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Nothing Left to Lose
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Mat Kearney Apr 16, 2019
Tampa who's excited about this one? Come hang with me this Sunday.
Mat Kearney Mar 07, 2019
The nerve-racking part of putting yourself out there is not knowing how you will be received. Thank you for all the kind words about my last post. As dumb as it is to fret over exposing something on Instagram I was surprised by the encouragement I found in your comments. It felt like the kindness of God telling me to press on. I just wanted to say Thanks.
Mat Kearney Mar 03, 2019
I wrote this in Jan with the intent to post it after I edited it. I actually am very self conscious about my spelling. I realized a year or so ago I have a degree of dyslexia. Nothing debilitating but something I have had present all my life. I forgot to post it or maybe got nervous which is ironic considering what I was feeling when I wrote it. Maybe I lost the battle but stumbled across it and wanted to win the war with this thought: Less editing more vulnerability.
Mat Kearney Mar 01, 2019
Mat Kearney Feb 28, 2019
Catching studio 🔥 with ROZES. This is my did you really just sing that or am I dreaming look.
Mat Kearney Feb 22, 2019
I can’t wait to share with you the songs I’m getting out here. This is a shot of me next to an adobe garden worried about rattlesnakes. #joshuatree
Mat Kearney Feb 15, 2019
Joshua Tree ✍️
Mat Kearney Oct 30, 2018
Super excited for #InningsFest
Mat Kearney Sep 28, 2018
Orlando last night was one for the books. Check my grandma out. 🙌 Ybor tonight!!! 📷- @brendonafrica 🔥
Mat Kearney Sep 17, 2018
grand rapids you were truly grand as well as super kind and might have known more words than anybody♥️♥️♥️
Mat Kearney Sep 16, 2018
Wisconsin thanks for dancing with us. #timeshare
Mat Kearney Sep 12, 2018
First show down and it was special. thanks louisville for singing along. love!
Mat Kearney Sep 07, 2018
Counting down the days til we kick off the #CRAZYTALKTOUR! Get your tickets & VIP packages here:
Mat Kearney Sep 07, 2018
's cover photo
Mat Kearney Aug 27, 2018
Where we gonna go from here
Mat Kearney Aug 20, 2018
Old songs for a new tour next month. Should this one make the cut? What do you think? Any requests?
Mat Kearney Aug 17, 2018
I captured some pretty awesome life moments these past few weeks with the Canon EOS M50, available at #BestBuy. Big thanks to my buddies at Canon for lining this up! I'm such a fan of what you guys do. Last chance to get in on this exclusive VIP experience sponsored by Canon: #shootforgreatness NO PURCH NEC. Odds dpnd on entries rec'd. Ends 08/17/2018. Rules:"
Mat Kearney Aug 15, 2018
Living in Nashville has shaped who I am as a songwriter; the culture, the heritage, the people are all beautiful. I really enjoyed partnering with Canon and walking around town shooting some of my favorite places with the Canon EOS M50 and talking about what I love about this city’s songwriting community. #shootforgreatness #BestBuy
Mat Kearney Jul 31, 2018
Yo September 22!! We're heading to Pilgrimage Music Festival in Franklin, TN to play some songs for you guys. It's going to be awesome. Tickets are still available:
Mat Kearney Jul 26, 2018
Should we get a countdown started? Almost time to kick off the #CRAZYTALKtour!! Grab your tickets riiiight here:
Mat Kearney Jul 26, 2018
"We've got a cool prize pack set up for you guys - tickets to a show + an exclusive VIP access to take photos and video with the new Canon EOS M50 camera, available at #BestBuy. Sponsored by Canon. For a chance to win, visit: #shootforgreatness NO PURCH NEC. Odds dpnd on entries rec'd. Ends 08/17/2018. Rules:"
Mat Kearney Jul 13, 2018
Check out this acoustic version of "Kings & Queens" from my new album CRAZYTALK. Also... you should get in on this cool VIP, sponsored by Canon opportunity by going to + entering for a chance to see me live! #shootforgreatness. NO PURCH NEC. Odds dpnd on entries rec'd. Ends 08/17/2018. Rules:
Mat Kearney Jul 02, 2018
Got a new video for Memorized out NOW! Check it out and let me know what you guys think. 🎥:
Mat Kearney Jul 02, 2018
Before music, my first love was photography. Most people don’t know this but I was really close to going to art school to pursue it. Eventually, I found music and the rest is history, but capturing images is still one of my favorite things to do. I've taken a lot of photos of my family using the Canon​ EOS M50, available at #BestBuy. How about you? I wanna see what you guys got. Share a photo in the comments below. Sponsored by Canon. #shootforgreatness
Mat Kearney Jul 02, 2018
“Memorized” 🎥 tomorrow