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Mattafix Aug 03, 2014
Hey guys, been a long time since we said anything on here; thanks for the support and love!
Mattafix Nov 14, 2011
Mattafix Oct 28, 2011
Mattafix Oct 24, 2011
U.K Release! Marlon releases E.P available from the below link.
Mattafix Oct 18, 2011
Marlon Roudette goes platinum in Germany. Love to the Mattafix camp..... Music and Positivity.
Mattafix Aug 30, 2011
Mattafix lead singer Marlon Roudette goes straight to number 1 in Germany! Proud moment for the Mattafix camp......
Mattafix Aug 10, 2011
My status on the Londonriots has disappeared! Can anyone else see it or have I been censored?! Questions to be asked as to how we've alienated so many people. Question time.....
Mattafix Aug 09, 2011
Fighting authority by destroying your neighbor? Bravo you anarchists who have achieved nothing but make life miserable for honest Londoners.
Mattafix Aug 04, 2011
Marlon's new youtube channel guys with a preview of Brotherhood of the Broken.
Mattafix Jul 27, 2011
For all news on the latest Marlon Roudette tracks including New Age join Marlon's page:
Mattafix Jul 18, 2011
Marlon Roudette's (Mattafix lead singer) new single 'New Age' is working its way up the airplay charts in Germany! All German fans ring your radio station and demand it!
Mattafix Jul 17, 2011
Download a freetrack from Marlon Roudette's (Mattafix lead singer) upcoming solo album.
Mattafix Jul 02, 2011
Little Teaser of Marlon Roudette's unreleased single in trailer for new German film What A Man.
Mattafix Jun 30, 2011
Thanks to everyone who came to Marlon's last minute acoustic appearance last night. For more info join Marlon's page.
Mattafix Jun 09, 2011
Mattafix May 20, 2011
Thank you Speech Debelle, wicked studio vibes.
Mattafix Apr 26, 2011
Quick Update! Working on the album visuals this week with videos, press shots and album artwork all taking shape. Album all but finished now! Lets see if I still have the charm! For more info check.....!/pages/Marlon-Roudette/138935602791567