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Book of Life
Bird, Lake, Objects
Masayoshi Fujita Dec 26, 2018
Beautiful memory of this year's last concert in Moscow. Thank you Dasha Pochercc (Даша Почерк) for stunning pictures! and thank you Fields team and those who came to the concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. See you next time!
Masayoshi Fujita Dec 25, 2018
Masayoshi Fujita Dec 10, 2018
Baba Yaga's Hut
Masayoshi Fujita Dec 08, 2018
Masayoshi Fujita [JP] + Anne Muller [Ger] [TivoliVredenburg]
Masayoshi Fujita Dec 08, 2018
In Warsaw
Masayoshi Fujita Dec 01, 2018
Upcoming Events
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 22, 2018
Baba Yaga's Hut
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 16, 2018
at NODE Festival
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 16, 2018
NODE festival
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 15, 2018
I think this became one of few shows I would remember for long time after. Thank you NODE 2018 team for making it happen.
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 11, 2018
Erased Tapes
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 10, 2018
Had a really good show in Leuven, Belgium. So lovely to play with great cellists Anne Müller and Sebastian Selke. So nice. We have to do it again.
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 04, 2018
Worldwide FM
Masayoshi Fujita Nov 02, 2018
いよいよ本日奈良のsonihouseにて! 今日は僕一人だけの出演ということもあり、二部構成で普段やらない曲もやります。限定のクリアヴァイナルのLPももってきましたよ。来てね。
Masayoshi Fujita Oct 27, 2018
11/2の奈良公演に続いて、3日は京都、恵文社一乗寺店 COTTAGEにて。こちらも非常に楽しみ!
Masayoshi Fujita Oct 25, 2018
Masayoshi Fujita Oct 14, 2018
Really really looking forward to playing in this church.
Masayoshi Fujita Sep 30, 2018
It was so nice to play with Phaedra ensemble!
Masayoshi Fujita Sep 20, 2018
Only few days to go for the release concerts in London and Berlin! I'm preparing a special set with an ensemble for these shows. Hope to see you there! Sep 23. London: Sep 25. Berlin:
Masayoshi Fujita Sep 17, 2018
Finally got this beauty for myself!! Will bring some to the concert in London and in Berlin!
Masayoshi Fujita Aug 24, 2018
Erased Tapes
Masayoshi Fujita Aug 23, 2018
"The unconventional vibraphonist seeks the unknown, the indefinably divine synthesis of sound that transcends the logic and science behind craft. Such confident pursuit of innovation focused by the intent of achieving new emotional textures yields stunning results." :)
Masayoshi Fujita Aug 16, 2018
The Playground
Masayoshi Fujita Aug 12, 2018
I made the last three albums (Stories, Apologues, Book of Life) as a trilogy. Here is a beautiful teaser video by C. Yuhki Oka featuring a song and the artwork of each three albums. Directed by C. Yuhki Oka | Artwork by Bernd Kuchenbeiser / Karl Blossfeldt Concept & Art Direction by Robert Raths "It’s Magical could easily soundtrack a film by Hayao Miyazaki" — Pitchfork "A masterpiece... One of a kind." — The Fader "Fujita is a rare talent and Book of Life should announce him to a much wider audience as a vital composer with a unique voice" — Exclaim! "There's a singular , naturalistic purity about this ambient experimental composer's work that is truly outstanding" — Electronic Sound Magazine Order Book of Life on LP/CD/DL: Order Stories on LP/CD/DL: Order Apologues on limited edition clear vinyl: Book tickets for London and Berlin:
Masayoshi Fujita Aug 12, 2018
Here is another beautiful writing about my new album. So glad! Thank you A Closer Listen! "Masayoshi Fujita’s Book of Life records the sweet fragility of a vitality we are too used to conceiving of as forceful, offering musical tales of settling dust and quiet sighs instead, a life defined by the haze of passing time rather than its seizure by means of action."