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Take Flight
What They Say EP
fabric 75: Maya Jane Coles
DJ-Kicks (Maya Jane Coles) [DJ Mix]
No Sympathy (Remixes)
Full Swing EP
Cool Down EP
1trax Presents Maya Jane Coles
Not In My House EP
Monochrome EP
The Dazed EP
Maya Jane Coles at Toffler (February 22, 2019)
Venue: Toffler (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Maya Jane Coles, Carlos Valdes, and Samuel Deep at De Marktkantine (February 23, 2019)
Venue: De Marktkantine (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Maya Jane Coles at Rex Club (February 28, 2019)
Venue: Rex Club (Paris, France) Find tickets
Maya Jane Coles at Digital (March 2, 2019)
Venue: Digital (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
Sasha and Jamie Jones with Hot Since 82, PBR Streetgang, and 12 more… at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (May 4, 2019)
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (London, UK) Find tickets
Mallorca Live Festival Mallorca Live Festival 2019
Venue: Antiguo Aquapark (Calvia, Spain) Find tickets
Movement Festival Movement Festival 2019
Venue: Philip A. Hart Plaza (Detroit, MI, US) Find tickets
Maya Jane Coles Feb 07, 2019
A Thursday night party during Paris Fashion Week is sure to be a good one 😝. Hope to see you at Rex Club Official Fan Page for he.she.they!
Maya Jane Coles Feb 05, 2019
Thank you for all the love everyone has shown for Waves & Whirlwinds 🌊🌪💙 Out now on I/AM/ME , If you still haven't heard it you can listen here ;)
Maya Jane Coles Jan 31, 2019
Getting ready for Nitsa Club tomorrow, last time was soooo much fun! No doubt its gonna be the same again, if not better ;) Tickets >
Maya Jane Coles Jan 29, 2019
I recorded a mix for Beats 1 for their special New Year's Eve programming, you can listen back here:
Maya Jane Coles Jan 25, 2019
#TB to the last time I was in the ’dam for Amsterdam Dance Event . Back soon on 23.02 for he.she.they at De Marktkantine , cant wait 😈
Maya Jane Coles Jan 24, 2019
Always looking forward to the next London gig! Arcadia is next up in May, going to be a big one for sure 🖤 Grab tickets here:
Maya Jane Coles Jan 22, 2019
Just incase you missed it, my latest EP “Waves & Whirlwinds” is out now! 🌊🌪
Maya Jane Coles Jan 18, 2019
Looking forward to being back in one of my favourite cities next month! Even better that it’s with some of my favourite people 🤩 he.she.they is teaming up with Teksupport and coming to New York... come hang if you’re up for something exciting and a little different!
Maya Jane Coles Dec 18, 2018
My EP “Waves & Whirlwinds” is out now! Big fat cyber hugs going out to all those that buy it (or have already bought it) 🥳💕 🌊🌪
Maya Jane Coles Dec 17, 2018
Maya Jane Coles
Maya Jane Coles Dec 16, 2018
My first ever gig in Austin is tonight!! Excited for this one 🖤
Maya Jane Coles Dec 13, 2018
Wow thanks for the kind words Clash Magazine!! ☺ “Isolate” is part of my “Waves & Whirlwinds” EP released tomorrow and is premiered right here:
Maya Jane Coles Dec 10, 2018
Happy Monday! if you haven’t listened to “Other Side” yet have a listen here!
Maya Jane Coles Dec 04, 2018
Nocturnal Sunshine
Maya Jane Coles Nov 30, 2018
Nocturnal Sunshine at Sonar 2019 anyone? ;)
Maya Jane Coles Nov 28, 2018
For anyone in the South of France this Friday - I’ll be playing Bloc in Aix en Provence. Come boogie! 💣
Maya Jane Coles Nov 22, 2018
's cover photo
Maya Jane Coles Nov 20, 2018
A little bit of pre Xmas London fun at XOYO happening on 22nd December! Here’s the link if you wanna grab a ticket in advance 🖤
Maya Jane Coles Nov 09, 2018
November Beatport chart right here 🖤
Maya Jane Coles Nov 02, 2018
Here’s a new track for you all 🖤 and more coming soon ;)
Maya Jane Coles Nov 02, 2018
's cover photo
Maya Jane Coles Nov 01, 2018
Billboard Dance have premiered my new releases which are both out tomorrow! Double whammy, Nocturnal Sunshine and MJC! Have a listen here if you haven’t already ;)
Maya Jane Coles Oct 18, 2018
Halloween is getting closer and this is happening in London on the 27th!! final chance for 2nd release can’t contain my excitement!!
Maya Jane Coles Oct 04, 2018
Looking forward to being back at ADE in a couple of weeks! This year I’ll be playing the Paradise party @ DGTL. Grab your tickets here:
Maya Jane Coles Oct 01, 2018
The track I produced for long time old friends Nimmo “Orange Skies” is out now!!! Something a little different 🖤