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Singin' Along and Adventure Songs
Heart on My Sleeve
Mary Lambert Feb 15, 2019
I swear to god I didn’t hack this site and put my name in!!!!!
Mary Lambert Feb 15, 2019
Is it possible to feel this otherworldly about another person? To just know? Is it really possible for love to be this easy? Oh, how we fit. Oh, this knowing. What a grand life. God, offer me humility and grace to receive this abundant too muchness, let me be kind to this love always. Let me revel in it, spread my arms in the sun of it. Happy Valentine’s Day, love.
Mary Lambert Feb 11, 2019
Thank you Wachusett Mountain for a phenomenal ski & stay today!!
Mary Lambert Feb 08, 2019
took a break from writing emails to give u this gift 🎁
Mary Lambert Feb 04, 2019
Horror Orchid. 18 tracks. Fall 2019.
Mary Lambert Jan 28, 2019
Turnip is officially a studio dog! 🐶
Mary Lambert Jan 24, 2019
T-shirt sale going on in my store!! Crop tops & lots of sizes, cuties. Link in bio.
Mary Lambert Jan 21, 2019
Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across came out 3 months ago & I’m so proud of this book. Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy & said such kind words. I’m so grateful to you all. I can’t believe I get to do this for a living. Next up: ALBUM!!
Mary Lambert Jan 18, 2019
“Ten times a day something happens to me like this - some strengthening throb of amazement - some good sweet empathic ping and swell. This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.” —Mary Oliver We spent last night in Minnesota in a treehouse cabin in the snow, cooking together & watching jeopardy, and I think it was my favorite nights we’ve had on this trip. As a storyteller, I want to catch this love in a jar like a firefly and share it wide and loud. But it’s all happening now, every moment. Electric. Impossible. We’ve been driving all over the country and every day has been filled with just... unbridled joy. Friends, family, walks with the pup, raw honey, good wine. Long drives and studio days, writing songs with some of my dearest friends. Beach sunsets, midwest sunrises, full bellies. While I was crying, overwhelmed by goodness, Paige said, “I love you more than the telling of it”. I am so full. What divine luck.
Mary Lambert Jan 13, 2019
I haven’t been posting as much because I’ve been in the studio almost every day, trying to finish up this album! I’m so thankful I got the chance to stretch my legs yesterday and see the beautiful northwest in all its sun-bathed glory. Magnificent. My heart is full, my soul is at peace, and my body is nourished. I hope you’re all well and cared for in the new year. I’m sending calm, peace, and sunlight to you. 🌞🌲🌞🌲
Mary Lambert Jan 13, 2019
The last few days, I’ve dedicated myself to engineering and programming, and have fully fleshed out a track on my own! This next album is produced by me, and now I can say, partly engineered by me, too! I wrapped up the other night and felt a wave of accomplishment & a new level of independence. I know it has taken years, but I promise, it will be worth the wait. My soul is written into every sound, lyric, melody; it’s embedded into the EQ, the reverb, the warmth of the audio. I cannot wait to share my masterpiece with you all. 📷: @one_chance_fancy
Mary Lambert Jan 11, 2019
Incredibly heartbroken to hear of my mentor, Linda Waterfall’s passing. I spent 4 years under Linda studying songwriting at Cornish, and I would not be the writer I am without her guidance and persistence to find beauty in mistakes. In one of her last emails to me, Linda said “you are a manifestation of the goddess. I’m really going to miss you.” I’m really going to miss you too, Linda. Your heart was so big and pure and full of light & you made the world a better place just by existing. I wish we could have had tea one last time; I will think of you often and fondly.
Mary Lambert Jan 05, 2019
soundchecking with my pup & my love! See you tonight, Seattle. It’s gonna be very special 💕
Mary Lambert Jan 04, 2019
Seattle!! This is tomorrow!! I’m reading my book & signing books & answering questions, unless your question is about how to promote shows!!!!
Mary Lambert Dec 31, 2018
Please please please can we make 2019 be the year where using mindful language for other people with different experiences than you stops being referred to as "politically correct"
Mary Lambert Dec 29, 2018
Rest of the world: the holidays!The family’s here! A time to connect! Queers: LETS SING TORI AMOS COVERS IN THE LIVING ROOM
Mary Lambert Dec 23, 2018
Turnip loves it here 🐶
Mary Lambert Dec 23, 2018
Gorgeous day outside of Yellowstone today.
Mary Lambert Dec 22, 2018
We made a friend today!!!
Mary Lambert Dec 14, 2018
Where is the holiday pool party, I’m ready
Mary Lambert Dec 12, 2018
I think it's tragic that loving your body unconditionally is a radical notion. I think it's tragic that our culture views fat bodies as failing bodies. I think it's tragic that our culture enforces the idea that there are "good" bodies, and "bad" bodies. Who wins if I hate myself? Who benefits from my shame? Who is profiting from my hurt? I refuse to let my insecurity be used as currency. Fuck your flat tummy teas, your appetite suppressant lollipops marketed to teens, fuck preying on young women's insecurity. Over it.
Mary Lambert Dec 10, 2018
Wish I had taken a photo of the actual night, because it was so special. I sang, I played cello, I accidentally started silent night up an octave & the audience didn’t all collectively throw up! Thank you for having me, Springfield Symphony! I loved it!
Mary Lambert Dec 08, 2018
Tonight I’m singing with the Springfield Symphony (and ALSO PLAYING CELLO!?!?!!!)
Mary Lambert Dec 05, 2018
See you tomorrow night, Boston!! Info in the bio!! #shameisanoceaniswimacross
Mary Lambert Dec 05, 2018
Our fearless leader 🐶