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Marty Friedman Jun 07, 2019
In Japan? Don’t miss these two tv appearances! Tonight at 1AM on Buzz Rhythm (Nippon TV) debuting the brand new song I wrote with DPS and tomorrow at 9PM on Admatic Tengoku (TV TOKYO) 今夜日テレのバズリズムで、DPSと一緒作った曲のテレビデビュー見逃し無く!そして両極端で明日の21時テレ東のアド街を楽しんで下さい!
Marty Friedman May 29, 2019
Interview from New York City! Thanks to my good friends at Sam Ash Music!
Marty Friedman May 21, 2019
16ヶ所日本遺産認定されました。とてもおめでたい事で、令和の嬉しいスタートです!!Yesterday, 16 places in Japan were officially announced as points of Japan Heritage. Even after living here, I didn’t know many of these wonderful places before. So much more to explore!
Marty Friedman May 19, 2019
This was shot when we played “Canon ala Koto” for a beautifully done SMBC bank commercial. Full version of the song here: And can you imagine how hard it was to get packed down so tight???!!
Marty Friedman May 17, 2019
‪7月5日渋谷eplusでのライブ今からチケット販売スタート!鰻-night」泣きバラード祭+ロックフジヤマ再結成コーナー?!ファンの必見!‬ Tickets on sale NOW for the July 5 orchestral ballad show in Shibuya at the above link! Rumor has it that there will also be a reunion of certain Rock Fujiyama cast members doing a special talk/jam session during the show—a must if you are in Japan!!
Marty Friedman May 12, 2019
‪7月5日渋谷eplusでのライブ今からチケット販売スタート!鰻-night」泣きバラード祭+ロックフジヤマ再結成コーナー?!ファンの必見!‬ Tickets on sale NOW for the July 5 orchestral ballad show in Shibuya at the above link! Rumor has it that there will also be a reunion of certain Rock Fujiyama cast members doing a special talk/jam session during the show—a must if you are in Japan!!
Marty Friedman May 10, 2019
嬉しい発表です!7月5日渋谷のeplusでスペシャルライブ行います!チケット販売は12日からです!鰻-night」 Announcing a very special concert! July 5 at Eplus in Shibuya, we will do our orchestral ballad show-plus a Rock Fujiyama-ish section?!? Tix on sale 5/12 at the link above.
Marty Friedman Apr 30, 2019
平成時代、心からありがとう。日本の皆さん、そして世界の皆さん、令和に平和と幸せが溢れる様に祈っております。 A new era begins today in Japan. The Heisei era saw many fascinating things and history changing events. Let the new Reiwa era be an era filled with new levels of peace and happiness for the entire world.
Marty Friedman Apr 24, 2019
The interviewer Lee, was a fantastic bloke and got me talking about an extreme range of topics in great detail. Enjoy at your own peril.
Marty Friedman Apr 24, 2019
Here`s a new band from Osaka called "dps". They have a ton of potential and I really enjoyed working with them on this new song, which I co-wrote, arranged and played guitar on. They also toured with me in Asia last year which means these guys can seriously play... Enjoy their brand new video! 大阪のdpsの新曲は僕と楽しいコラボです〜出来立てほやほやビデオを是非チェックしてみて下さい!
Marty Friedman Apr 19, 2019 This is right in my neighborhood in the Nishi-Shinjuku area of Tokyo! ご近所のビジョンに出るのが嬉しいです
Marty Friedman Apr 15, 2019
Sometimes when I come home from tour, I still can’t believe where I live...東京に長く住んでてもご近所ってこんなに美しい事今でも驚きます
Marty Friedman Apr 11, 2019
All right friends, here is a new EMG TV video for you. The folks at EMG really got it right. It`s a new thing for me to hear this much pitch in each note while still having enough gain to do ear damage. These pickups were a godsend while recording my Wall of Sound album, because I was playing many melodies in a heavy context, and I needed all the "human" nuances to rise above the din of heaviness and be heard. Those of you who have these in your guitar, definitely post a video here or in the fan group, which is awaiting your presence!
Marty Friedman Apr 08, 2019
Was talking to a friend about how since I was the smallest, scrawniest kid in grade school I would always be last to be chosen for any sports teams, and he said, "They would never choose that way now. It`s cruel and it`s not fair." I was kind of surprised by that comment. Back then the team captain for each team took turns choosing who he wanted , so obviously the good guys got picked first, and towards the end, guys like me and other misfits had to watch as the talent pool got weaker and weaker until we were eventually reluctantly and mercifully chosen. At the time I hated it, but I never thought it was the "wrong" way, and it certainly made me try to really work as hard as I could to at least NOT SUCK AS BAD AS I LOOKED LIKE I WAS GONNA SUCK. It took all of my energy (especially in football) to compete with the big jocks, but I REALLY did not want to be picked last. So after tons of effort and sweat, instead of being last, eventually I was probably 26th or 27th out of 30 to be chosen. The point I`m making is, even though it sucked (bad) going through that, I think the system is completely fair and should not be changed. I think the system made me focus my energy and improve-if only slightly-at something,. Had I been put on the team because it was "fair", I would have thought I deserved to be there, when in fact I hadn`t worked to deserve anything yet. It is actually a pretty good lesson for life, as in the real world people should (and usually do) get chosen by how well they do the job at hand-not because "everyone should have a chance". What do you all think?
Marty Friedman Apr 07, 2019
On my Europe trip I was often asked what my favorite solo (of mine) is. I can never give a good answer, because anytime I`ve released anything, it means it was the best I could do, and I like it even more than whatever I had done previously. That said, a solo from a kinda rare song always pops up in my head when I get asked this question. There is so much that happened on this that I liked, that I think it`s worth a listen to those who are interested in my playing.
Marty Friedman Apr 06, 2019
's cover photo
Marty Friedman Apr 05, 2019
WIN MY SIG MODEL GUITAR WITH MY SIG PICKUPS from EMG!!! Video HERE: ENTER HERE: The Marty Friedman pickups are passive, "human" sounding pickups that respond to the unique nuances of each player`s individual touch. Hear exactly what makes you sound like YOU!
Marty Friedman Apr 04, 2019 Kiyoshi is a star in her own right, but THIS VIDEO sums up exactly why she is in my band. This the live performance that is on the ONE BAD M.F. Live! album--not one single note was fixed, changed or overdubbed. Heard this album yet??
Marty Friedman Apr 03, 2019
A big hello and thanks to all of you who came out to my US concert tour in Jan/Feb and the Europe master class tour in March. My band and i had a blast! I have a question for all VIPs and M&G attendees who got the “Super Bootleg” CD—-what, if any, were the songs that you liked best?
Marty Friedman Mar 30, 2019
Here’s a clip of Whiteworm from the master class at the Larvik Guitar Festival in Norway. Very well organized event, and everyone there was friendly and very intelligent too. An extremely diverse collection of unique guitarists there.
Marty Friedman Mar 28, 2019
I’m in Norway to play the Larvik Guitar Festival, and I always love to try candies and junk food from foreign countries when I get to a unique place like Norway. This “salt skum” sounds absolutely disgusting, and it is , but every time I come to Scandinavia, I find myself liking it more and more.... It’s like a bitter black licorice with three days worth of sodium injected in it. Can’t wait to try that hockey puck looking thing.
Marty Friedman Mar 28, 2019
Thanks to all the wonderful people who attended the European master class tour I just finished! Every event was completely full, with friendly people with lots of curiosity and great questions. But often it was the people outside of the guitar clinics, like this sweet lady here in Orvieto Italy, who made the tour such a joy. I will definitely be back with my band next time!! Until then, enjoy the One Bad MF LIVE album!!
Marty Friedman Mar 26, 2019
I love Europe— the people, food, traditions, architecture, music and many other things. But can someone please tell me what on earth is up with only half a shower door?!?! Aren’t maids tired of cleaning up the unavoidable floods every day? Do people like freezing cold air coming in while they shower? Can someone explain any merit to this mystery?
Marty Friedman Mar 25, 2019
Those are some of the FUNNIEST comments I’ve ever seen, thanks for all those! Enough of the food talk (for today) and here’s a little bit from the master class in Luxembourg.
Marty Friedman Mar 25, 2019
Ok so we know how you feel about mixing cheese and fish... but I just saw this lady cut her long pasta spaghetti with a knife and fork like she was cutting a steak. So— which is worse? Cheese/fish or cutting spaghetti? Let me know!!