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The Defenestration of St Martin
Martin Rossiter Feb 20, 2019
Hello everyone. A couple of things, firstly I finally got control of my merch back so I'm selling off the remaining items at silly prices on Secondly, I might have some news in a couple of months. He says knowingly teasing.
Martin Rossiter May 06, 2015
I've written my debut (maybe last) political blog. With the election on the morrow I wanted to throw my tuppence worth into the ring. It's on the dangers of tactical voting. If you agree I'd appreciate a share, if not then I hope you appreciate the sentiment or even just the font. Thanks.
Martin Rossiter Aug 10, 2014
I'm not dead.
Martin Rossiter Feb 07, 2014
I'm sure you all loathe Putin's homophobia, if this video goes viral it won't change the world but it will really piss him off.
Martin Rossiter Feb 04, 2014
I'm terrible at promotion. I have neglected to mention that the live DVD also has both promo videos from the album. I'm not sure how many signed copies there are left but it can't be many because my wrist started to hurt.
Martin Rossiter Jan 25, 2014
This is the best lyric I've ever written, pretty tune too.
Martin Rossiter Jan 25, 2014
I heard from a mudlark that there be news about Gene.
Martin Rossiter Jan 23, 2014
Darling Sorrow from the Live at Bush Hall DVD.
Martin Rossiter Jan 18, 2014
The Live at Bush Hall DVD is out in a couple of weeks. Look how lovely it is.
Martin Rossiter Dec 12, 2013
Jonny found 39 of these hidden at the back of a cupboard. If you're lucky some might come with Eau De Cobweb.
Martin Rossiter Dec 09, 2013
There are only 30 of these t-shirts left on sale and I've decided (under pressure from one of my kids) to donate £2 to Task Brazil for each shirt sold.
Martin Rossiter Dec 08, 2013
Aren't you all lovely, thanks for the feedback we'll get the shirts printed. They are on sale now.
Martin Rossiter Dec 06, 2013
Hello all. A lovely man called Federico Gomez from Argentina took it upon himself to design me a t-shirt. With his kind permission we are going to do a limited run. If you're interested leave a comment so we can get a rough idea of how many to print.
Martin Rossiter Nov 01, 2013
Tomorrow will be quite special I think. I'm feeling chatty and confessional. A tinge of sadness too, I can't imagine I'll be playing live for at least 18 months.
Martin Rossiter Oct 30, 2013
Stage time will be 8.30 at the earliest. See some of you on Saturday.
Martin Rossiter Oct 30, 2013
Any Drowned In Sound readers here? Have a butchers.
Martin Rossiter Oct 19, 2013
This is the last chance to see me with just an ol' Joanna.
Martin Rossiter Oct 19, 2013
Help Laura out.
Martin Rossiter Oct 19, 2013
This for those who haven't seen it, is the video for No One Left To Blame.
Martin Rossiter Oct 05, 2013
The show is at The Islington in London on November 2nd. It will be the last piano and voice show I do.
Martin Rossiter Oct 05, 2013
Hello all, I'll be posting the link for tickets to my next (and last show in a long while) at 9pm.
Martin Rossiter Oct 03, 2013
Martin Rossiter Oct 03, 2013
I'm terrible at self promotion, I forgot to let you know I have a single out.
Martin Rossiter Oct 03, 2013
Forgive my recent silence but I'd forgotten quite how time consuming having a wee one crawling about was. I have some news for thee; fairly soon I shall be playing my last show for the foreseeable future. I need to get writing the next album and if the last one is anything to go by it could be quite a while. I do love to tease so more news on the morrow.