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One Bad M.F. Live!!
Wall of Sound
Dragon's Kiss
鉄色クローンX feat. Marty Friedman
Future Addict
Bad D.N.A.
Tokyo Jukebox, Vols. 1 & 2
Exhibit a - Live In Europe
Future Addict
Music for Speeding
True Obsessions
Speed Metal Symphony

Marty Friedman with Immortal Guardian at Saint Vitus Bar (February 22, 2019)
Venue: Saint Vitus Bar (Brooklyn, NY, US) Find tickets
Marty Friedman with Immortal Guardian and Etherius at Crossroads (February 23, 2019)
Venue: Crossroads (Garwood, NJ, US) Find tickets
Marty Friedman Feb 19, 2019
Hey Friends! We`re deep into the tour and we are loving it! Thanks for coming out in the insane weather and blowing our minds every night! If any of you saw the show, let us know all about it, If we didn`t hit your town, tell us where we should go next time. We want to play EVERYWHERE!
Marty Friedman Feb 12, 2019
Hey Friends-It has come to my attention that many of you have not received info related to the VIP packages that you have. If you have questions you can go here: or you can just show up at the venue in time for the show. For most of the shows, we have been bringing the VIP`s inside our tour bus and they have been loving it!! The meet and greet usually takes place about 60-90 minutes before my band goes on. You will get an unreleased CD from Japan, official guitar pick, photos with me (sometimes Kiyoshi, Chargeeee and Jordan are around but can`t promise that) and UNLIMITED articles signed! Many of the VIPs are sold out but some shows still have remaining VIPs available, hope to see you there!
Marty Friedman Feb 08, 2019
Prosthetic Records
Marty Friedman Feb 05, 2019
My brilliant tech Alan Sosa put together this simple but perfect board for this ONE BAD MF LIVE tour. Thanks to Boss, Mxr and Pedal train for their support! . . . #boss #bossfx #bosseffects #bosspedals #mxr #jimdunlop @bossfx_us @jimdunlopusa @jimdunlopjp @pedaltrain #mypedaltrain #pedaltrain
Marty Friedman Jan 28, 2019
VIP packages!! If you plan to do a VIP package, you must act fast—-they are selling out quickly, and some cities go off sale one week prior to the show to ensure proper correspondence from vip organizers Wonderful Union. Get them now...HERE
Marty Friedman Jan 28, 2019
Check out Carlos from Immortal Guardian ( I had an immoral guardian when I was a kid but that’s a different story) rocking the brand new ONE BAD MF tour shirt!! Lots of cool new merch on this tour, join us and get some!!
Marty Friedman Jan 27, 2019
Rock 102.1 KFMA
Marty Friedman Jan 23, 2019
We are in the USA now and our tour starts TOMORROW!!! All info below—BE THERE! Please note: there is a show on Jan. 25 in Riverside CA at Romano’s Concert Lounge that was missing from the previous tour poster. The show IS happening and tix are available HERE! This will be a unique show for sure... !
Marty Friedman Jan 22, 2019
We are in the USA now and our tour starts TOMORROW!!! All info below—BE THERE!!
Marty Friedman Jan 14, 2019
US tour starts this month!! Tickets and the best VIP packages yet are on sale NOW at Some shows are close to sold out, but all shows still have tickets available as of now. See you there!!
Marty Friedman Jan 07, 2019
‪3月15日(金)の東京ライブ遂に一般チケット予約スタートしました!! Tickets on sale now for an extremely special show in Tokyo—to celebrate the last spring of the Heisei Era in Japan, On March 15, Marty presents a unique show with orchestral arrangements of his most spine tingling songs, many performed for the first time. If you are in Japan, do not miss this!
Marty Friedman Jan 04, 2019
Hey friends—Danko Jones is going to join us on stage at our Anaheim show at the HOB on Jan 24!! If you don’t know his music, check his latest album, “Wild Cat” or hear the amazing stuff he did on my “Inferno “album. My band from Japan is on fire about this...
Marty Friedman Jan 04, 2019
We`re doing the "fan jam" again this tour-where we choose some courageous maniac from the audience and he or she jams with me and the band. Here`s a heads up for those of you thinking about giving it a shot--We will jam the middle section of this song HERE:
Marty Friedman Dec 24, 2018
Have a fantastic holiday season!!
Marty Friedman Dec 21, 2018
Thanks for all your suggestions! Really happy to hear all the love for Polyrhythm! I arranged that song for six guitars, so it might require some surgery to do it with two guys, but we’ll definitely give it a shot! Thanks for your support!!
Marty Friedman Dec 20, 2018
Please...tell me your fave song(s) from ONE BAD M.F. LIVE! We are overhauling the setlist and adding a ton of new stuff for the Jan/Feb 2019 tour and I wanna make sure we keep your faves in there.
Marty Friedman Dec 11, 2018
North America “WALL OF SOUND/ONE BAD M.F. LIVE!” Jan/Feb tour tickets and ultimate VIP packages on sale NOW at
Marty Friedman Dec 10, 2018
Thinking about going to Japan? Maybe my next show in March 2019? Tokyo Olympics in 2020? Just for a mind-bending vacation? DO IT! Watch this first to get some ideas...
Marty Friedman Dec 08, 2018
HUGE thanks to all the super fans who have made the official fan group such a unique and fun place!! In no time you’ve reached 10,000 members, and I appreciate every single one of you! 僕のファングループに参加したら如何でしょうか?全世界の人がメンバーになってますので、難しい英語があまり無くて英語苦手の方でもたっぷり楽しめる!もし僕の音楽のきっかけで海外の友達出来たら非常に嬉しいです!
Marty Friedman Dec 05, 2018
This track should get you pumped for our tour in January! I love the comments in this video, maybe you all can come up with ones of your own? Let me see what you got!
Marty Friedman Dec 03, 2018
Limited to 20 lucky participants— Attend Marty’s USA tour pre-production rehearsal on January 22 in Los Angeles! This was such a hit in October, we are offering it again- the ultimate Christmas gift, available now!
Marty Friedman Dec 01, 2018
So after a quick tour of Asia, here’s my quick impressions of the 4 places I went, after spending 2 days in each place: Hong Kong- One of the most stunning skylines I ever saw, unbelievable food and unique blade runner looking areas Bangkok- Warm and friendly people, godlike Thai food (duh), gorgeous women Singapore- The most extravagant and awesome mall I’ve ever seen, very little traffic, a safe and fun atmosphere, surprisingly loud fans! Manila- Extremely helpful and friendly people, passion for music, at home feeling reminded me of Hawaii You should visit all these places!
Marty Friedman Nov 22, 2018
Random Japan things—“dagashi”
Marty Friedman Nov 15, 2018
Random things I dig about Japan—The new Olympic sized taxis!
Marty Friedman Nov 14, 2018
I posted this in the fan group, but I thought it was important for everyone visiting this FB to see so I`ll post it here too-- WOW!! You guys really posted new videos right away! Keep them coming! I was excited to look through them, and I have to tell you-all of you are MORE THAN READY to get into a band, if you are not already in one. Make it happen! It`s common for guys to play amazing stuff in their bedrooms these days, but the ones that actually make their musical dreams come true (regardless of how they play) are the ones who get OUT, meet people (not only on line but IN PERSON), put projects together, form or join bands, put on events, play in front of REAL PEOPLE, and make things happen. You DON`T have to be a great musician yet, or even a GOOD musician yet. You just gotta get out there and start piling up the experiences sooner than later. Here is a pic of me in a band at 16--and believe me, I was nowhere near the level of what you guys are playing at. You can do it! Now get out there and ROCK!! GO!