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Les Fleurs
Shadows In Time (Static Version)
The Empire of Silence
The Endless Change of Colour
Lazy Sunday Funerals
Les fleurs
Marsen Jules Nov 16, 2018
Surprise release... Dear friends and listeners, In 2010, friends of mine created a 45-minute slide show presentation for a photography project and asked me to compose the soundtrack for it. For a long time, I have been thinking of releasing this as an album, but didn´t find a final decision how to do it. Now I decided that it might be worth sharing with you and made it available as a digital only release exclusivly on my bandcamp website. All sounds on this album have been created using the Lowden G7 guitar which originally belonged to my father. The guitar was played with a very uncommon open tuning, which makes the ground for the athmosphere of this album. Mastered by Jason Corder.
Marsen Jules Nov 12, 2018
To everyone of you who was waiting for my Albums Herbstlaub and Les Fleurs to be available again through Spotify, Itunes... Good news. Both albums are available again now.
Marsen Jules Jun 14, 2018
For a fundraising compilation for german radioshow Grenzwellen I opened my archives and found one of the very first ambient tracks I did as krill.minima. It was also the very first track was produced with my first and only sequencer, the yamaha rs7000. The compilation features many great artists from around the world and its worth buying. Especially because this is one of the very few official radioshows of that kind in whole germany. So please support. Ecki Eckert Stieg Grenzwellen
Marsen Jules Apr 13, 2018
Here comes a video stream of my full performance at San Fedele Musica in Italy. It was a wonderful experience to play my music over 24 speakers in this wonderful and packed space. For sure, a stereo recording only gives a little insight in what really happened. Thanks to everyone involved and especially to Tito Off for recording the video.
Marsen Jules Feb 05, 2018
For the show tonight at san fedele in milan the soundsystem will be an acousmonium with over 24 different and individual loudspeakers. Allerady the soundcheck sounded so intense and touching, that I had to stop it after some minutes otherwise I would have started crying. Looking forward to an intense evening.
Marsen Jules Sep 29, 2017
Listen to my second set recorded last week at Planetarium Bochum. This one is much darker and also contains some glitchy beats. Akira Rabelais Deaf Center Erik Knive Skodvin Jacaszek The Haxan Cloak Ryan Teague ......
Marsen Jules Sep 25, 2017
Here comes Part 1 of my DJ-Set recorded last saturday at Planetarium Bochum. It was a wonderful evening in a great venue. The first set contains a lot of spacey ambient and electric dub tunes. Maybe I will be able to provide a playlist soon. Enjoy listening. Steve Roach Alio Die Max Corbacho bvdub (Brock Van Wey) ASC Purl Warmth Vidna Obmana
Marsen Jules Sep 22, 2017
Tomorrow I will do my first DJ set under artificial stars. Klangsphäre:DJ&SPACE | Marsen Jules
Marsen Jules May 31, 2017
Here´s another proof that Max Corbacho is not only a specialist when it comes to paella, but also a very great ambient artist with a trademark sound. His new album nocturnes is now available through bandcamp and other stores. My recommendation.
Marsen Jules May 31, 2017
My dear friends in LA. I would like to introduce to you one of my most favourite artists from your beautiful city: Yann Novak I follow his music since a long time. His work is very unique, so is his view. He also promotes shows in LA and I just thought, that maybe the one or other of you would be interested to get to know this great artist and give him some help and support. Mileece I'Anson Ezekiel Honig Karina Junker Tom Windish Mikael Stavöstrand Gregg Kowalsky Eyvind Kang Attila Fodor Steve Nalepa Isabelle Engman
Marsen Jules May 22, 2017
Finnally I reached 5.000.000 plays on Spotify. Thanks everyone for listening. Even if all plays now got lost due to a change of distributor. Sometimes in life you simply have to let thinks go. 😉
Marsen Jules Apr 18, 2017
If you want to fill up my discography in your record collection with some missing releases you can now get all CDs for 5 ,-€ and the USB Sticks for 20,-€.
Marsen Jules Mar 21, 2017
Simply sharing this because it´s a very very beautiful festival trailer. Honestly I know non of the acts playing, but will check them all out just because of the great artwork. well done #Fiberfestival!
Marsen Jules Mar 04, 2017
Marsen Jules Jan 19, 2017
Marsen Jules Jan 02, 2017
Max Würden played a wonderful ambient set at the ambient festival Klangsphäre, that I organised in November. You can now listen to the whole set at Kompakt Records Soundcloud profile. I´m allready looking forward to the next edition of the festival.
Marsen Jules Nov 15, 2016
deep, true and touching words on art in our times by a true artist mind.
Marsen Jules Nov 14, 2016
After a wonderful weekend at Klangsphäre - Ambientfestival im Planetarium Bochum . I have to say a big thank you to all the artists and everyone involved, especially the Planetarium Bochum for making this possible. I´ve heard six of the best ambient sets ever in the most wonderful location imaginable. I´ve been playing ambient music on festivals around the world since over ten years now and this was absolutely the best setting I´ve ever seen and heard for this kind of music. Hopefully we´ll be able to continue this next year. Markus Guentner, Merrin Karras, Sine Sleeper​, Max Würden, Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot, SAFFRONKEIRA
Marsen Jules Sep 28, 2016
Already my album of the year! ... I first heard of BVDub while partying in a small bar in cologne some years ago. German radio legend Klaus Fiehe was DJing and recommending this to me as a new artist which one should definitly keep an eye on. So I remember very well meeting Brock at the transvizualia festival in prague two years ago. A strong man covered all over with tattoos, with a deep soul and of course a lot of thirst. Listening to great shows, partying, talking and drinking a lot for three nights somehow unfolded a very good connection and left some precious memories. His many albums accompany me since a long time, but nothing touched me as strong and direct as this new ambiental gem, full of energy and power. The very rough, deep and absolutely Beautiful expression of an outstanding artist and definitely much more than just worth a listen.
Marsen Jules Aug 04, 2016
Marsen Jules & John-Dennis Renken - Ceci ne pas une poem. Is now released alongside some exclusivce tracks by some of the best electronic musicians of our times on a great compilation for Macmillan Cancer Support. Check out Touched 3 at .
Marsen Jules Jul 11, 2016
Dear listeners and friends, recently I decided to reduce my efforts in being a „musician“ to a minimum for an indefinitely period of time. For me, creating music has always been a very personal and direct artistic expression beyond any words or artificiality. Most of my music has simply been the music I personally missed in some special mood or live-situations. Music and sound, which helped me feel comfortable and home in my own mind. But even if I created my music mostly for myself, there was also a wish for reaching other people with it as well as the wish for creating an income that justifies spending more time with creating music and improving one`s skills. This means getting the music to a market, which I recently discovered feels totally unnatural and unsatisfying for me. Even if I´m a good pr-consulter for others, it doesn´t feel good and authentic to work on this for myself. This is not a general statement about the music industry, but a personal decision. Also it has to do with the fact, that after creating music, which happens very fast and intuitive in my case, there is a lot of organizational work afterwards. Work that makes me feel unauthentic, that puts me under pressure and which also doesn´t lead to much results. A pressure, that makes listeners to clients, music enthusiasts to promoters and distributors to business partners. I don´t feel comfortably with this anymore. Again this is not a statement in general, but a decision on the basis of a personal experience and honest self-examination. Things can be different for anyone else. In my case I have to be honest to myself, that I invested very very much time and energy in projects and ideas, which never really came into a natural flow. After my first release on CCO ten years ago it feels like attention and possibilities are getting less from year to year. I feel like with every new album or project I´m running after something, which does not happen at all. This naturally leads to a personal frustration and is an unhealthy behavior in itself. Playing live especially has always been very important for me and I´m happy to have played so many great shows on wonderful festivals and locations. A lot of the work I did for promoting my albums, was mainly done with the wish do be able to play more live shows. I also invested a lot of time in this performances. I spend weeks creating a quadrophonic krill.minima set, which was never officially performed and even my new a/v-setup, which took me half a year of work and research, didn´t gain much interest. When I started making music I played one to three shows a month. Right now I´m playing one to two shows in a half year. To even have the feeling this gets going, I have to bother people with my music and create images or roles of myself, which also does not feel natural. Therefore I decided to take a pause from all this unnatural and misleading behavior and only want to go with things that happen natural and feel like having a good flow. So please don´t expect anymore newsletters, facebook posts, booking offers or whatever communications. For sure I will not stop making and releasing music and playing shows and there is still some things planned, but for a while it will be a little more for myself again, instead of trying to reach any goals or gain any success or attention or even misunderstanding fans as customers. I´m very thankful to all the years of constant support, having so many greatl fans, sharing the same view on beauty and aesthetics. Thanks also to everyone who mailed me and send me feedback on my music. This was highly appreciated, even if it is not always easy for an artist to answer or express something, which is already a meeting on a level beyond words. All my very best wishes and thankfulness Martin
Marsen Jules Jun 30, 2016
Shiver (Marsen Jules Rework) - Arrial (This is my beauty, show me yours, 2004)
Marsen Jules Jun 29, 2016
Marsen Jules / Veljo Tormis - There Is Our Home [Sääl On Me Kodu] [H.D]
Marsen Jules Jun 07, 2016
Marsen Jules | A Moment of Grace | taken from Nostalgia (Oktaf) More at:
Marsen Jules Jun 06, 2016
Marsen Jules - Point of No Return 'Pop Ambient 2013' Album