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Risk to Exist
Risk to Exist (Deluxe)
Too Much Information (Deluxe)
Too Much Information
The National Health
Quicken the Heart (Bonus Track Version)
Our Earthly Pleasures
A Certain Trigger
Maximo Park Official Feb 18, 2019
During a mammoth pre-order signing session, we finally saw the DVD package for our new film, 'As Long As We Keep Moving'. It's a beauty! Now available in advance from our official store:
Maximo Park Official Feb 15, 2019
Hi everybody. Just thought I would break radio silence to let you know, if you didn't already, that our 'live in the studio' album will be released in 2 weeks time. As it was the last recording session I was involved with, the guys thought it was appropriate I should say something. One of the reasons we wanted to make 'As Long As We Keep Moving' was to capture the sound of the band while I was still part of the line-up. We've been playing together since Paul Rafferty joined on bass in 2012 and over the years the songs have changed and grown from the original studio recordings to 'live versions' in and of themselves - versions that have absorbed the hot lights of the stage, the noise of the crowd and the sweat of the stage. It has always been in our minds to document these versions - a 'monument' if you will - and finally last year, with my imminent departure, the time seemed right. These are fully live versions, no overdubbing (ok, maybe a tiny bit!), with errors made in the heat of the moment, that we hope reflect the energy and sound the band create when the five of us play together.
Maximo Park Official Feb 14, 2019
We have another song from 'As Long As We Keep Moving' for you to make up for the unforeseen release delay! Midnight On The Hill, our ode to lost memory, will be available instantly when you pre-order here:
Maximo Park Official Feb 13, 2019
Hello, our record company have had to delay the release date of 'As Long As We Keep Moving' by one week. Rest assured we are as disappointed as you are! This photo is indicative of our current mood: (📸: Sandra Sorensen)
Maximo Park Official Feb 07, 2019
Looking forward to a couple of German festivals this summer. Here's a throwback to Southside Festival in Tuttlingen, 23rd June 2017 #TBT 📸: Matthias.k Photography
Maximo Park Official Feb 06, 2019
We look forward to answering questions and seeing our new film on the big screen at the brilliant Tyneside Cinema on the 21st Feb! Last tickets here:
Maximo Park Official Feb 05, 2019
It's your friendly Tuesday evening reminder that the soundtrack to our new film is available on exclusive, limited white vinyl! Investigate here:
Maximo Park Official Feb 03, 2019
Turning 5 today! #TooMuchInformation
Maximo Park Official Jan 25, 2019
'The National Health' taken from 'As Long As We Keep Moving' is out now! You can watch the full video here:
Maximo Park Official Jan 24, 2019
Here's our only time in beautiful Mexico. Still dreaming of a return visit! Corona Capital Festival, Mexico City, 18th Nov 2017 #TBT 📸: Raul Kigra
Maximo Park Official Jan 18, 2019
We're going to be doing a special premiere screening of 'As Long As We Keep Moving' on Feb 21st at Tyneside Cinema! You'll get an exclusive signed poster with your ticket and we'll be answering your questions on the night etc. Paul: "As a patron of The Tyneside, I thought a fundraiser for the cinema would be the perfect opportunity to see this film on the big screen." For tickets and more information:
Maximo Park Official Jan 18, 2019
A song about the daily grind. Here's the live-in-studio version of 'The National Health'. Track #5 from 'As Long As We Keep Moving', which you'll receive instantly when you pre-order: Watch full video here:
Maximo Park Official Jan 17, 2019
We're releasing another track from 'As Long As We Keep Moving' tomorrow...
Maximo Park Official Jan 17, 2019
ICYMI Our guitarist Duncan Lloyd released his new "Dear O EP" on New Years Day. The song "Dear O" has since been premiered on Lauren Laverne 's BBC Radio 6 Music breakfast show & you can stream the EP here Download here.
Maximo Park Official Jan 15, 2019
We've been busy signing the 'As Long As We Keep Moving' pre-order bits and pieces for you... our writing hands need a holiday!
Maximo Park Official Jan 14, 2019
It's been an emotional past few days as we've said goodbye to Lukas. As the dust settles we wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life, and meanwhile we look forward to the next phase of Maximo Park. 📸: The Picture People UK
Maximo Park Official Jan 11, 2019
What a crowd, what a night! Thank you all for your support.
Maximo Park Official Jan 09, 2019
Tea ‘n’ Bass #rehearsing 📷: @dunclloyd
Maximo Park Official Jan 07, 2019
A peek behind the scenes of live-in-the-studio album 'As Long As We Keep Moving'. Filmed and recorded at Vada Studios. Released on February 22nd, 2019. Pre-order here:
Maximo Park Official Jan 03, 2019
A live crowd favourite, and one of our favourites to play too! Limassol is track #8 on ‘As Long As We Keep Moving’. Pre-order here:
Maximo Park Official Dec 11, 2018
'As Long As We Keep Moving' bundles galore over at our store. Coming straight to your doorstep on Feb 22! Take your pick
Maximo Park Official Dec 06, 2018
A song about refusal and coercion; about trying to remain alert and ask questions of people who are very persuasive…’Get High (No, I Don’t)' is track #1 on ‘As Long As We Keep Moving’. Pre-order here:
Maximo Park Official Dec 02, 2018
For your Sunday evening entertainment...We're releasing a live-in-the-studio film on DVD, CD & Vinyl called 'As Long As We Keep Moving'. When you pre-order you'll get the song 'I Want You To Stay' immediately. You can watch the video for it, taken from the DVD, and pre-order here:
Maximo Park Official Dec 01, 2018
Hi everyone! Lukas here. Firstly thanks for selling out my final headline show in January and I look forward to seeing you there. Meanwhile I've written a personal note regarding my leaving..... Goodbyes are never easy but here we go....!
Maximo Park Official Nov 30, 2018
Tickets to our January 10th show in Leeds are on sale NOW! This will be a night to remember as we bid farewell to Lukas and celebrate his time in the band. Get your tickets, quick: