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Hail and Kill
Into Glory Ride Imperial Edition MMXIX (Remixed/Remastered)
Hail to England Imperial Edition MMXIX (Remixed/Remastered)
Kings of Metal MMXIV (Silver Edition)
Warriors of the World (10th Anniversary Remastered Edition)
The Lord of Steel
The Lord of Steel (Hammer Edition)
Battle Hymns MMXI (Special Edition)
Battle Hymns MMXI
Gods of War (Live)
Battle Hymns
Gods of War
Hell On Stage Live
Hell On Wheels Live
Louder Than Hell
The Triumph of Steel
Kings of Metal
Fighting the World
Sign of the Hammer
Hail to England (Silver Edition)
Into Glory Ride (Silver Edition)
MANOWAR Aug 20, 2019
#ManowarHistory: Four weeks ago we celebrated #TheFinalBattle with our amazing fans in #Turkey Watch this great video created for you prior to this event by a Turkish brother of metal. Safak, it was great seeing you and your fellow #Manowarriors again!
MANOWAR Aug 19, 2019
Swedish #Manowarriors it's time to show that you master #Manowarhistory: take part into the #Manowar #quiz for your chance to win free admission on one of the local dates of the #spokenwordtour! To have your answer taken into consideration please write it in a comment to the original post.
MANOWAR Aug 17, 2019
Now on sale: ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES for JOEY DEMAIO’S SPOKEN WORD TOUR 2019 For all of you who have been asking – the wait is over! A limited number of ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES for Joey DeMaio’s first ever Spoken Word Tour are now available! These ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES offer many truly unforgettable features for die-hard fans: - Meet and greet & personal chat with Joey DeMaio, with the opportunity to ask your MANOWAR history related question in a private setting! - Photo with Joey DeMaio - Personalized autographed item from MANOWAR's vaults - Personalized autographed copy of MANOWAR’s upcoming Pictorial History book; a limited edition hardcover book with over 200 pages of photos from the MANOWAR archives (release set for Fall 2019) - Exclusive collectible laminate - Drink voucher for 2 drinks ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES are upgrades to the general admission tickets – this means owners of an ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADE must also hold a general admission ticket (sold separately). Upgrades are available exclusively at The Kingdom of Steel (Europe). To order your Upgrade click: For ticket info and more go to Join Joey DeMaio in an intimate setting unfold “The Blood Of The Kings” - the history of MANOWAR - live, onstage and in person, in a captivating one-man multimedia show, featuring rare photos and videos from MANOWAR’s archives! Hear little known stories about the glory and the battles; the secrets, and the triumphs of steel; life on the road and in the studio – told straight from the source! “The Blood Of The Kings” Spoken Word Tour is a rare, personal look inside the exceptional career of one of the most iconic, most enduring bands in Heavy Metal. Follow MANOWAR on , Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all tour dates and constant updates. Joey DeMaio: “The Blood of The Kings” Spoken Word Tour 2019 – Confirmed Dates: NOV 01, 2019 – Technikum – Munich, Germany NOV 02, 2019 – Kleine Meistersingerhalle – Nuremberg, Germany NOV 03, 2019 – Liederhalle (Silchersaal) – Stuttgart, Germany NOV 04, 2019 – Batschkapp – Frankfurt, Germany NOV 05, 2019 – Savoy Theater Dusseldorf, Germany NOV 07, 2019 – Christuskirche – Bochum, Germany NOV 08, 2019 – Kleine Laeiszhalle – Hamburg, Germany NOV 09, 2019 – Tempodrom (Kleine Arena) – Berlin, Germany NOV 10, 2019 – Haus Leipzig – Leipzig, Germany NOV 12, 2019 – Kulturfabrik – Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg NOV 13, 2019 – Palladium – Malmö, Sweden NOV 14, 2019 – Södra Teatern – Stockholm, Sweden NOV 17, 2019 – Posten – Odense, Denmark
MANOWAR Aug 14, 2019
Check out answers to most frequently asked questions concerning the Joey DeMaio Spoken Word Tour. #Manowar #SpokenWordTour #comingsoon
MANOWAR Aug 10, 2019
Just one of the many awesome surprises we were welcomed with during #TheFinalBattle in Istanbul a few weeks ago. Thanks for this, and thanks to all our loyal #Manowarriors in #Turkey
MANOWAR Aug 09, 2019
Wonder what this #Manowarrior is doing these days. Brother, if you see this, send us an email to [email protected] So many great memories from the #KingsOfMetal era. Hear amazing stories from behind the scenes! #ManowarHistory #JoeyDeMaio #SpokenWordTour
MANOWAR Aug 07, 2019
Did you know: The #JoeyDeMaio #SpokenWordTour is an insight into #ManowarHistory and how this band has successfully navigated through the music business, fought countless battles in their devotion to #TrueMetal and gathered a loyal #ArmyOfImmortals all over the world. Hear it all from Joey personally, unfiltered, in an up close and personal setting. This Spoken Word Tour is a treat for every true #Manowarrior! Ticket links and info on
MANOWAR Aug 05, 2019
Studio stories and many more will be told to YOU directly by Joey DeMaio on the upcoming #SpokenWordTour! Check the dates on and be there for these unprecedented series of upclose and personal events! #SpokenWordTour #ManowarHistory
MANOWAR Aug 03, 2019
Chicago, 1988: Working with Recording Engineer Rich Breen on the 'Kings Of Metal' album. Countless great memories! Get insights into the making of this iconic album and more #ManowarHistory during Joey DeMaio’s #SpokenWordTour Tour dates and more on
MANOWAR Aug 01, 2019
The Faceless Warrior, also known as the King Of Metal, first appeared on the Kings Of Metal album cover in 1988 and on many #MANOWAR artworks since. Learn how this iconic hero was born. #JoeyDeMaio #SpokenWordTour #ManowarHistory For more info go to and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
MANOWAR Jul 28, 2019
In the forthcoming fall, for the first time ever, MANOWAR will open their secret archives so that fans can finally hear the official history of MANOWAR, directly from the source! A limited number of ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES, for the most personal fan experience on this tour, will soon become available exclusively at The Kingdom Of Steel (Europe). ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES are upgrades to the general admission tickets – this means owners of an ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADE must also hold a general admission ticket (sold separately).
MANOWAR Jul 26, 2019
While the summer sun is burning in many parts of the world, check out these ass kicking #Manowarriors who joined us for our first ever show in Svalbard, near the Arctic Circle, last April. An incredible experience that we’ll never forget! #ManowarHistory #TheFinalBattle #worldtour #svalbard #polarbears #midnightsun
MANOWAR Jul 24, 2019
You know their albums. You know their shows. But do you know how it all came about? That and more will be revealed soon! By Joey DeMaio personally! #Manowar #spokenwordtour #upcloseandpersonal #Manowarhistory
MANOWAR Jul 23, 2019
MANOWAR's cover photo
MANOWAR Jul 22, 2019
10 years ago Romanian #Manowarriors have been baptized in fire and steel on the first ever MANOWAR show in Bucharest! #ManowarHistory Photos: Klaus Bergmann (c) 2012 Magic Circle Entertainment
MANOWAR Jul 21, 2019
Thank you, Istanbul! Fantastic night! #TurkishManowarriors and Brothers and Sisters of Metal from all over the world showed the world tonight that you have #truemetal running through your veins. #TheFinalBattle #unforgettable
MANOWAR Jul 20, 2019
DON’T MISS THIS! Tonight, live from the stage in Istanbul, Turkey Joey DeMaio will speak about Hellfest. Check Facebook Live between approximately 11PM and 11:30PM TRT (GMT +3) #MANOWAR #Honor #Truth
MANOWAR Jul 19, 2019
Turkish Manowarriors: Our merchandise booth at Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park awaits you tomorrow with official, authorized MANOWAR merchandise! (cash only!) Limited Edition Tour Shirts with stunning artworks by Ken Kelly, great offers, and more. Don’t get ripped off buying fake bootlegs! #Manowar #OfficialOnly
MANOWAR Jul 19, 2019
Getting ready for #TheFinalBattle, tomorrow at Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park For last minute tickets go to #Manowar #Turkey #WorldTour2019
MANOWAR Jul 18, 2019
Turkish #Manowarriors, YOU have been summoned! #TheFinalBattle #WorldTour2019
MANOWAR Jul 18, 2019
10 years have passed since brothers and sisters from all over the world joined forced in a special setting, at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany, for the 3rd edition of Magic Circle Festival! #ManowarHistory
MANOWAR Jul 15, 2019
MANOWAR's return to Istanbul this coming Saturday will end 5 long years wait for the loyal #Manowarriors in Turkey! #TheFinalBattle #WorldTour2019
MANOWAR Jul 13, 2019
#Truemetal will hit the Earth and split the ground in Istanbul, in exactly 1 week! #TheFinalBattle #WorldTour2019
MANOWAR Jul 11, 2019
The countdown to Istanbul is on! Turkish #Manowarriors, check out this interview with Joey DeMaio to find out details about MANOWAR's imminent return to your country! #TheFinalBattle #WorldTour2019
MANOWAR Jul 10, 2019
Turning back in time to a glorius night in the land of the #Vikings: 10 years ago today, in Kvinesdal Norway! #ManowarHistory #unforgettable