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Marshall Loren Aug 12, 2019
Sannu Not really tough
Marshall Loren Aug 10, 2019
Like the page for more content! New song available on all platforms!
Marshall Loren Aug 09, 2019
Studio session at Altru Creative gotta take advantage of that bathroom mirror
Marshall Loren Aug 08, 2019
Marshall Loren Aug 08, 2019
Marshall Loren
Marshall Loren Aug 08, 2019
Marshall Loren's cover photo
Marshall Loren Jul 27, 2019
NEW LYRIC VIDEO OUT NOW Lyric video by: Larry McMillian Artwork by: Kelly Cunningham Footage: Jared Cunningham Music Prod: Timothy Joe Ryssemus Altru Creative
Marshall Loren Jun 27, 2019
Have y’all heard the new song yet? Go click follow on my Spotify for new music! CLICK HERE:
Marshall Loren Jun 21, 2019
My new song "Back On Me" is out now! Go share it with your friends and all over your social media so I know it's real
Marshall Loren Dec 05, 2018
Marshall Loren
Marshall Loren Sep 24, 2018
NEW MUSIC ALERT: "Hanging With Your Ex" by American Pop-R&B Sensation, Marshall Click below to listen on Spotify!
Marshall Loren Sep 16, 2018
Marshall Loren
Marshall Loren Sep 07, 2018
After many years of crafting my sound, writing hundreds of songs, and finally finding who I am as a musical artist, I am very excited to share with you my new song "Hanging With Your Ex" Please enjoy and share! Written by: Marshall, Stephen Ellrod, Will Bundy Music Produced By: Lucas Arens Video by: Jared Cunningham Additional Video Work By: Trevor Krulcik
Marshall Loren Sep 02, 2018
Marshall Loren Aug 15, 2018
New music video coming out soon!!! Here is a screenshot of it!
Marshall Loren Aug 14, 2018
Be sure to follow my Instagram page for more updates on upcoming music!
Marshall Loren Aug 14, 2018
Marshall Loren's cover photo
Marshall Loren Aug 10, 2018
Marshall Loren's cover photo
Marshall Loren Aug 10, 2018
Marshall Loren
Marshall Loren Jun 17, 2016
Beards & Beers
Marshall Loren Feb 18, 2016
|📸 @_blythethomas |
Marshall Loren Feb 04, 2016
I would like to first say this: Thank you from the bottom of my heart, @americanidol for choosing me to be a part of your amazing show. I have learned so much in my journey and most importantly met so many life long friends. What a lot of people don't realize is how much hard work is required to be a part of the program. From very early mornings to long strenuous days, you expect the best from everyone. While I am saddened to leave, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities you've allowed me to have while being on the program and I wouldn't trade anything for the amazing adventure you've given me. Secondly, I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of my friends and family that have lifted me up and sent me so many encouraging words, believing in me, and cheering me on. Finally I want to thank my parents and brothers for joining me in this adventure. You've given me so much joy in the entire experience and it wouldn't have been the same without you! Love you all and keep watching the show, so many amazing singers/performers are ready to show you what they got! Until next time! #americanidol #farewellseason #americanidol2016
Marshall Loren Jan 18, 2016
@_blythethomas is a mastermind of making me look cooler than I am
Marshall Loren Nov 01, 2015
Happy Halloween Weekend! This is one of my favorite songs and I hope you like it! Share it with some friends! #Harmonies #Love #Cover