are tough times, but we seek solace in our friends and co-conspirators. We make small differences in each others lives and dream that we can make real progress." Listen here:
Maybeshewill Dec 28, 2018
Earlier this year we were privileged to be invited to play Robert Smith's Meltdown at London's Southbank Centre. Our friend, Fraser West of WeTheConspirators, documented the process of preparing for the show - from early rehearsals, through an intimate warm up show, to the performance itself. This is his film. Filmed and Edited by WeTheConspirators.
Maybeshewill Jul 09, 2018
We have some T-Shirts left over from Meltdown as well as a few remaining physical copies of Fair Youth and I Was Here For A Moment available to buy over at The Robot Needs Home Collective store.
Maybeshewill Jun 29, 2018
We should give a huge shout out to our crew and extended band that joined us for our Meltdown show.
Maybeshewill Jun 25, 2018
It was an absolute honour to be asked to play Meltdown Festival. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Robert Smith, Southbank Centre, iLiKETRAiNS and our incredible string and brass players and tireless crew for making that an absolutely unbelievable experience.
Maybeshewill Jun 24, 2018
Today’s the day we Meltdown.
Maybeshewill Jun 23, 2018
When we said we wanted to do a warm up show, I’m not sure we meant quite that warm. Thank you so much Leicester and thanks to The Cookie and &U&I. Tomorrow we play Robert Smith’s Meltdown at London’s Southbank Centre with iLiKETRAiNS and accompanied by some incredible friends on strings and brass. There are a handful of tickets left if you’d like to join us:
Maybeshewill Jun 20, 2018
This Sunday. Maybeshewill and iliketrains at Robert Smith's Meltdown in London's Southbank Centre. Tickets:
Maybeshewill Jun 19, 2018
We made a Spotify mixtape ahead of Meltdown Festival. Have a listen here:
Maybeshewill Jun 13, 2018
There are less than 100 tickets remaining for our Robert Smith's Meltdown Festival show on the 24/06. Tickets are available here: There are less than 30 tickets left for our warm up show at The Cookie, Leicester. They are available from and These are the only shows we're planning for the foreseeable future, and it would be incredible to see as many friendly faces at them as possible.
Maybeshewill Jun 10, 2018
Two weeks to go until our Robert Smith’s Meltdown festival show. We’ll be performing with a string and brass section and with support from the brilliant iliketrains in the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Hall on London’s Southbank. There are very limited tickets remaining:
Maybeshewill May 23, 2018
Meltdown rehearsals are going well. There are a few tickets left if you want to join us in London for one night only:
Maybeshewill May 21, 2018
The last few seats remaining for our show at Meltdown festival. We’re performing with a string and brass section in Queen Elizabeth Hall alongside our friends iLiKETRAiNS. Once they’re gone they’re gone:
Maybeshewill May 20, 2018
We’ve begun rehearsals for our show at Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival this June. It’s the first time we’ve all been in the same room since Koko and it feels good. We’re absolutely delighted to be bringing some phenomenally talented friends to accompany us on strings and brass for the show. There are very limited tickets still available which you can get here:
Maybeshewill May 12, 2018
Ten years ago today we put our first album, Not For Want of Trying, out in to the world. If we're honest we didn't think anyone would ever listen to it. Everything that has happened since was a relentless series of incredible suprises. We decided we wanted to comemorate the releases anniversary in some small way, so James, John and Robin got together with bassist at the time Andrew Jackson to talk with our long time friend and supporter Remfry Dedman about how the record came together, how it was recorded, how we feel about it in hindsight and how it fits in to Maybeshewill history. Camera David Wilson Clarke Nick Lee Shield Fraser West Edit WeTheConspirators
Maybeshewill May 09, 2018
Very few tickets remain for our show at Southbank Centre for Robert Smith, The Cure.’s Meltdown Festival. Let’s sell this out!
Maybeshewill Apr 27, 2018
Time Out London
Maybeshewill Apr 17, 2018
We’re incredibly humbled to have been asked back for a one-off show at London’s Southbank Centre as part of Robert Smith’s Meltdown. Tickets:
Maybeshewill Apr 15, 2018
Tickets for our one-off show at Robert Smith's Meltdown go on sale at 10am tomorrow morning. Don't miss out:
Maybeshewill Apr 10, 2018
We are pleased to announce that we will be playing a special, one off show in the Queen Elizabeth Hall at London’s Southbank Centre as part of Robert Smith's Meltdown on the 24th June. We were incredibly flattered that Robert asked us to join the line-up and once the shock wore off we decided that, honestly, It’s not the sort of invitation you turn down. As rehearsals get underway we’ll be able to tell you a bit more about what we have planned, but we’re delighted to be joined for the show by our friends iLiKETRAiNS. On-sale to Southbank Centre members: 13th of April - 10 am (GMT) On-sale to the general public: 16th of April - 10 am (GMT)
Maybeshewill Mar 17, 2018
Maybeshewill's cover photo
Maybeshewill Mar 17, 2018
Maybeshewill Feb 16, 2018
Jamie's project Dark Dark Horse have released the beautiful new video for 'And Then We Had Nothing At All'. Watch it here:
Maybeshewill Dec 30, 2017
Bandcamp users! We thought it would be a brilliant an idea to move our music to an individual artist page with The Robot Needs Home Collective, rather than just on their label page, but in the process of doing so didn't consider how it would affect people who wanted the music in their collections, or who's primary method of listening to our music was in the Bandcamp app. We're in the process of figuring out how to fix this with Bandcamp, but if you're affected please feel free to message us through here in the interim.
Maybeshewill Aug 31, 2017
An hour and a bit left to own this bit of Maybeshewill history and raise some money for an incredible cause: