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Let Me Out
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The Sultanic Verses
Mark Sultan with slynger at Hi-Dive (March 24, 2019)
Venue: Hi-Dive (Denver, CO, US) Find tickets
Mark Sultan, Sabertooth Rockers, and Control Freaks at Thee Parkside (March 26, 2019)
Venue: Thee Parkside (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Sabertooth Rockers and Mark Sultan at El Cid (March 29, 2019)
Venue: El Cid (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Mark Sultan/BBQ Feb 22, 2019
Check out my website. There’s a jukebox with a lot of my releases on it. In fact, the first song that’ll automatically play is a demo of a song called ‘Higher’, that I’ll be performing at shows throughout the year.
Mark Sultan/BBQ Jan 25, 2019
The Surrealistic Pillar -“I Like Girls”.*****📌
Mark Sultan/BBQ Jan 12, 2019
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 27, 2018
The 4 - 69
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 18, 2018
KKBBQ are playing this benefit on Friday, in memory of a great rock n roller. I don’t even know if there are tickets. But I do know we are gonna tear the roof off the place, to make Udo proud. Berlin... Friday...
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 18, 2018
SPAIN! Tapas that ass!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 12, 2018
UK UK UK Thanks for everything! Had a great time!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 11, 2018
BIRMINGHAM tonight! I’m live at the Hare and Hounds! Last UK show! Been a blast!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 10, 2018
BRISTOL! I’m doing an intimate free show tonight at my pal’s joint, The Elmer’s Arms! Party!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 08, 2018
PORTSMOUTH tonight! Live at the Wave Maiden! My voice is on vacation, but my liver is working overtime!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 07, 2018
LONDON! I’m in your belly, playing the Finsbury! Fun bands, many drunken possibilities! Let’s have fun!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 06, 2018
CALIFORNIA or nearby... I’m looking for a show in the area of this photo for MARCH 31st or APRIL 1st... already have tentative dates in LA proper, SD, and Phoenix.
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 05, 2018
MARGATE! I’m playing you tonight! At the Tom Thumb!! Gassy is an understatement.
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 04, 2018
NORWICH! I’m playing you today at a venue called Louis Marchesi Undercroft! I’ve never been to your home, but it looks real nice. Come to the show and let’s have a party!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 03, 2018
YORK! I’m live tonight at the Fulford Arms! Hummina ding ding!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 02, 2018
UK pals I’m looking for a place to crash in or between MARGATE and LONDON on Thursday the 6th! Gimme a shout!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Dec 01, 2018
LIVERPOOL!! I’m live tonight at Jacaranda! Lord have Mersey!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Nov 30, 2018
GLASGOW! I’m live tonight at Mono! I smell atrocious, today. Come get some!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Nov 29, 2018
EDINBURGH! I’m live tonight! At Leith Depot! Dance! Drink! Fuck!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Nov 26, 2018
My one man band UK tour starts this week! Stoked! Take a listen to my new song, ‘Higher’. Hear the new album. Share! Almost complete discography: New full band album, ‘Let Me Out’: Video for ‘Everybody Knows’:
Mark Sultan/BBQ Nov 23, 2018
Alright! My website is up again... on it you’ll find a jukebox with an almost complete discography at your fingertips (still need to add a few more things, as well as proper credits, etc... but it’ll get finished soon), tour dates, links to the new record (the vinyl pressing was delayed), a rough demo for a newish one man band song called ‘Higher’ that I bust out live, now and again. I’ll be on tour in the UK next week, and I’ll be back in the US in late March. Stop by and listen. Buy something. Merch will be up soon, as well. There seems to be a bug with Safari, which should also be fixed soon.
Mark Sultan/BBQ Nov 12, 2018
I’m out of the loop... Who books shows in CHICAGO, DENVER, PORTLAND and DC these days?
Mark Sultan/BBQ Oct 31, 2018
USA! Seems like I’ll be touring the Southeast and Texas in February! Already got some cool stuff lined up. DM me if you want a show! Thanks!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween!
Mark Sultan/BBQ Oct 23, 2018
Not surprisingly, the physical copies of my new album are delayed. But you can stream the fuck out of it. Even preorder.