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The Descent
Mantric Apr 13, 2019
...Cactus. Wow. This one has grown as crazy since she’s been exposed to music the last months. Weird stuff! Oki. We’re about to record the REAL vocals for this song. Gonna be a good one. Musicwise it must be one of the more happier tunes we’ve ever written, the lyrics not so much... #gibsonsgreissue61 #orangeamplifiers #mantric #newalbum #metal #pop #norway #logicprox #lengsel #larsbjerkestudio ;) #thedescent #sin #rock
Mantric Apr 06, 2019
Can not wait to lay down the vocals on this song. Working for this one has been «StivFinger». Can’t remember why. The bass-lines surely are influenced by «no more tears» by @ozzyosbourne on some themes. Still it’s a punkrock-song. -t #mantric #newalbum #norway #metal #punk #rock #poop #thedescent #sin #logicprox #gibsonsgreissue61 #orangeamplifiers
Mantric Mar 30, 2019
«I am the stillwater, but i don’t run deep». Snippet from a song with the working-title QueenFatigue. It’s a kickass song made by an introvert for introverts! It has this chorus that has an old @blackielawless.w.a.s.p feel vocalwise... Follow this insta-page, and hear how the new tunes are taking shape. -Tor #mantric #metal #rock #hardcore #norway #logicprox #orangeamps #gibsonsgreissue61 #newalbum #thedescent #sin #lengsel #introverts
Mantric Dec 03, 2018
Mantric Dec 02, 2018
Vinyl stil available;
Mantric Oct 19, 2018
Photo: Fred Arne Wergeland
Mantric Oct 14, 2018
Mantric Sep 19, 2018
It used to be something in the water...
Mantric Jun 29, 2018
Mantric Jun 29, 2018
Something special: "This promotional demo was recorded in Toproom Studios in Oslo in the spring of 2003. As some of you might notice two of the tracks is featured on the The Blueprint Dives album by Extol, in re-recorded versions. Not long after this promotional demo got released Ganglion sort of fused into Extol. This recording is really hard to get hold today!"
Mantric Jun 23, 2018
In 2003 we had a band going called Ganglion. We played a crossover style mixing Hardcore/Punk with progressive influences. Later on Ganglion made songs that eventually would end up on the Extol-album "The Blueprint Dives". But at the time this EP was recorded Ganglion was it´s own monster so to speak. Check it out and keep on supporting our journey! -Tor
Mantric Jun 17, 2018
Photo: Fred Arne Wergeland
Mantric Jun 17, 2018
Photo: Fred Arne Wergeland
Mantric Jun 11, 2018
Photo: Fred Arne Wergeland
Mantric Jun 07, 2018
Check out this bad boi! Ole has released a brand new solo-track today! And it's great pop-tune too! Please share👈 We'll start recording the vocals on the new Mantric material pretty soon. Then mixing...
Mantric Jan 16, 2018
2018... open goal🚬🚬🚬
Mantric Nov 06, 2017
As some of you allready know. The legendary band Lengsel released the album "The Kiss - The Hope" back in 2006. It is now available for downloading at Bandcamp. It´s an economically disaster of an album, but an album that I´m still very of proud to this date. Check it out, and send us your cash! Test your attention-span! -Tor
Mantric Oct 20, 2017
The new decomposed songs are slowly taking shape. Meanwhile enjoy this reminder:
Mantric Sep 30, 2017
September sun;
Mantric Sep 15, 2017
Have a jolly weekend, folks!
Mantric Jun 30, 2017
While you're waiting for the next Mantric-release, you might want to check out this new tune from Fleshkiller - giving you that sweet, metal summer feeling...
Mantric Apr 09, 2017
We've had a good start on the new recording. Ole did a great job with the drums! He has his own signature and we know this will turn out fett! Happy easter, bunnies🤞🏻 PS; The SIN-vinyl is still available💋
Mantric Apr 08, 2017
Recording session @ Hawk Productions
Mantric Mar 30, 2017
Another week until we enter the studio of the legendary cutiepie David Schwarz Husvik to record some drums for new releases. Until then you might want to watch this powerballad played live at Brainstorm Fest with crappy sound, or you might prefer reading your book in silence while looking forward to some new stuff..? we have no idea.
Mantric Mar 02, 2017
We're entering the studio in about a month to start recording...