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To Love until We Say Goodbye. The Remixes
To Love until We Say Goodbye
Its Caracas
ITS Caracas Remixed
Marc Marzenit Apr 08, 2019
I'm so happy to announce I'm going to moderate the conferences Aulart Mentoring Sessions. For the first event we've on board Hernan Cattaneo Paco Osuna, Davide Squillace and Andres Campo. The event will be streamed on Aulart Music Masterclass Facebook and the language of the conference will be in Spanish. The event will be located in Bridge_48, the first membership club for the electronic music community in Barcelona.
Marc Marzenit Apr 07, 2019
Gracias a todos por venir a la Masterclass de producción musical en CLAB Festival, basada en la experiencia propia, así como en los artistas de Aulart Music Masterclass.
Marc Marzenit Apr 04, 2019
Ya está disponible la entrevista en RTVE sobre nuestro proyecto "The Zero Gravity Band" junto con Albert Barqué-Duran.
Marc Marzenit Apr 03, 2019
Últimas dos plazas disponibles para el curso avanzado de este mes en The Bass Valley
Marc Marzenit Apr 02, 2019
Este sábado estaré en Cáceres impartiendo una Masterclass por la mañana y realizando un Dj Set por la tarde. Todo esto dentro del marco del Caceres Art & Electronic Music Festival, dedicado al arte, cultura y música electrónica.
Marc Marzenit Apr 01, 2019
What an amazing party in Barcelona. Thank you so much to everyone for your love and support. And thanks to Danny Fernandez - Spain. for the great music. A night to remember. All pictures by Josu Gonzalez.
Marc Marzenit Mar 29, 2019
Barcelona see you tomorrow ❤️
Marc Marzenit Mar 27, 2019
Everyone has a past... and I must admit I’ve no idea to play the guitar. The picture was made for the future social media content. I was trying to imitate one of my early influences, John Lennon. Not sure but I think I was 14 years old on the picture. Ok I am ready for the comments... 🤦‍♂️
Marc Marzenit Mar 22, 2019
Back in 2003 playing Live Set at Bakomba Club in Mollerussa. I was using Reason with an Emagic sound card, a multi effects Zoom 1201 and a Evolution midi controller keyboard. A beautiful moment of my career. I was working also as a bar tender at the same venue, even that same night. Never stop working for what you believe 💪🏻
Marc Marzenit Mar 19, 2019
I am happy to announce we received the “International Award City of Lleida” with Albert Barqué-Duran for our #zerogravityband project. So grateful to all our collaborators, teams and supporters, thank you so much!
Marc Marzenit Mar 04, 2019
Playing the piano could be one of my favorite things to purify my mind, my soul and my hearth. I’m pretty in love with song. Can you named it?
Marc Marzenit Mar 03, 2019
BFF reunited Guy J
Marc Marzenit Feb 28, 2019
El próximo 29 de Abril estaré de vuelta en The Bass Valley para impartir un curso avanzado de producción musical de música electrónica. Ideal para todos aquellos que ya tengan conocimientos básicos y quieran profundizar en más conocimientos.
Marc Marzenit Feb 28, 2019
Gracias Madrid por la bonita noche en Electronic-Colors 🙌
Marc Marzenit Feb 20, 2019
Madrid nos vemos este viernes en la fiesta Electronic-Colors junto con Ioan Gamboa y Soulwerk.
Marc Marzenit Feb 18, 2019
Don't miss my free masterclass for Aulart Music Masterclass with Spanish, Russian, Japanese & English subtitles. Hope you like it!
Marc Marzenit Feb 04, 2019
What an experience at Caldea. Definitely the best way to end a weekend between gigs, snowboarding and a lot of fun in Andorra.
Marc Marzenit Feb 03, 2019
Amazing party during a snow storm in L'Abarset Grandvalira-El Tarter #Andorra Thank you everybody to dance and support the music under the snow!!! What a crazy party 💙🥶⛄️❄️🌨
Marc Marzenit Jan 30, 2019
Muy contento de volver este sábado a L'Abarset Grandvalira-El Tarter en Andorra. El año pasado fue una experiencia increíble, así que este año había que repetir acompañado de Danny Fernandez - Spain.
Marc Marzenit Jan 24, 2019
We’re extremely happy to announce we won the second prize at Re:Humanism awards in Rome. Between more than 300 artists around the world, we had the opportunity to show “My Artificial Muse” project to the jury, make it to the final 10 projects, and won the second position 🥈. I’m so proud of the team Albert Barqué-Duran and Mario Klingemann and our technician tour manager Albert. Thanks to Alan Advantage and Ajuntament de Mollerussa for their support, and of course to all the supporters around the world, with special mention to Mollerussa, Krakow and Medellin.
Marc Marzenit Jan 23, 2019
I’m so thrilled to announce we’re nominated to the RE:HUMANISM awards for the project “My Artificial Muse”. The ceremony will be today at La Galleria Nazionale in Rome. The prize is dedicated to projects related to Art and Artificial Intelligence. Congratulations to the team Albert Barqué and Mario Klingemann for the nomination. And thanks to Ajuntament de Mollerussa for their support. #rome #ai #artificialintelligence #myartificialmuse
Marc Marzenit Jan 16, 2019
My 10 years challenge.
Marc Marzenit Jan 10, 2019
Great visit at The Bass Valley Studios.
Marc Marzenit Dec 24, 2018
On my way to #Mollerussa to spend some time with the family. Wish you a happy holidays and christmas to everyone!
Marc Marzenit Dec 21, 2018
#Mollerussa Sant Esteve de 17:00 a 00:00 ❤️