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Matt Nathanson at Variety Playhouse (April 30, 2019)
Venue: Variety Playhouse (Atlanta, GA, US) Find tickets
Matt Nathanson at Suzuki Rock N Roll Marathon (June 2, 2019)
Venue: Suzuki Rock N Roll Marathon (San Diego, CA, US) Find tickets
Matt Nathanson with Tyrone Wells at Robert Mondavi Winery (July 27, 2019)
Venue: Robert Mondavi Winery (Oakville, CA, US) Find tickets
Matt Nathanson Apr 17, 2019
i’m psyched to be "special guest”-ing on Kelly Corrigan & Jen Hatmaker's “tell me more" tour when they come to san rafael, CA on may 6th! i’ll playing a few songs and chatting for a bit with these two amazing, NYT best selling authors! get your tix HERE
Matt Nathanson Apr 11, 2019
wow... so, my show this summer at Robert Mondavi Winery is on track to be the fastest sellout in the history of the 50 year series! 🤯🤯🤯🤯 HUGE thank you to all who bought tix. im stunned! & for those thinking about going... don’t wait to buy ur tix. GOOD TIMES IN THE WINE COUNTRY!! 🕺🏻🎸🍷
Matt Nathanson Apr 09, 2019
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA... me and the wine country, baby!! 🍷🎸🕺🏻 very psyched to have been asked to perform for the 50th anniversary of this amazing concert series. the robert mondavi winery is next level beautiful... tickets for my show go on sale tomorrow (april 9th) @ 10am PST. you can get them here: this is gonna rule... see you in july!
Matt Nathanson Mar 29, 2019
we did this rad, acoustic version of ’used to be’ @ aaron’s back in january, right before tour started. cello, piano, guitar, voices. stripped back goodness. it’s my end of tour gift to you… enjoy!
Matt Nathanson Mar 29, 2019
my manager convinced me to use points to fly first class from san francisco to nyc for the rock & roll hall of fame rehearsals and show tomorrow (my annual happy place). a bday / last day of tour present to myself. (ps -i took this photo for my daughter.) . processing the show tonight and the end of this tour. i havent had a low anxiety / high reward run like this in my career. i feel fortunate and grateful and super spent. thank you to everyone who came and sold out the shows and sang. it really does mean so much. . ok. sleep now. more later. ❤️
Matt Nathanson Mar 27, 2019
Matt Nathanson Mar 26, 2019
hey all... VERY stoked to be joining some of the best people i know on next year's Sail Across the Sun!! that's right, it's all happening next feb 14-18 (vday/presidents' day wknd) + we're sailing from miami to nassau & grand stirrup cay, bahamas. sign up for the pre-sale NOW on
Matt Nathanson Mar 23, 2019
it was great to be able to drive to the show last night from home. up and back w/ a little 11pm in-n-out thrown in for good measure. beautiful sold out theatre in napa. i love playing there. flying to santa ana now for the show tonight. homestretch! 📸 phantom_light_studio
Matt Nathanson Mar 15, 2019
this weeks #wayitusedtobe comes a day late on my end, cause i've been super sick and sleeping my days away (also taking so much vitamin C my pee is orange)… but it is from one of my favorite humans, my dear friend (and co- doin it in the nook creator Kelly Corrigan. no one i know uses words the way she does. she has this amazing balance of grace and power, breaking your heart and uplifting your whole universe at the same time. i’m floored by her and her #wayitusedtobe guest host post is no different, poetry-city!
Matt Nathanson Mar 14, 2019
when you’ve sweat through 3 sets of sleep clothes & are too sick to do laundry... but your still stylish AF.
Matt Nathanson Mar 13, 2019
❤️ st louis ❤️
Matt Nathanson Mar 12, 2019
i am SO BEYOND PSYCHED that i got to be on the The LadyGang podcast. Keltie Knight (who i’ve known now for a long time) is an inspiring gift of a human and Becca Tobin & Jac Vanek are both powerhouse queens! i would have hung out with them all week if they’d let me. . it was hilarious and awesome... and u can check it out NOW on iTunes / Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts (PodcastOne):
Matt Nathanson Mar 12, 2019
Matt Nathanson Mar 12, 2019
“It’s just me. I can’t play a character. I’m too compulsive about honesty to play a character in my music.”
Matt Nathanson Mar 10, 2019
meet & greet in minneapolis was a little different than usual... aaron had food poisoning, so i did it solo, kumbaya-style on the floor. madison and minneapolis and chicago were all amazing shows. pretty much every show on this tour has been magical. thank you to everyone who has been showing up & ruling! speaking of magical... im still processing my visit to paisley park 💜. it was just so heavy to be there. in prince’s space. and driving up the roads to get there i thought, “man, PRINCE drove these roads for most of his life! how crazy amazing is THAT?!” then yesterday, i went to the “dylan goes electric” exhibit here in chicago... 🤯 THERE IS SO MUCH GREATNESS IN THIS WORLD! 📸 Blu Sanders
Matt Nathanson Mar 10, 2019
jeanie was a powerhouse human. no bullshit. loved music. loved the sweetwater. i hate when ppl make other’s deaths about themselves, but i have to say very few ppl supported me & my music more. she created a magical harbor of a club. beautiful memories.
Matt Nathanson Mar 08, 2019
this tour's totally ruling! huge thank you to everyone who has come to (or has tickets for/or tried to get tickets for) a show. and as a little mid-tour appreciation gift, we recorded “used to be” from the dallas show (@ kessler theatre). ENJOY!
Matt Nathanson Mar 08, 2019
this week’s guest host of #wayitusedtobe is my friend Lynn Goldsmith. lynn is one of the best photographers on earth (check out her book “rock and roll stories”, it RULES!!) and she is a next level inspiring human… always pushing and evolving and always there with advice for me when i need it most. check out her photos (and google her david/goliath lawsuit against the warhol estate!!). thanks lynn!! :
Matt Nathanson Mar 06, 2019
last night in FREEZING indianapolis was amazing. the wheel was all about “some mad hope” during the show (bulletproof weeks/wedding dress/all we are) and some rad ones during meet&greet, including amazing again (!!). big thank you to everyone who packed in and ruled it. sold out madison tonight. 🔥 📸 sarah8119
Matt Nathanson Mar 05, 2019
we all know that old saying "tour merch is good for the soul”… well, all my new tour merch is up and waiting for your soul RIGHT NOW over @ my webstore...
Matt Nathanson Mar 05, 2019
gettin’ my poster signing on for the pre-show meet & greet in indianapolis tonight. sold out show! fun, cold times! 🥶🥶🥶🥶
Matt Nathanson Mar 05, 2019
cleveland. beachland ballroom. last night. sold out fun! oldie but goodie when the wheel gave us: “then i’ll be smiling” (!!) during the set. meet & greeters got good ones like “sky high honey” & “i saw”. @bettygoo & i ended the set in the crowd for a “suspended” kumbaya sing-along moment and then everyone went home in the newly fallen snow. ❄️ indy sold out tomorrow. much needed day off today in nashvegas. 📸 - concert.scene
Matt Nathanson Mar 03, 2019
last night. ann arbor. nutso quiet, amazing crowd. historic folk club. total joy. . wheel gave us a shit ton of early years me... “church clothes”, “lost myself”, “curve of the earth.” and i felt the need to do a springsteen song between “faster” and “higher” (see photo) cause it was so silent. . thank you to everyone who came! sold out tonight in cleveland. ❤️
Matt Nathanson Mar 02, 2019
rocha-cha-cha just KILLING last night. sold out show. rad venue. amazing crowd. . the wheel gave us “church clothes”/ “still” / “fall to pieces” @ the meet & greet, pre-show hootenanny. during the show we got a BUNCH of good ones: “all been said before”/“amazing again”(!!)/“heart starts” AND... i did an off the cuff cover of “fake plastic trees” by radiohead. . you all are powerful humans up there in the coldest parts of NY. thank you for such a bad-ass show! . 📸 - munnpsych
Matt Nathanson Mar 01, 2019
burlington, you were so bad-ass last night. thank you for coming out and braving the 🥶 and being so full of good love! a couple great wheel spins last night... during the pre-show we got “romeo and juliet” & “kill the lights” (i havent played KTL in a real long time... fun stuff!) and during the show we got “last days of summer in san francisco”, which never sucks to play. loving this tour so hard! 📸 -nina reid