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Beams (Expanded Edition)
Little People (Black City) [Sascha Dive Remix]
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Black City
Fabric 27 : Matthew Dear As Audion
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Asa Breed
Send You Back (Digital Only)
Leave Luck to Heaven
Bonobo with Matthew Dear and Elio Stereo at Ravine (August 23, 2019)
Venue: Ravine (Atlanta, GA, US) Find tickets
Matthew Dear, Galcher Lustwerk, Ciel, Michna, and 1 more… at Elsewhere (October 5, 2019)
Venue: Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, US) Find tickets
Matthew Dear Aug 21, 2019
20 years ago today, I released my very first piece of published music. It was a 12” vinyl record aimed at dance floors around the world. It was an homage to Detroit, a city that had given me a crash course in electronic music around that time. I was young, naive, and full of an unrelenting conviction that I was going to be a musician for the rest of my life. It was called ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit”. I had met Sam Valenti IV the year prior and he was to become my musical confidant, life long friend, DJ partner, and inside joke sharer. Sam knew Dave Shayman (Disco D) a globally known young powerhouse of an inspiration. We took the demo I had for the ‘Detroit’ track to Dave’s studio and he arranged it into a printable song. The rest as you could say is history, albeit a long and winding one that’s still an ongoing assortment of knowns and unknowns. I owe so much to Sam for helping me do what I do. He’s always the first person I show new music to even to this day. Here’s to the next 20 years my friend. I wouldn’t want to share them with any other friend but you.
Matthew Dear Aug 07, 2019
Friday in Detroit. DJ set at the wildy illuminated Deluxx Fluxx !
Matthew Dear Apr 09, 2019
I'll be at Moogfest this year. More info at
Matthew Dear Dec 17, 2018
Excited to be back in Detroit this Saturday for the ultimate holiday banger Blue Ball 10 at TV Lounge! Catch me in the Main Room all night long 🎉 Track: Audion(Recording artist) - "Mouth to Mouth"
Matthew Dear Oct 29, 2018
This Halloween. Come with me.!/events/1298
Matthew Dear Oct 26, 2018
Just finished another semester as a lecturer for the University of Michigan School Of Music. After the exam, students were generous enough to sign my album, which coincidentally coincided perfectly with the class schedule. Thanks to the students for listening to me talk about myself too much at times (for science). Already thinking about another semester!
Matthew Dear Oct 12, 2018
My new album ‘Bunny’ is out today. It’s been a long time coming. Couldn’t have done it without the musical additions from Tegan and Sara - Greg Ahee of Protomartyr - Simian Mobile Disco - Troy Noka Ricardo Villalobos & everyone from Ghostly with the mostly - special mention to Michael Cina for another brain to brain connection album cover - I love you mom! - Matthew
Matthew Dear Oct 04, 2018
Excited for this one with Maya Jane Coles & friends on October 27th in London.
Matthew Dear Sep 28, 2018
I’ve remixed MGMT’s album Little Dark Age in its entirety. Yes, that’s right. Every song. I couldn’t settle on just one and suggested the harebrained idea to the band and they let me do it. I’ll be the first to say most remixes are pointless marketing gimmicks, created only to add a few extra miles on a press cycle’s odometer. Well, that’s why I went over the top on this one. Little Dark Age is a phenomenal record about the oddities of modern life, where we find passion, and where we decide to go once the dust has settled. I’m not trying to undo any of that, but instead play with their art like a block of clay. This is my small retake on an already magnificent narrative. Thank you to the band for trusting me with something so sacred. Thank you for listening. -Matthew
Matthew Dear Sep 28, 2018
The Conspiracy Dearist
Matthew Dear Sep 11, 2018
Look out below! I’ve gotten the imaginary band-in-my-head back together for a whirlwind NINE city MEGA tour of EPIC proportions. This will be full on sanity! Unexpected restfulness. Off days at home. Feelings of normalcy. Join me. ❤️
Matthew Dear Sep 06, 2018
Excited to have ‘Echo’ featured on the #UntitledPlaylist on Apple Music. Go check it out:
Matthew Dear Sep 01, 2018
‪As promised, here is a collection of my ongoing experiments in painting, gathered in one place:
Matthew Dear Aug 28, 2018
Join me this Wednesday night, August 29th, in Costa Mesa for MDA's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration at La Cave. Tickets still available @
Matthew Dear Aug 28, 2018
Chicago this Sunday at Estate Ultra Bar for the Back Lot BBQ! Tickets:
Matthew Dear Aug 24, 2018
To those expecting me at The Block in Tel Aviv tonight , I regret to inform you I won’t be making it. For the first time in my near 20 years of touring, I lost my passport. I retraced each step and talked to every airport agent but alas it’s missing. I’m stuck but I will return!
Matthew Dear Aug 18, 2018
Matthew Dear
Matthew Dear Aug 18, 2018
Matthew Dear
Matthew Dear Aug 18, 2018
Matthew Dear's cover photo
Matthew Dear Aug 08, 2018
A letter to my father, the late Bob Dear. Written one night well after the sun had gone, and shortly after I finished ‘Bunny’. "Some bands have retired and come back in the amount of time since my last album. Hell, I've even played a part in making two more humans since Beams. But hey old man, why aren't I rested? Why's your boy so damn tired? Where's the music? Did I finally succumb to the burn out you always warned me of? Well, I DJ'd a lot, put out an Audion album, and submitted a DJ Kicks mix to some time capsule confused aliens will crack open somewhere far down the line. Throughout it all, as has been the case since I was 14, I made loads of weirdo music. If it weren't digital, there'd be boxes of tapes and tapes and tapes. See, that's the thing. I'm a tinkerer. I'm a loop obsessed sound hack. The process is what I get out of bed for. So what gives Pops? Where is the music? "'I make music for people who like my music' is something I recently tweeted. There is something I've come to love about my career. I really can do whatever I want. So long as I feel it’s the best use of time, or yields results that translate into good music later. That’s where you’ll find the music dad. It’s in my head. It’s on my hard drives. It’s in my car driving the girls to school in the morning. They even asked me how Tegan and Sara snuck in and out of the house without them noticing to make those songs with me. The music is always there. It’s just a matter of time before it starts to bubble over and finally get stamped ‘property of the people.’ "I'm calling this one 'Bunny' dad. As always it’s got a little bit of everything that makes me who I am. Why Bunny? Fundamentally, I love the way the word looks and sounds. I love the way it rolls off the mind and onto the tongue. It's a funny thing too. Bunnies are cute. Bunnies are weird. They're soft. They're sexy. They're lucky. They wildly procreate. They trick hunters, but get tricked by turtles. They lead you down holes. They adorn the headboards of children's beds, lined up meticulously just as mom did when she was your age. Bunnies are seemingly with us from birth, and probably skitter past on our way out the big door. 'Viste al conejito papá?' 'Sí, fue una buena sopa!' Good one pops. "So here is my album. Already a fading stamp on the passport of a time traveler. I do it all for you. I couldn't quit if I wanted to. I'm only getting started." - Matthew Dear
Matthew Dear Jul 07, 2018
Some photos by Chad Kamenshine of my show supporting MGMT at King’s Theater a few months ago. The brilliant Muffinhead accompanied me on stage for a special reunion.
Matthew Dear Jul 07, 2018
Vogue Italia highlighted my recent release with Hot Chip member Joe Goddard & Eats Everything. Grazie!
Matthew Dear Jun 28, 2018
Timeline Photos
Matthew Dear Apr 17, 2018
New York, I’m back on July 1st with Bonobo, St-Germain and Daktyl at The Brooklyn Mirage. Tickets & info: