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Singin' Along and Adventure Songs
Heart on My Sleeve
Mary Lambert Dec 12, 2018
I think it's tragic that loving your body unconditionally is a radical notion. I think it's tragic that our culture views fat bodies as failing bodies. I think it's tragic that our culture enforces the idea that there are "good" bodies, and "bad" bodies. Who wins if I hate myself? Who benefits from my shame? Who is profiting from my hurt? I refuse to let my insecurity be used as currency. Fuck your flat tummy teas, your appetite suppressant lollipops marketed to teens, fuck preying on young women's insecurity. Over it.
Mary Lambert Dec 10, 2018
Wish I had taken a photo of the actual night, because it was so special. I sang, I played cello, I accidentally started silent night up an octave & the audience didn’t all collectively throw up! Thank you for having me, Springfield Symphony! I loved it!
Mary Lambert Dec 08, 2018
Tonight I’m singing with the Springfield Symphony (and ALSO PLAYING CELLO!?!?!!!)
Mary Lambert Dec 05, 2018
See you tomorrow night, Boston!! Info in the bio!! #shameisanoceaniswimacross
Mary Lambert Dec 05, 2018
Our fearless leader 🐶
Mary Lambert Dec 02, 2018
New last minute performances announced!!!! Put them on your calendar & come hang with me!! show links in bio! 12/6 BOSTON - performance, signing, and Q&A at Trident Booksellers & Cafe 12/8 SPRINGFIELD, MA - performing with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra 1/4 SEATTLE, WA - performance, signing, and Q&A at University Temple United Methodist Church via University Book Store
Mary Lambert Nov 30, 2018
Portrait of the Beagle at Christmas
Mary Lambert Nov 28, 2018
Mary Lambert Nov 27, 2018
God I love so much that Seventeen put "Shame Is an Ocean I Swim Across" in their zodiac gift guide (for Pisces obvi lololol) thank you babes.
Mary Lambert Nov 27, 2018
Romance spam!!!!!
Mary Lambert Nov 27, 2018
This is part of a poem from my book! It is a very sad & emotional book! Idk what else to say but #shameisanoceaniswimacross has been out for over a month and I’m so proud of this little sad baby.
Mary Lambert Nov 19, 2018
Did you know Shame Is an Ocean is also an audiobook that I play piano on?? It is really good but really sad and I don't recommend listening all at once unless you have 6 hours to cry and a soft puppy to be your friend.
Mary Lambert Nov 13, 2018
Just dropping this here 💕
Mary Lambert Nov 05, 2018
Prog denim unite @jacobtobia
Mary Lambert Nov 05, 2018
So grateful for these insanely talented, kind, beautiful femmes in my life. These people make me a better person & I’m so lucky to know them ♥️
Mary Lambert Nov 03, 2018
LA! This is happening tomorrow! This is my last performance in LA for quite awhile & I’d love to see you! Also! I am so so lucky that @jacobtobia will be moderating the Q&A. Don’t miss it! 1-3pm at @bneventsgrove ♥️
Mary Lambert Oct 31, 2018
The rise of fear-mongering rhetoric is everywhere, it’s the scariest thing of all. YES ON 3 MASSACHUSETTS!!!
Mary Lambert Oct 29, 2018
Tonight’s look in nashville ♥️ See you next weekend, LA!
Mary Lambert Oct 25, 2018
My book is out & today I do my first signing and performance in nyc! @kellycutrone will be moderating a Q&A with me at @bntribeca!! Next shows are in Nashville & LA! See you soonsies 😘
Mary Lambert Oct 24, 2018
Spent 15 minutes today donating to trans centered organizations. Took me 15 minutes. Can’t wait to vote in November, which will only take another 15 minutes. Compassion is really really easy. #voteyeson3
Mary Lambert Oct 23, 2018
My book is finally released into the wild. I hope it provides something for you, acts as a service, or friend. It was real therapy to make and I am a happier, more well-adjusted person because of it. Grateful to @macmillanusa for helping me release this and for facilitating such a smooth launch. Hopefully I’ll see you in nyc, LA, or Nashville this week! ♥️you guys. Take care of yourselves when reading this, it covers a lot of trauma and is sometimes explicit.
Mary Lambert Oct 22, 2018
✨BIG NEWS ✨ Tomorrow my book of poetry comes out. It’s called “Shame Is an Ocean I Swim Across”. I’m doing two readings in NYC & LA, and a show in Nashville. You can order my book here (or anywhere you like to buy books): Events are listed below, also omfg I have a book coming out and I’m so terrified ✨✨✨✨✨✨ 10/25 | NYC | Barnes & Noble Tribeca | Q&A with Kelly Cutrone | event info: 10/28 NASHVILLE | City Winery Nashville | Jake Wesley Rogers opening | event page: 11/4 | LOS ANGELES | Barnes & Noble Events, The Grove | Q&A with Jacob Tobia | event page:
Mary Lambert Oct 19, 2018
NYC! Nashville! LA! I'm coming v soon with MY NEW BOOK!!!
Mary Lambert Sep 20, 2018
Everett Herald
Mary Lambert Sep 20, 2018
Turnip is really good at hide & seek