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The Family Jewels
MARINA Aug 24, 2019
'Sometimes I get this feeling - I know it might sound odd But I just wanna go back home and I don't mean to God' 🐝🐠
MARINA Aug 20, 2019
I love owls
MARINA Aug 10, 2019
#TheLoveAndFearTour 📷: Marina Alerts
MARINA Aug 09, 2019
1 month til tour... 🧠🌏✨I can’t wait to show you the new outfits. Vintage Vivienne Westwood to die for. 🐻 Tag yourself below with the city you’re coming to! 👫👭👬 See you very soon. 🐇#TheLoveAndFearTour 📸: Neo2 Magazine
MARINA Aug 05, 2019
gin and tonic . thank you Clean Bandit 💋
MARINA Aug 05, 2019
‘if refusing to follow rules and codes is wickedness, then the world needs more wicked women‘ - 😇🐍🌞 . photos by Gabryel Sampaio
MARINA Aug 04, 2019
2 Queenies. Rina Sawayama
MARINA Jul 29, 2019
Who are you favourite female producers, writers and artists right now? I’m creating my next project... and this story can only be told by women. I’m looking for you. 💗
MARINA Jul 29, 2019
just on my way to add “I’M NOT HUNGRY ANYMORE” to the ‘Love + Fear’ set list. 💚💕 💚💕💚💕💚💕 the power of this stanbase.
MARINA Jul 29, 2019
🌻🦋 Love + Fear Tour 🌻🦋 the following cities are almost sold out. Toronto • Philadelphia • Nashville • Minneapolis • Salt Lake City • Houston • Austin • Seattle • Dublin • Milan. Last tickets here!
MARINA Jul 29, 2019
Cause I'm a Woman.
MARINA Jul 26, 2019
I’m giving away a VIP upgrade to each of the shows on the Love + Fear tour. I cannot wait to see you all! It’s going to be the most epic show yet. 📷: Marina Alerts
MARINA Jul 23, 2019
A post just for you, Europe. I’m overjoyed to say that I’m gonna be playing CARDIFF ARENA!!! My hometown, Wales ♥️ As well as my other hometown ATHENS, MILAN, PARIS, TILBURG, ANTWERP, LONDON, BRIGHTON, DUBLIN, MANCHESTER + EDINBURGH! So many of these cities I hold such love for in my heart because I have such strong memories of playing there. My first show in Athens, my return to Paris after not playing there for 5 years, the tens of times I’ve played in Dublin to the warmest audiences. I just can’t wait to see you !
MARINA Jul 23, 2019
Planning my set list for the US + European ‘LOVE + FEAR’ tour. Which new songs do you really really want on the set list? Can be from any album. I’m adding “No More Suckers”, “Baby”, “Emotional Machine” and “Bubblegum Bitch” from Electra Heart so far... PS were gonna change it up each night
MARINA Jul 22, 2019
I can’t help it though 😤😂😯🤩
MARINA Jul 18, 2019
US + CANADA TOUR SUPPORT ANNOUNCEMENT! ✨🌙 The following artists will be joining me on The Love + Fear Tour: Allie X - our modern day Cindy Sherman, Daya , a lyrical deity, LPX a true 21st century rockstar and BROODS, who’s album ‘don’t feed the pop monster’ is incredible. I promise you they are not to be missed... #TheLoveAndFearTour
MARINA Jul 16, 2019
I'm so jazzed to announce that Allie X will be joining me for the Love + Fear Tour Part 2 across Europe this Autumn ✨
MARINA Jul 16, 2019
MARINA's cover photo
MARINA Jul 15, 2019
MADRID! The show with you was one of my favourites this year! I don’t know if it’s the Mediterranean dna but I always feel so physically connected when I visit 🧬
MARINA Jul 12, 2019
MARINA Jul 08, 2019
MARINA Jul 01, 2019
Enjoy your life! 🌈 #pride 📸 x
MARINA Jul 01, 2019
Happy #PRIDE my friends! I know that some people reading this will have endured a lot of pain and struggle in their life purely for the freedom to be themselves. I’m full of respect and admiration for you, because it takes a type of bravery most of us may never have to summon. To have the courage to risk rejection from a family, community or society in order to be yourself - is damaging at the deepest level and it changes you irrevocably. We love you. Wherever you are in the world, there’s a global family out there just waiting for you!✨🌈
MARINA Jun 28, 2019
I am not sorry