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Matthew David Morris Dec 11, 2018
On the first Sunday in Advent, I shared this musical offering at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland for their Advent Procession. It was a joy and an honor to take part in this beautiful event. For those of you observing this holy season, I pray that these words speak to your heart as you wait.
Matthew David Morris Oct 25, 2018
Matthew David Morris Sep 20, 2018
Joy Williams is a gift. Writing with her was a dream. Hearing our song beneath this choreography breaks my heart in the best way.
Matthew David Morris Aug 31, 2018
Photo by Ali Johnton.
Matthew David Morris Aug 27, 2018
On the final episode of Lectio Musica, Matthew David shares his reflections on what he’s learned from this podcast project. Then he brings a new melody to an old, beloved prayer.
Matthew David Morris Aug 13, 2018
This week on #LectioMusica: Discernment. What's my work, and what belongs to God? I dedicate this episode's song, "That's God's Job," to all my friends who are trying to figure out the best next step to take.
Matthew David Morris Aug 06, 2018
The word of the week: honesty.
Matthew David Morris Jul 30, 2018
It's a new week and there's a new song on #LectioMusica!
Matthew David Morris Jul 23, 2018
This week on #LectioMusica: "This is the bottom... Now is the moment... Let's just be honest... And admit that we're broken..." The new song "Powerless," and a reflection on universality and particularity in songwriting.
Matthew David Morris Jul 18, 2018
I'm playing an intimate show in Portland on August 31st as a fundraiser for seminary tuition! FB Event coming soon!
Matthew David Morris Jul 17, 2018
Lectio Musica is on Spotify!! (I just learned this. I’m pretty excited.)
Matthew David Morris Jul 16, 2018
‪This week on #LectioMusica: ‬ ‪I welcome singer/songwriter, Jenny LaJoye, to the podcast to share her experience with the lectio musica practice & play her new song — “There Is Only Home”!‬ ‪Warning: once you hear it, you won’t stop singing it. 🎶😉‬
Matthew David Morris Jul 09, 2018
This week on Lectio Musica: I dive into the meaning of *call* & share some of my experience on the path to the Episcopal priesthood. Then the new song, "Brother John"!
Matthew David Morris Jul 02, 2018
The new episode of #LectioMusica is live! Check out the new song, "Testify"!
Matthew David Morris Jun 27, 2018
I’m sensing a theme...
Matthew David Morris Jun 25, 2018
Check out this special edition of #LectioMusica, featuring 3 new songs I shared in D.C. for the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival!
Matthew David Morris Jun 23, 2018
Fight poverty. Not the poor. #poorpeoplescampaign
Matthew David Morris Jun 18, 2018
Why do some songwriters write more affecting lyrics than others? What is at the root of a meaningful lyric? I explore these questions on this week's episode of #LectioMusica, and I share the new song -- "Were You There?"
Matthew David Morris Jun 12, 2018
"Will we sing 'Glory' ...when our old story has passed away?" In this week's #LectioMusica episode, I speak to the recent outpour of emotion over high-profile suicides, and I talk about encountering death in this Sunday's lectionary readings. If you’ve been struggling lately, and if you find yourself having thoughts about life and death that you don’t know how to process, call the number for Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. They’re available to talk 24/7/365. You don’t have to be suicidal to call, and they offer free, confidential crisis counseling.
Matthew David Morris Jun 11, 2018
This week's episode of #LectioMusica is dedicated to all of my friends affected by mental illness. The struggle is real, and you're totally not alone.
Matthew David Morris Jun 09, 2018
Downtown bound for Dinner Church at St. Stephen’s. (13th & Clay / 5:30pm).
Matthew David Morris Jun 08, 2018
Gay. Gay dad. Gay dad in a dad hat. Gay dad in a Wonder Woman dad hat. Me. #Pride
Matthew David Morris Jun 07, 2018
700 and counting...
Matthew David Morris Jun 04, 2018
To all my LGBTQ+ kin who are looking for a message of hope today, I offer you this. Episode 3 of #LectioMusica with the new song, Chosen Family. Jesus, it turns out, loves us all quite a lot.
Matthew David Morris Jun 04, 2018
It's Monday. You've got this.